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Property Management Marketing Campaigns: Crafting Your Plan

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Property Management Marketing Campaigns: Crafting Your Plan

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Published June 27, 2019. Updated September 5, 2023. 

In this blog series, we are covering all of the elements of a successful marketing campaign to guide you through the process of creating one.

In our last blog, we covered the research necessary to create a successful property management marketing campaign. If you haven't already read that blog, you can find it here.

After doing the research from blog one, you're ready to move to blog two (i.e., this blog): creating campaign plans. What's involved with a successful inbound marketing strategy for property managers? We cover that today!

Creating a Campaign Plan

There is a term in the marketing industry that always makes me laugh: "random acts of marketing."

Random acts of marketing are all of the little things we do when we see something we like, want, and derail entire campaign plans to have it right now. Random acts of marketing are counterproductive, taking valuable traction from well-thought-out campaigns and, instead, cost you valuable momentum toward a well-planned campaign or strategy toward a goal.

To avoid falling prey to random acts of marketing and the "oooh, shiny!" trap, create and stick to a campaign plan. Take the time to answer these questions.

  • What buyer persona am I targeting?

  • What stage are they in the Buyer's Journey?

  • What SMART goals am I trying to reach related to this persona at this stage of the Buyer's Journey?

Now that you have these answers lined up from your previous research, you can plan the content for this campaign.

Make Sure Your Plan Has the Critical Elements

What elements are necessary to create a full inbound property management marketing campaign? At a minimum, your inbound marketing campaign should include most of these elements:

Again, you might not need all of these elements for every campaign. If you are starting a new inbound marketing strategy, trying to do all of these elements could be overwhelming.

So, start with a few pieces (like blogs, landing pages, a good CTA, and keywords), then build your next campaign with more elements (like a content offer and social posts) to grow your reach and improve conversions.

Let's look at some of these elements in more detail to give you an idea of what we mean by each one and why they are critical to success with property management marketing strategies!


Regardless of what Google does with its search algorithm, keywords are a "key" piece to your plan.

Why? They provide context clues to your reader that they are indeed viewing material that is answering their questions and is relevant to them.

Chances are, at some point, you searched for "property management marketing" — which led you to the Geekly Media website. If so, you probably consumed multiple pieces of content about marketing for property managers from just that keyword.

When creating your marketing campaigns and overall strategy, focus on three to five keywords that a person would search for when looking for your content. Too many keywords can be considered "keyword stuffing" by search engines and actually work against your content's visibility online.

Content Offers

Content offers (like downloadable ebooks) are the high-value items you offer in exchange for a person's contact information. As a general rule of thumb, the content value should be equal in perceived value to the contact info of the person downloading it.

For example, if you would spend $15 on paid ads for one good lead, then the value of the content offer on your site should be at least worth paying $15 for in the eyes of your persona.

Content for Your Property Management Blog

Blogs support the content, offer overall SEO (search engine optimization), and create and maintain reader engagement. As a general rule of thumb, the more blogs, the better — but quality counts over quantity.

Whatever number you choose for your campaign, be sure to ensure each blog meets these requirements:

  • The topic is relevant to the overall campaign.

  • Length is sufficient to cover the subject in depth.

  • Keywords are used thoughtfully in a manner that makes sense (again, no "stuffing").

Well-written, optimized blogs that answer questions and position you as the property management industry authority in your market will deliver more traffic and better leads than quickly-produced blogs that only contain keywords and no substance.

A blog on a laptop, property management blog concept.


Video is still leading the way as a tool for reader interaction. So, if you haven't yet incorporated video into your inbound marketing strategy, it's time!

Remember: "video" doesn't mean heavily produced, long-form, movie-length feature films that no one has the budget for. Adding video to your content marketing plan is as simple as making short 30-second videos using an app — low cost, fast, and simple.

Not sure what to create a video about or where to put it? A great place to start is in your blogs: create a video to accompany each post and embed it in your blog.

Excellent videos that resonate with your target audience can include text pulled directly from blogs and turned into a short explainer using text and images.

Social Media

Social media used correctly can bring more traffic to your campaign. It's one of the best ways to promote your content and get it in front of your audience?

Your social platforms are also an excellent place to build an audience of loyal fans.

Use your socials to link to the blogs, videos, and content offer landing pages as part of your ongoing posting strategy for your property management marketing campaign.



How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?

Every campaign should have multiple emails, including:

  • A thank you email that is automatically sent after someone downloads your content offer

  • A series of emails to let the contacts you are nurturing know there is a new content offer (and why they should care).

If you use marketing software like HubSpot, these emails can be triggered based on behaviors, making it possible to reach your contact at the right time and place.

A hand sending an email from a laptop, how can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?


Landing Pages and Thank You Pages

Create a new landing page and thank you page for each content offer in your campaign.

A landing page should have no navigation, ensuring the main focus stays on your content — and convincing the reader to take the final step of exchanging their information for the content offer. Then, a thank you page should thank your contact for their interest and provide the content offer right away.

These pages are critical to improving conversion rates for new leads!

Calls to Action (CTAs)

A call to action should be included in every piece of content you create to support your campaign. Whether you use an image CTA or a button, both should be compelling and let the reader know exactly what the next step in the process will be.

Put some thought into your CTA (what it is and what it says) and also the placement on a page. Make sure it is easy to find and clear to the reader as to what happens when they click the button!

Tie Content Together for Seamless Campaigns

Once you've chosen what content types you want to use for your campaign, you need to outline and either create or work with experts to create your content.

If you decide to run one campaign per quarter, an outline might look something like this:

  • Content Offer: eBook

    • Landing page

    • Thank you page

  • Blog: Bi-monthly (12 total), each with a CTA, video, two to three keywords, and two social media posts.

  • Emails

    • Thank you email

    • Campaign announcement emails

  • Drip 1

  • Drip 2

  • Drip 3

You'll also want to consider a pillar page for a campaign. Pillar pages pull pieces of the campaign's blog content together into a single piece of content that helps boost the visibility of your website. Search engines love pillar pages, so we highly recommend one for every content marketing campaign!

Reach out to Geekly Media for Inbound Marketing Strategies that Convert!

Now that you know what the topic of your content is, your target market, and what content you want to use, you'll need to decide if it's easier to either start creating the content yourself or hire content marketing experts to create the right content for you! If you're ready for content help, Geekly Media is here.

Subscribe to our blog and don't miss part three of our Building a Property Management Marketing Campaign series: Launching and Running Your Campaign. You can read the fundamentals of any campaign here in part one: "Property Management Marketing Campaigns: The Power of Research!"

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