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HubSpot Portal Audit

Just like you would go to an accountant to review your finances or a doctor to check your health, visiting a HubSpot expert for a periodic portal audit helps ensure everything is running smoothly.

Get the most out of your HubSpot investment.

HubSpot is a singular application that can take the place of six or more online tools. This powerful platform is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool — but it’s not JUST that.

Companies also use HubSpot for sales, marketing, service, and content management. With HubSpot, all the information you need to make informed decisions to grow your business is in one spot. However, like any good tool, your teams can't do their work effectively if your HubSpot portal is messy.

So what do you do? Visit the experts for a HubSpot portal audit!

A HubSpot portal audit is like a check-up for your automation tools. This process can help identify areas where your portal might fall short of your needs and offer recommendations on how to utilize the system more effectively. This comprehensive review covers everything from your HubSpot account configuration and settings to checking the portal for duplicate contacts. Here's how it works:

Identify Your Long-Term Goals
The first step to business success is to determine your company's goals. Once the goals are clearly outlined and a plan in place to reach them, you can align your HubSpot portal to help you achieve those goals. From the types of reports you generate to lead segmentation, everything starts with an end goal in mind. We help you define your big picture so your HubSpot portal can help you reach your destination.
Take a Deep Dive Into Your Portal
After we determine your goals, we take a peek under the hood of your current HubSpot portal. Our HubSpot Ninjas have seen it all and can dive into your dashboard, reports, database, lists, and companies that might need tweaking to make your HubSpot portal sing. Our portal audit identifies inefficiencies that stifle growth, frustrate your sales team, and missed opportunities to convert leads into customers. Then we show you how to fix them — or fix them for you. 
Create a Plan for Portal Clean-Up

When we complete the deep dive, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the steps to take to unleash the power of your HubSpot portal. Our HubSpot Geeks will walk you through each step so that you understand the reasoning behind our suggestions as well as best practices for accomplishing the clean-up. If you're too busy or overwhelmed by our assessment, you can hand the portal maintenance off to us to handle for you. 

Ready for a tune-up (or a complete overhaul) of your HubSpot portal?

Our team of certified HubSpot Geeks is ready to help your business grow. Schedule below and speak to a Geek, today!

What is the Geekly Approach to HubSpot Portal Audits?

Where Do You Want to Go?

In today's GPS world, getting to where you want to go is simpler than ever. Yet, people still get lost if they don't know where they're going. Before starting a HubSpot portal audit, we help you outline where you want your company to be so your portal can help you get there.

We look at things like: 

  • Dashboards
  • Templates
  • Custom reports
  • Contacts 
  • List segmentation
  • And more

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What Clients Say About Us Geeks

  • We worked with the Geekly team on a project that had gone off the rails. They saved the day, big time. We got great creative that "wow-ed", super fast and responsive team, friendly and fun collaboration, and made new friends. We are so grateful for Heather and the WHOLE GEEKLY team! We look forward to working with them again.
    Kelsey Galarza
    Orange Marketing
  • We partnered with Geekly to automate some of our operational systems. They were able to walk us through a process and build a ticketing system and automation for our rent collections, late rent/eviction process. We were able to move one full-time employee off of rent collections and re-positioned them elsewhere in the business.
    Pete Neubig
    VPM Solutions
  • Can't say enough about Geekly. They are truly experts at what they do and have helped our company tremendously!
    Amy Carroccia
    Charleston Property Company
  • Great experience, great team with a wealth of knowledge on HubSpot. Appreciate everything you have done to help us get up and running on HubSpot.
    Jonathan Zadegan
    The Zadegan Group
  • The Geekly team has been amazing to work with. Thanks to everything that they have helped us build our day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently.
    Amy Delacruz
    Renters Warehouse SE Virginia
  • The team at Geekly has been awesome to work with. They have top-notch talent in so many categories and have really delivered way above expectations on our projects. Our growing business has switched gears several times and they are able to roll with our changes effortlessly. We appreciate you all!
    Kim Giles
    The Peak Group
  • Geekly has truly been top-notch to work with. It is rare you find a consultant who communicates as well and follows through. Very happy with the process and outcome.
    Tim Shoultz
    SMARTCAP, Inc.
  • WOW, what more can I say about Geekly. They are experts at what they do and have helped our company tremendously! Dealing with Ross has been one of the highlights such a fantastic dedicated efficient detail orientated person. Thank you
    Leon De Gruchy
    VPM Solutions