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Am I Blogging Too Much for My Content Marketing Strategy? Hint: No

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Am I Blogging Too Much for My Content Marketing Strategy? Hint: No

Blogging is an essential aspect of every successful content marketing strategy, especially in the property management industry. 

Leveraging a property management blog can boost your brand, enhance your online presence, and engage potential clients. However, when you hear "more content is better," you might wonder if there's such a thing as blogging too much! You might also wonder if "all those blogs" are really necessary. 

Today we explore why blogging isn't just necessary but should be done more often — and if there is such a thing as "too much" blogging as you manage your SEO content.

What Is a Blog and How Does It Work?

A blog is a regularly updated web page or website that shares posts with information, insights, and personal opinions on various topics. It's a dynamic medium that allows businesses and individuals to communicate directly with readers, fostering engagement and dialogue.

Reading blogs and online content is one of the most common ways many get news updates. Related to property management, reading blogs about property management topics is how people in the industry stay informed about trends, learn how to manage rentals and tenants, and build trust in experts in the industry to help them make more revenue from their rental properties.

Blogs in Property Management

As we mentioned, in the context of property management, a blog serves as an invaluable platform. It does more than just share news or opinions; it educates potential clients about industry trends, legal updates, market analysis, and best practices.

Educating Potential Clients

Property management involves intricate details, from handling maintenance requests to understanding legal obligations. A property management blog can break down these complex topics, guiding landlords, tenants, and investors through the often-confusing world of property management.

Building Credibility

By providing accurate and valuable insights, your blog helps build credibility with tenants, current property owner clients, and potential clients. Sharing expert advice and timely information portrays your business as a knowledgeable authority in property management.

This is one of the best ways to attract and engage leads!

Enhancing SEO

A blog is not just about content; it's a strategic tool for enhancing your online presence. 

Using targeted keywords like "tenant screening Baltimore" or "property management companies Detroit" helps improve your site's search engine ranking. Regularly updated, quality content is favored by search engines, making your site more visible to those seeking property management solutions.

Engaging the Community

A well-maintained blog creates a sense of community by encouraging readers to share their thoughts and questions. Responding to comments and facilitating discussions can foster a loyal readership that sees your blog as a go-to resource.

Using Multimedia

Modern blogs don't have to rely solely on text. A blog post incorporating videos, infographics, and podcasts can make the content more engaging and provide different ways to present information. 

For instance, a video tour of a property or an infographic summarizing key legal changes can add depth to your content. In fact, for good SEO (search engine optimization), blogs should incorporate images and videos to rank higher on search engine results pages. 

Close-up of hands typing on laptop, property management blog conceptIs There Such a Thing as Blogging Too Much? No!

So, the question is, is "more" always better when it comes to blogging? Can you blog too much that it would work against improving search rankings and reducing your website traffic?

While we can't say for sure that if you published ten blogs a day every day, it wouldn't create some audience fatigue for your email list or social media platforms, generally speaking, most property management marketing teams will not generate too many blogs to hurt traffic. 

The opposite is more likely to be true: not producing enough content frequently will hurt your SEO rankings and traffic volume.

Most property management companies struggle to keep up with the volume of blogs, and other types of content search engines look for to really drive up rankings. Here are a few reasons why more blogs are better! 

It Can Take a While to See Results from Content Marketing

We've talked about it before, and it's a crucial point here. It can take as long as 6-9 months to start seeing strong results from your content marketing strategy. 

However, increasing the frequency of high-quality content can accelerate your small business growth. By consistently delivering great content, you can rank for more long-tail keywords relevant to property management.

More Content Targets Different Audiences

With the right content marketing plan, you can target various audiences with different types of content. By combining organic content with paid social, you'll be able to tap into different market segments and boost your overall web traffic.

More Blogs = More Leads

The statistics back it up. HubSpot found that companies publishing 16+ blog posts per month get 4.5x more leads than those publishing between 0-4 blog posts in a month. To build organic traffic, property managers should publish 3-5 blogs per week

That probably sounds like a lot (and it is)! However, the correlation between blogging frequency and lead generation is evident, and it's time to capitalize on it.

As marketers ourselves, Geekly Media publishes new and updated blog content at least five times per week, most weeks, to practice what we preach! 

What's the Ideal Blogging Volume for Better Traffic for You?

So, "experts," say blogging up to 5 times a week is ideal — and there is a lot of truth to that. 

However, when it comes to blogging, striking the right balance between quantity and quality is vital. Too few posts and you might not engage your audience enough; too many, and you risk overwhelming them or sacrificing quality. 

Here's how to find the ideal volume for better traffic.

Analyze Industry Standards

In the property management sector, staying updated with market trends, legal changes, and tenant needs is essential. Regular blogging on these topics can keep your audience engaged and informed. However, what's regular for one industry might be too much or too little for another.

Consider Your Audience's Needs

If your audience consists mainly of busy property managers or real estate professionals, they might prefer weekly in-depth analyses over daily short posts. Understanding your audience's preferences can guide your blogging frequency.

Balance Quality and Quantity

While more content can lead to better SEO and more long-tail keywords, quality should never be compromised. Regular, high-quality posts will engage readers and improve rankings, while poor-quality blogs (for the sake of spitting out more content at a higher frequency) can lead to a loss of trust.

Experiment and Measure

Experimenting with different volumes and measuring the impact on traffic, engagement, and lead generation can provide insights into what works best for your specific audience.

How Can I Come Up With Enough Ideas to Blog About?

So with "that much" content needed to really build your organic traffic and attract a higher volume of better-quality leads, your next question could be, "How do I come up with that many topics about property management?

You might be surprised at where and how you can keep generating new topics to keep your blog updated with consistent content. 

Analyzing Your Target Audience

One of the things to do is analyze your target audience (or your buyer personas). Then create content speaking to each audience and answering questions they might have. 

Identify Your Readers

Understanding what your audience needs is the foundation of a successful property management blog. 

Are your readers property owners, tenants, or real estate investors? Identifying the primary demographic helps in crafting content that speaks to their unique interests and concerns.

Understand Their Concerns

Asking and answering questions makes excellent blog content! You can develop entire campaigns about:

  • What kind of properties do they own? 

  • What legal complexities are they struggling with? 

  • What are their common pain points? 

By answering these questions, you can tailor your content to address specific needs.

Monitor Trends and Feedback

Stay updated on industry trends and regularly solicit feedback from your readers. You can use social media polls, comment sections, or email surveys to understand what topics your audience wants you to cover.

Create Buyer Personas

Creating detailed buyer personas helps you understand your audience's behavior, preferences, and needs. This deeper understanding guides you in creating content that resonates with your readers, ensuring you never run out of relevant ideas.

Thumbs up for more blogs and a successful content marketing strategyCall In Content Marketing Experts

If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure about where to start, professional agencies like the team here at Geekly Media can provide specialized support.

We help you do all of the things we've mentioned here, including analyzing your target audience, developing a content marketing plan with campaigns and topics, then building out your content calendar and producing the volume of content you need to generate higher volumes of website traffic and leads. 

Our experts can help you craft content specifically designed for your property management business. We analyze your business needs, your competition, and your target audience, then apply our content marketing and property management industry expertise to develop a tailored plan for your company to help you reach your goals.

We Maintain Consistent Branding and Quality for Your Company

We also ensure your blog maintains consistent branding and quality, allowing for a coherent and professional appearance. This consistency builds trust and encourages readers to return. 

Using your website and content marketing efforts to build your brand awareness is very effective!

Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Lot of Blogs for Success

Finding the ideal blogging volume for better traffic in the property management industry isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires a keen understanding of your audience, adherence to quality standards, and a willingness to adapt and experiment. 

By aligning your blogging volume with these principles, you can optimize traffic and make your property management blog a potent tool in your content marketing strategy.

If you'd like personalized recommendations for building your content marketing library to boost your page rankings and increase traffic and leads, let our experts help! Reach out to speak to one of our team members. 

Or, get started with our free resource exclusively for property managers, the "Property Management Content Marketing Planning Template."

The Property Management Content Planning Template

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