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We're Geekly and We Know It

Smart people. Smart companies. Smart marketing.


Our Origin Story

As life-long geeks and serial entrepreneurs ourselves, we know all too well the struggles that you go through while growing a business (and trying to hide your pocket protector). You're overworked, understaffed, but still want to grow. We knew there had to be a better way.

Through our experience as successful business owners and our partnerships with leading software providers, we've fused the power of technology and human ingenuity to deliver the next generation of sales and marketing solutions for fast-growing companies that are ready to invest in the next level of their own success.

The Geekly methodology and our team of certified HubSpot Geeks systemize your operations and put your marketing on autopilot so you can spend less time working in your business and more time working on your business (or better yet... watching superhero movies with your pocket protector on full display). 

Our origin story began when we were an industry-niched process and marketing automation company known as RentBridge. This is where we cut our teeth helping real estate, mortgage, and property management companies grow and scale their businesses through the use of HubSpot and our proprietary software. In our first few years, we focused solely on the housing industry while we honed our powers and developed methodologies that have helped our clients succeed through the use of marketing & sales automation, SEO, inbound marketing, pay-per-click ads, website design, and all the tools within the HubSpot ecosystem.

Over time, word of our clients' success spread. As with every hero's journey, RentBridge responded to the call to serve industries far and wide. Just as our favorite mild-mannered reporter takes off his glasses to become the caped crusader, RentBridge shed its housing identity to become Geekly Media, the most powerful marketing agency in the world (not overselling at all 🙄).  Our mission, and we chose to accept it, is to help businesses from all industries to find the same success our clients have achieved from the beginning.

Meet the Geeks

The Geekly team is a group of dedicated professionals with a shared passion for online marketing and media services that will help take your business to the next level.

Heather View Bio
Heather Park
Managing Partner | Co-Founder
Michael View Bio
Michael Park
Managing Partner | Co-Founder
Jack View Bio
Chief Morale Officer
Alexis-new View Bio
Alexis Eaglin
Account Manager
01Ella Pa View Bio
Ella Pa
Back-end Developer
Erin View Bio
Erin Kasmarick
VP of Technical Fulfillment
Erin-M View Bio
Erin Miana
Junior Marketing Assistant
Joanna View Bio
Joanna Estabillo
Junior Marketing Assistant
Justine Poffel
VP of Marketing Fulfillment
01Kamlesh Kamaliya
Kamlesh Kamaliya
Front-end Developer
Mariah View Bio
Mariah Vick
Marketing Account Manager
Mercedes-1 View Bio
Mercedes Padilla
Marketing Assistant
Mikki View Bio
Mikki Neri
Senior Bookkeeper
Paulina View Bio
Paulina Gutierrez
Content Writer
Rashid-New-3 View Bio
Rashid Rehman
Web Design & Development Manager
Rodney View Bio
Rodney Hays
Geekly Media Marketing Strategist
Ross View Bio
Ross Gilbert
Senior Vice President of Sales
Stacey View Bio
Stacey Davis
Executive Admin
Teri View Bio
Teri Williams
Director of Content Creation
Will Kenny
Paid Media Manager

Our Vision

Geekly's vision is to help our clients grow their businesses. We do that through expert inbound marketing, website design optimized to reach their target audience, automation, and helping tear down walls between the different departments in their companies to share data back and forth to improve the overall quality of every department. Our theory is a rising tide lifts all boats. If one unit of your business is growing, the whole organization should. That means more scalability, cost savings, and exponential growth for our clients.

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Our Values


To us, positivity is more than just being happy. It's about standing tall against temporary defeats. It means dusting off the dirt and getting back in the game. It means getting knocked down seven times and getting up eight. That's the type of can-do attitude we bring to work every day—for ourselves and our clients.

FIO (Figure It Out)

Our mantra is "we will figure it out." We know that every problem has a solution, and we work hard until we find it. There is no guide to what we do, so we're writing it. Our motivation comes from deep inside every one of our team members. That drive cannot be stopped.


We are naturally ambitious. We reach for the stars and keep grinding until we get there. Our company's success is your success. When you win, we all win. We are competitive—almost to a fault—which can make the difference between success and failure.


When it comes to light, brilliant means very bright and radiant. When it comes to people, brilliant means clever or talented. Our team encapsulates all of it. Geekly Media is a company of sharp minds, sharp wit, and the best in the industry when it comes to breaking molds and setting new standards. We're a team of creatives who take a Geekly interest in our work.


Our commitment to excellence is really what sets us apart from any other company. We set high standards because we know we are capable of more. Our reputation as an industry leader is always at the forefront of our minds and at the heart of everything we do. When we fail, we learn and improve.


We are loyal to our company, culture, each other, and our customers. What we are building is more than just another marketing agency. We share our successes and failures. We do the right thing because it's the right thing. We are dependable and know that our teammates and clients are counting on us to do our jobs and do them well. And when our teammates need help, we raise our hands and pitch in without expecting anything in return.

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What Clients Say About Us Geeks

  • We worked with the Geekly team on a project that had gone off the rails. They saved the day, big time. We got great creative that "wow-ed", super fast and responsive team, friendly and fun collaboration, and made new friends. We are so grateful for Heather and the WHOLE GEEKLY team! We look forward to working with them again.
    Kelsey Galarza
    Orange Marketing
  • We partnered with Geekly to automate some of our operational systems. They were able to walk us through a process and build a ticketing system and automation for our rent collections, late rent/eviction process. We were able to move one full-time employee off of rent collections and re-positioned them elsewhere in the business.
    Pete Neubig
    VPM Solutions
  • Can't say enough about Geekly. They are truly experts at what they do and have helped our company tremendously!
    Amy Carroccia
    Charleston Property Company
  • Great experience, great team with a wealth of knowledge on HubSpot. Appreciate everything you have done to help us get up and running on HubSpot.
    Jonathan Zadegan
    The Zadegan Group
  • The Geekly team has been amazing to work with. Thanks to everything that they have helped us build our day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently.
    Amy Delacruz
    Renters Warehouse SE Virginia
  • The team at Geekly has been awesome to work with. They have top-notch talent in so many categories and have really delivered way above expectations on our projects. Our growing business has switched gears several times and they are able to roll with our changes effortlessly. We appreciate you all!
    Kim Giles
    The Peak Group
  • Geekly has truly been top-notch to work with. It is rare you find a consultant who communicates as well and follows through. Very happy with the process and outcome.
    Tim Shoultz
    SMARTCAP, Inc.
  • WOW, what more can I say about Geekly. They are experts at what they do and have helped our company tremendously! Dealing with Ross has been one of the highlights such a fantastic dedicated efficient detail orientated person. Thank you
    Leon De Gruchy
    VPM Solutions

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