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Our Best Tips for Growing Property Management Leads Through Email

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Our Best Tips for Growing Property Management Leads Through Email

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Published June 30, 2020. Updated September 11, 2023.

Supporting an effective content marketing strategy requires pulling in resources on multiple fronts. Creating compelling, SEO-friendly content is a large part of the puzzle, but you also need people to reach and engage with your content for it to really serve you well.

It's time to promote your content through your email contact list!

Your content marketing impact will grow when more property management leads have signed up for emails from your business. These same subscribers will click through to your website and learn more about the advantages of your property management services because of the content housed on your blog.

However, how do you find those great subscribers — and more importantly, how can you keep them coming back for more? Here are just a few great methods from our experience as property management marketing experts.

5 Ways to Build an Email List

Your first thought might be: I don't have many email subscribers, so how effective can it be to email all seven of them about my content?

We hear that.

So, let's start with building your list! Property managers can apply several strategies to collect new email addresses and contacts and engage them through your content.

Every email list starts small, so try any (or all) of these five tips to build your list and gather new leads for your property management business.

1. Make Your Content Engaging for Real Estate Agents and Property Owners

The first and best way to grow your email list is to mention your blog as an option for visitors to your website who are coming to read the great content you've published.

From real estate agents who came for a Realtor Referral Program to property owners searching for help setting up their fledgling investment business, your content has the potential to draw in customers.

When creating content, turn one-time visitors into long-time subscribers by making your content engaging and keyword-optimized. You want it to show up on the first page of results when people look for property management in your service area.

Then, when they find your property management website content and see how you answer their questions as an expert in your market, they're more likely to subscribe to your blog to receive daily or weekly updates, depending on how often you publish fresh content (or republish updated content).

Make sure it's easy for readers to subscribe! Add CTA (calls to action) buttons to your blogs and promote them on social media.

Colleages discussing ideas, property management blog concept.

2. Offer Longer Content Offers in Exchange for Leads' Emails

Creating extensive resources is a great way to further engage your property management leads. You can create a pop-up that offers a content offer, like a handbook, checklist, or another resource that landlords will be excited to download.

This download is tied to their email address. So, by creating a valuable enticement to sign up, you gain a new email subscriber.

Creating these longer resources is also a crucial part of your content strategy. When excitement about one dwindles, perhaps a few times a year, you can create a new one or bring a seasonally relevant one back.

When visitors enjoy your blog and see the advertisement on your site suggesting that they download the content offer, they will likely want to give their email address readily. With good (i.e., interested) leads entering your sales pipeline, you're more likely to close more deals!

3. Host a Webinar or Event

When your property management company is tied to a localized area, it can be valuable to consider an event like a workshop or seminar that would bring in landlords or those considering it. As you probably also know, in this digital age, hosting webinars is also common and very effective for reaching your current audience and generating new property management leads for your business.

As you advertise your free local event or online webinar, you'll gather new sign-ups for the event and your email list. Opting in means you have permission to continue your outreach to them over time beyond the initial event until a lead opts out of email communications.

Not only does the event position you as knowledgeable within the property management industry (an implicit sales pitch for your company), but the property owners may also realize at the end of the talk that they are excited to work with a property manager!

With a webinar, not only can you host these events more affordably than in-person events, but you can also open them up to a diverse array of people, including out-of-state landlords who have properties in your region.

Growing your email list of property management leads cheaply — and with some positive regard for your company — is entirely possible. These kinds of events (virtual or otherwise) help to make it happen.

4. Link to Your Blog in All Email Signatures

Another surprising source of email list sign-ups is your email signature — and that of all your property management team members.

When you respond to inquiries and share insights on a routine basis, having your name and title at the bottom of the email is expected. However, if you just add "subscribe to our blog here" with a quick link, you can garner some new sign-ups in one fell swoop!

This strategy is valuable because it means that those already engaging with you through email are getting another way to stay in touch and keep informed on what your company is doing and sharing. 

5. Share Content Offers Through Social Media

When you work hard to source material and format it to become an attractive content offer, you want to get as many eyes on it as possible. Yes, the organic search traffic is nice, but why not broaden your reach? Your social platforms are made for this!

Businessman holding smartphone with media icons, property management leads concept.

Share your content offer on your social media pages and send it to any local organizations or landlords who might want to review it and share it with their members. Yes, members would have to give an email address to get the content offer, but many of them will find your email information relevant as well!

Should You Buy an Email List?

Buying an email list may seem like a quick way to expand your reach, but it's generally a bad idea for several reasons.

  1. First, it can harm your reputation. Sending unsolicited emails is a violation of privacy, and recipients may mark your messages as spam.

  2. Second, purchased lists often contain outdated or irrelevant contacts, reducing your chances of successful engagement.

  3. Third, these lists won't necessarily target your specific audience, making you less likely to see a return on your investment.

Building an organic list takes more time but is worth the investment. Trust us, if finding and buying a quality list of potential property owners in your specific market were the ticket to success in generating more property management leads, we would wholeheartedly recommend it!

While these five tips for building your list will take time and effort, you'll experience better success building your brand, promoting the content from your property management blog, and converting more leads than buying a list that probably isn't worth the money.

Good Content Delivers Better Property Management Leads

At the heart of maintaining an email list is the content: you can find email addresses, but the people who want to stay on your list are there because you offer them something of value in those emails. Find a way to focus your metrics on engagement so that rather than just building the list, you're building a list of property management leads who open, read, and engage with your content.

Want help creating a content-driven strategy that fills your sales pipeline with authentically excited property owners ready to sign on with your business? Reach out to Geekly Media to make a plan! Our experience as property managers and content marketing specialists is the ideal combination to help property management companies find more leads and grow their businesses.

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