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What Is Evergreen Content? Our Expert Tips for Property Managers

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What Is Evergreen Content? Our Expert Tips for Property Managers

If you've ever asked the question, "What is evergreen content?" as it relates to your content marketing strategy, you're not alone. 

Evergreen content is like the ageless tree it's named after — it remains fresh and valuable year after year. In simpler terms, evergreen content discusses timeless topics that continue to stay relevant over long periods. The need for only minor updates, like data tweaks or date changes, is what makes it truly special.

Today we talk more about foundational content and why having it on your property management website is crucial.

Why Does a Property Management Website Need Foundational Content?

If you've ever delved deep into our Geekly Media website, particularly to the footer, or scrolled down to the bottom of this very blog, you'll notice links to other articles or content pieces. 

What are they? They're crucial pieces of evergreen (or foundational) and relevant content. As a property manager, having such content on your property management website is like having a treasure trove of information that will continually attract new leads.

Many online visitors discover you primarily because of these foundational, potent content items. Once they land on your site through them, they often convert into consistent readers or even clients. 

This is the power of evergreen content! It's like the gift that keeps on giving. These pieces continuously attract traffic and get shared across social media platforms.

Look around, and you'll notice this pattern in many successful blogs. They all have their cornerstone content, be it blog posts, guides, eBooks, courses, or more. These content pieces serve not only as knowledge bases but also as fantastic lead magnets, attracting new email subscribers or even potential clients. Additionally, such content is invaluable when building links to strengthen your content marketing plan.

5 Good Content Ideas for Evergreen Property Management Blog Content

At this point, you might be wondering what (exactly) we mean by "evergreen" content. Here are five good ideas for this type of content to add to your website. 

1. Timeless and Sustainable Topics

Topics that stand the test of time and could be considered "sustainable" are relevant to any property owner looking for the information at any time of year. These topics aren't based on seasons, holidays, what's new in property management, or timing that would make the content fail to make sense any time a potential lead views it. timeless concept evergreen content examples concept

When it comes to your property management blog, several topics remain pertinent irrespective of the changing times and throughout the year. Good evergreen content examples include tenant screening, property maintenance, methods to buy rental properties, and rent collection techniques.

2. How-Tos or Expert Tips

"Guides" or "How-tos" make excellent foundational content. Such content offers tangible value to readers that they can reference repeatedly and make an "offer" worth handing over valuable contact information for access to a download

Consider crafting content on topics that resonate with property owners, like move-in checklists, protocols for allowing pets in rental spaces, and other operational tips. Diving deep into how you do these things as expert property managers and optimizing the content and landing pages for SEO can help deliver more traffic to your site. 

Remember, while the content is evergreen, it's still crucial to review and update it from time to time. The topics are what remain "foundational," while your best practices or how-to instructions can update over time to stay relevant. 

3. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Develop FAQs drawing from your previous blog posts. Organizing content into lists with formatted bullet points or questions-and-answer style content presents the same topic in a different way and provides more opportunities for SEO (search engine optimization) that can draw additional traffic. 

These FAQs could be about property management in general or specifics related to your business. Such content is practical and always in demand.

Just remember to keep it up to date! If anything changes about the blog content, make sure the corresponding FAQ gets an update, too. 

4. Case Studies

Case studies provide real-world applications and success stories. These are not only excellent as evergreen pieces for content marketing but also boost your credibility. 

Pull together client success stories with data backing up how your company provided solutions that boosted revenue, reduced vacancy times, or otherwise made property owners or tenants happy. 

Then (you guessed it), make sure the content stays relevant. While the original premise and data of the case study might remain largely unchanged, periodic reviews ensure they stay relevant. Reviewing case studies also gives you the opportunity to add updates if a client continues seeing ongoing success. 

5. Your Website

Your property management website itself should have (or be) evergreen content! 

The content should include standard information about your company, the services you offer, contact details, pricing, and your client base. However, an occasional review to refresh and update it is necessary for its longevity.

Remember to optimize your website for relevant keywords. As those keywords change or your services or target audience change, make updates to the content accordingly. 

How to Use Evergreen Content

So, you've crafted a piece of evergreen content. Great job! However, that's just the beginning. 

Simply "having" good foundational content on your site isn't likely to generate the traffic you hope for. What should you do to ensure it continues to deliver value? Here are some actionable steps toward how to use foundational content to drive traffic. 

1. Promote It

Once your evergreen content is live, it's essential to let your audience know about it. Property managers should promote content using: 

  • Social Media Channels: Share snippets, highlights, or intriguing questions from your content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Engaging visuals and compelling captions can drive traffic back to your full content piece.

  • Email Campaigns: Incorporate links to your evergreen content in your newsletters or dedicated email blasts. A catchy subject line can make all the difference.

You can also think about forums, online communities, or even guest blogging opportunities where your content might be relevant.

2. Keep It Updated

The term 'evergreen' might suggest perpetual relevance, but that doesn't mean it won't require some upkeep. When working with foundational content, "writing it then forgetting it" won't serve you well! 

Even though the topics should remain relevant, property management should: 

  • Conduct Regular Reviews: Periodically review your content to ensure accuracy and relevance. Even timeless topics might need a refresh based on recent data or industry shifts.

  • Promote Post-Update: After making significant updates, promote the content again to showcase its renewed value.

A good "lengthen and strengthen" strategy should apply to all content on your property management blog or website, even foundational pieces. 

3. Repurpose It

Good evergreen content can be helpful in more ways than one! Diversify how you present your content to reach different segments of your audience, including:

  • Videos: Some people prefer visual content to reading even the best blog in the world. Turn your blog post into a video breakdown, perhaps with animations or a personal walkthrough.

  • Infographics: Convert data-rich sections of your content into visual infographics. These are easily shareable and can quickly communicate key points.

  • Downloadable Guides: If your content is comprehensive, consider making it available as a downloadable PDF, adding value through convenience.

A businessman reads online content, property management blog conceptRepurposing good content is one of the best ways to reduce the volume of new content your site needs to deliver ongoing traffic. 

4. Revamp It

If your content's format isn't getting the traction it once did, it might be time for a change. The topic or content might be good, but the format no longer resonates with your audience.


  • A Format Shift: A checklist might work better as a detailed guide. Or, a lengthy article might be better as a series of shorter posts.

  • A Fresh Presentation: Sometimes, a simple redesign or a more engaging layout can breathe new life into your content.

Remember, the longevity of evergreen content doesn't just come from the topic's timelessness but also from the consistent effort you put into maintaining and adapting it.

Should You Abandon Trendy or "Today" Content?

Absolutely not! While evergreen or foundational content is an essential pillar of your content marketing plan, timely, trending content keeps your audience engaged and informed about current issues, especially in the property management space.

Your property management marketing strategy needs a healthy mix of foundational content and pieces covering new, relevant topics to work well with search engines and drive more traffic to your website. 

Boost Your Content Marketing Plan With Foundational Content

Finding the time and the right topics to build a library of evergreen content can take your focus from simply running your business. However, your property management website needs this kind of content to help you see more consistent leads! 

If you're eager to leverage a more robust content marketing strategy and incorporate the kind of content we talked about today, Geekly Media is here to guide you every step of the way. Our content experts have the added benefit of property management experience! We help property managers identify topics and create content that is uniquely relevant to their ideal buyers, and optimize that content for more traffic and leads. 

Reach out to talk with one of our Geeks if you're ready to get started. Or, request a free copy of our resource exclusively for property managers, the "Property Management Content Marketing Planning Template."

The Property Management Content Planning Template

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