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Write Sales Scripts That Grab Property Management Leads! | Rent Bridge

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Write Sales Scripts That Grab Property Management Leads! | Rent Bridge

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Afraid of sounding 'scripted?' Don't be! A sales script can be an effective tool in your arsenal when training your team and speaking with new property management leads. However, we know feeling like you have to read a document word-for-word can cramp your sales style. 

The good news is that sales scripts don't require verbatim regurgitation to help you effectively close a sale. When you think of them as guides to help you and your team stay consistent when offering products and services, property management business owners benefit greatly from incorporating a series of scripts into the sales process

How can property management business owners create good sales scripts? Follow these tips from the Geekly Media team!

1. Define a Product or Service

One script can't (and shouldn't) cover everything you do. If you launch into a monologue about everything you can do for a new property owner, they'll quickly become overwhelmed by how awesome you are and how easy life could become.

  • Your sales process should include multiple scripts.
  • Focus each script on one product or service.

However, suppose you have related services that make sense to reference as you listen to a potential client. In that case, your scripts can help connect those dots and organically guide your conversation to include the services that make the most sense for a property owner's needs.

before a conference, the microphones in front of empty chairs.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

You probably offer property management services that meet the needs of a variety of property owners. That means your scripts should speak to a specific audience depending on their different needs—even if that requires multiple scripts about the same service directed toward different audiences. 

If you're suddenly overwhelmed at the thought of tens (or hundreds) of sales scripts, relax! Think of each audience as a variation rather than an entirely different script. As you learn more about your buyer personas and how they best connect to your services, you'll understand how to adapt questions and lead conversations to talk to each of your personas and convert more property management leads. 

3. Understand Pain Points and Benefits

Your property management services help relieve pain points for property owners. What are those pain points, and how do your services ease them? When you determine the most common issues that property owners deal with, incorporate those into your script, and match them to the benefits of hiring your property management company. 

  • Your scripts should help you conversationally address how your company and services make pain points go away for property investors.
  • Let your scripts guide you to the best opportunities to talk about the benefits of your property management services as property owners share how and why they struggle—and what they're looking for in a property manager. 

4. Incorporate Questions About Pain Points

How can you know when it's time to talk about the benefits of hiring your company? The most productive sales conversations include critical questions and active listening. The right questions help you determine which direction the conversation should go and how to connect a property investor's pain points to the benefits of working with your team. 

With effective sales scripting, you're already prepared with the topics and direction to take the conversation as you ask questions and hear the answers. Asking good questions helps you diagnose the problems and recommend the best solutions. This also helps property management leads feel like you hear them and can truly help!

Happy Young Professional Couple Shaking Hands with a Real Estate Agent After Some Business Discussions Inside the Office.

5. Brevity Is Best

Remember: your scripts are a guidenot an acceptance speech or a one-person, in-depth podcast about everything you have to offer.

You don't need long paragraphs of text to read or memorize. Your scripts should stick to the basics and help support your conversation by:

  • Including relevant discussion topics and questions
  • Helping you understand your audience
  • Connecting pain points to benefits
  • Giving conversational direction
  • Prescribing plenty of time for listening.

If you're doing more talking than listening, your property management leads will quickly stop listening to you. Take a breath and let them tell you how you can help!

6. Don't Forget the 'Close'

Even if it's not the close of a sale (yet), end your scripts and conversation with a call to action. This can be as simple as:

  • Setting a time to follow-up later
  • Asking a closing question to confirm that you're both on the same page
  • Offering to send more information to your property management leads
  • Committing to the next steps of signing a contract and starting your property management services. 

Use your scripts to outline the appropriate closing action based on the conversation and progress you've made with a potential new customer.

Funny cheerful businessman jumping in air over gray background

Create Stellar Sales Scripts With Geekly Media!

Scripting your sales conversations can feel restrictive until you get the hang of it. However, when you have a stellar script, you'll wonder how you ever made it through a successful conversation with new property management leads without one!

Effective sales scripts help boost your sales and guide your sales team through more productive conversations with new clients and current property owners who could benefit from more of your services. You don't have to script alone! Contact Geekly Media and let us help you set up with stellar scripts to grow your business.

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