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What Is HubSpot Configuration and Is Yours Working For You?

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What Is HubSpot Configuration and Is Yours Working For You?

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HubSpot is a powerful tool for managing and growing your business. From marketing automation to sales pipelines, HubSpot offers a wide range of features and capabilities to help you achieve your goals. 

However, the key to success with HubSpot lies in how well it is configured to meet your specific business needs. As HubSpot experts, we've conducted many HubSpot implementations to help real estate agents, roofing companies, and consultants get started well on the platform. Unfortunately, we've also seen plenty of configurations that weren't serving companies well. 

Today we discuss the importance of a good implementation process for the best HubSpot configuration for your business and to optimize the platform's capabilities. We'll also talk about how to determine what's not quite right about your configuration if your Hubs aren't working at their best.

Macro photo of tooth wheel mechanism with CONFIGURATION concept lettersImportance of a Good Implementation Process for HubSpot Configuration

HubSpot offers a variety of features that can be customized to fit your business needs. Beyond the HubSpot log in lies a robust machine ready to help your business grow! 

However, the key to success is ensuring that HubSpot is configured correctly from the start. 

This is where a good implementation process comes into play. A well-executed implementation process can ensure that your HubSpot account is set up in a way that supports your business goals, improves efficiency, and provides a solid foundation for future growth.

An excellent implementation process should begin with a thorough understanding of your business needs and goals. This includes identifying the key challenges and pain points you are trying to solve with HubSpot. From there, you can develop a customized HubSpot configuration plan that addresses these specific needs. This plan should cover everything from lead management to reporting and analytics.

Once your plan is in place, it is important to configure HubSpot to meet your needs properly. This includes setting up custom fields, workflows, lead scoring, and more. The key is to ensure that HubSpot is set up in a way that supports your unique business processes and workflows.

What's the Best Way to Configure Your Portal?

Setting up your HubSpot portal is easier when working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner. While companies can get set up on their own, it's easy to miss critical things that can help you get more out of your investment in the CRM (customer relationship management) platform. 

Configuring your portal should be a customized process to meet your specific needs and goals for the platform. When configured properly, HubSpot helps you reach your target audience with inbound marketing strategies, generate more website traffic, and ultimately close more deals!

What Happens With a Poorly-Configured Portal? 

If you're experiencing issues with your portal or how HubSpot works for you, you could be suffering from a configuration that doesn't work well for you. 

No matter your process to implement the platform, a poorly-configured portal won't serve you well. You could experience:

  • Lost contacts

  • Low-conversion landing pages

  • Low (or no) website traffic

  • Automations and workflows that don't work

  • Deal pipelines that don't serve your sales and marketing teams well

  • Messy data after you import contacts

There are plenty of signs that your portal isn't working well for you, but businesses shouldn't stay in a rut where HubSpot isn't working at its absolute best for their businesses!

How Does a HubSpot Portal Audit Help?

Even with a good implementation process in place, it is essential to periodically review your HubSpot configuration to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. This is where a portal audit becomes critical to getting the most out of HubSpot. 

An audit for your portal is a comprehensive review of your HubSpot account to identify areas that may need improvement. This includes reviewing everything from lead management to reporting and analytics. The goal is to ensure that your HubSpot account is set up in a way that supports your business needs and provides maximum value.

During a HubSpot portal audit, a certified HubSpot partner (like Geekly Media) will review your HubSpot account and provide detailed recommendations for improvement. This may include changes to your workflows, lead scoring, or reporting dashboards. The end result is a HubSpot account that is optimized to support your business goals and drive growth.

Business project team working together at meeting room at officeOptimize Your HubSpot Configuration With a HubSpot Solutions Partner

A good implementation process is key to successful HubSpot configuration and functionality. By taking the time to understand your business needs and customizing HubSpot to support those needs, you can improve efficiency, productivity, and drive growth. 

However, even with a good implementation process in place, it is important to periodically review your HubSpot account to ensure that it continues to meet your needs. If you're thinking about HubSpot and how it can work for your business, connect with a HubSpot Diamond Partner like Geekly Media. We can help you determine the Hubs (like Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, or any combination of the five Hubs) that are best for your needs and help you get them configured correctly! Learn more when you Speak to a Geek. 

Do more with your portal with the insights in our free resource, the "Guide to Getting the Most Out of HubSpot!"


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