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Content Marketing Strategies: Why Success Comes in Waves

As property managers, you've possibly felt the pull of the digital world and, maybe, even dipped your toe into the water with content marketing. If so, you might have observed a phenomenon: success comes in waves. 

Sometimes they might be tiny ripples, other times mighty surges, but waves nonetheless.

Why does success come in waves? Is it a cause for concern? The truth is, it's the very nature of content marketing strategies, especially in the realm of marketing for property managers. Still, there are things you can do to ensure that even when the waves get turbulent, your boat remains steady and on course.

Keep reading to learn more about why content marketing is the way it is and why sticking with it is the best way to grow your business and find more clients!

What is Content Marketing?

Think of content marketing as your online voice. It's how you convey the benefits of your services, showcase properties, and build trust with potential clients. Via your property management blog, email campaigns, and social media posts, you're reaching out to an audience hungry for information.

Given the sheer velocity of our current digital age — with ever-faster internet speeds and an endless proliferation of social media channels — traditional marketing approaches no longer suffice. The market demands more agile, dynamic, and thoughtful methods, hence the shift toward content and inbound marketing.

So how can property managers make it work for them? Here's what we've found to be extremely effective for many property management companies and their marketing success.

Start With Goals and a Plan

Launching a property management blog or any type of digital content without clear objectives is akin to sailing without a compass. 

You need clear goals, or you'll never get where you want to go. 

Whether it's driving more traffic to your listings, highlighting specific aspects of managing rental properties, or establishing yourself as a thought leader in property management, every piece of content should resonate with your objectives.

old man rides a surfboard, property management marketing success conceptThis vision ensures that even when faced with marketing challenges, you're not lost at sea but rather navigating towards a clear destination. Mass amounts of content without a plan or a purpose will not do you any good. We're not talking "waves" — we're talking "sunk" at this point.

Measure Every Ebb and Flow

In the expansive ocean of content marketing, every wave — be it towering or modest — tells a story. These crests and troughs are not mere fluctuations but represent valuable data about your property management marketing endeavors.

Even when the low point of a wave feels like it might last forever, there is something to be learned and acted upon to minimize the next wave. 

Embrace the Power of Data Analytics

Imagine sailing on open waters without any instruments — no compass, no radar, and no maps. You'd be navigating based solely on instinct, which might work for a while but isn't sustainable. 

This is akin to marketing a property management company without data. Leveraging data analytics tools gives you a deeper understanding of your content's performance. These tools help identify which topics resonate with your audience, the best times to post, and which platforms yield the most engagement.

Understand Your Audience's Behavior

Beyond mere numbers, diving deep into analytics helps in comprehending your audience's behavior. 

  • Which section of your property management blog do they spend the most time on? 

  • Do they prefer video content over written articles? 

  • Are they engaging with social posts or CTAs (calls-to-actions)?

By identifying such patterns, you can tailor a successful content marketing strategy to better match the preferences of your target audience, ensuring higher engagement and retention.

Feedback is the Catalyst for Evolution

Receiving feedback — both positive and negative — is a treasure trove. While accolades confirm what you're doing right, constructive criticism pinpoints areas for improvement. 

Encourage comments on your blog posts, conduct periodic surveys, and be active on social media to gather direct feedback from your audience. This two-way communication not only fosters a sense of community but also fine-tunes your content strategy.

Adapt to the Changing Digital Landscape

The digital marketing world is ever-evolving. Algorithms change, new platforms emerge, and audience preferences shift. 

By continuously monitoring the performance of your marketing efforts, you can stay ahead of these changes. Regularly revisiting and revising your content strategy based on measurable outcomes ensures that you're not only keeping up with the digital tide but also riding it confidently.

Audit Your Inventory

Are you experiencing a dip in engagement or reach? It might be time to reevaluate. 

Maybe specific keywords aren't as effective anymore, or perhaps your content approach needs refreshing. That's not a problem; it's part of the process!

The beauty of online content for property management marketing is its malleability. You can tweak, refine, and re-launch content with ease. Regular audits and content updates are not only a good idea but it's also one of the most crucial aspects of successful content marketing. 

Get the Word Out

Does anyone know you published your latest blog? Even the most meticulously crafted blog post needs help garnering attention. 

Beyond the scope of SEO (search engine optimization) for your content, it's crucial to proactively broadcast your content across platforms. Whether it's sharing snippets on social media or spotlighting it in your email newsletters, these actions ensure your content reaches its intended audience, fostering meaningful engagements.

If You Ebb, Your Success Will Too

It's easy to get disheartened by the lows. When you feel like your content "isn't working anymore," it's tempting to assume it never will again and pull the plug. 

However, it's essential to remember that the potency of successful content marketing strategies is consistency. Regular updates, whether they're fresh articles, revamped old blogs, or new video content, keep you in the limelight. Through thick and thin, your content stream should remain uninterrupted.

Is Content Marketing Worth it?

Given the high and low nature of content marketing, is the investment justified? It seems like a lot of work for something that can experience ups and downs to get to that shiny oasis known as your goals.

However, the evidence about content marketing is clear. Multiple studies have shown that effective, consistent content leads to: 

  • High-quality lead generation

  • More cost-effectiveness than traditional methods

  • Superior ROI compared to other marketing approaches

  • Effective conversion of leads into loyal clients

Waves, by nature, gather momentum. Similarly, with time, well-executed content marketing plans can compound in effectiveness, driving more traffic and yielding richer engagements.

Dont Give Up on a coffee cup, consistent property management blog conceptWhile success may start slow, and there may still be ebbs and flows, the overall net return and quality of your leads far surpass anything else you could spend your marketing dollars on in the quest to grow your property management business. 

Be Patient! Riding the Waves of Content Marketing Strategies is Worth It

We get it. When you're ready to grow, a strategy that takes time to show results and has the potential for highs and lows regarding traffic and leads can seem like the question begs, "Are you sure this is right?" However, with our experience as property managers and content marketers, we can tell you that content marketing strategies are the best, most cost-effective way to build organic traffic and experience better quality leads.

With expert guidance, property managers can navigate the waves for better property management marketing strategies and success. If you're intrigued enough to let us show you what it can do for you, reach out to the Geekly Media team! 

You can also get started on your own with our free resource. Request your copy of our "Property Management Content Marketing Planning Template" and dive in!

The Property Management Content Planning Template

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