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Content Marketing: When Will Property Managers See Results?

Content marketing is like planting a seed. You won't see the fruits of your labor immediately, but with consistent nurturing, your efforts will blossom into a tree of success. 

Property managers should understand this concept as it's comparable to managing a property: you invest, maintain, and over time, reap the rewards. This same principle applies to your property management marketing endeavors when you have goals of generating more website traffic . . . but it seems to take too long to happen. 

So, what should you expect from your content marketing plan? How long before waves of fresh traffic and leads roll in after publishing a blog? Today we answer these questions (and more)!

Content Marketing Isn't Fast (But It's Crucial)

What is content marketing? Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint. While you might hope that the amazing blog you just published captures the attention of hundreds (nay, thousands) of fresh new eyes looking for your services, chances are that won't happen. 

However, that blog is the start of something amazing! It's the beginning of building a relationship you can nurture with new leads. Marathon runners on the street, content marketing strategies concept

The most successful content marketing strategies are those that are consistent and well-planned. When done right, content marketing can provide numerous benefits for your property management business, such as increased brand awareness, better search engine rankings, and higher lead conversions.

While it might not happen overnight (or as quickly as you hoped when you first started mapping out your goals for the strategy), it will pay off with better leads. 

Why Do Property Managers Need Content Marketing?

You don't need us to tell you that the property management industry is highly competitive. With numerous businesses offering similar services, standing out from the crowd can be challenging. 

This is where content marketing steps in.

Property management content allows you to showcase your expertise and knowledge. By sharing useful information and industry insights, you can differentiate your business from competitors and build a trustworthy reputation. When potential clients see your content, they perceive you as an expert and are more likely to choose your services.

Additionally, good content can help boost your SEO efforts. By incorporating relevant keywords and providing valuable information, your content can rank higher on search engines, resulting in increased online visibility and traffic.

With digital marketing in this age, simply telling people you're the best at what you do isn't good enough to grow your business. Your content must speak for you and engage potential leads. 

What Can Property Managers Expect from an Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Just as property management involves planning, so does content marketing. 

It's not about quick fixes, but building a solid foundation to deliver lasting results. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect in the first year of implementing a content marketing strategy. Think of it as a friendship that starts off rocky but grows to be one of the best things you ever had in your life. 

Months 1 through 3: The Planting Stage

During the first few months, your primary focus will be creating and launching your property management blog content. This phase requires an investment in time and resources. 

It's like preparing the soil and planting the seeds, which may seem unrewarding at first. You might start questioning the effectiveness of content marketing and view "those Geeks" as peddlers of false promises that "content marketing works!" 

But . . . hold on! The journey has just begun.

Months 4 through 6: The Cultivation Stage

As you continue to produce and share high-quality content, you'll start to notice an increase in your website traffic. This uptick may be small, but it's a sign that your content marketing efforts are beginning to take root. 

You'll relax a bit and start considering that we might not be as full of nonsense as you thought. 

However, the financial strain might seem heavier as the returns aren't yet visible. This might be a difficult time, but remember, every great endeavor requires patience.

We promise it gets better, but you still might not want to be our friend during this state. 

Months 7 through 9: The Growth Stage

This is the stage where things start getting interesting. Your consistent efforts have started to pay off. 

Website traffic has surged, and more importantly, you are now generating leads. Although the financial strain persists, you start to see the potential for a significant return on investment. 

We will be on speaking terms again as you begin to comprehend the power of content marketing.

Months 10 through 12: The Harvest Stage

Congratulations! You've reached the final stretch of realizing the results the Geeks told you would come.  

At this point, your content marketing strategy is bearing fruit. The leads are flowing in, and you're seeing a return on your investment. Your property management marketing efforts are paying off, and the increase in traffic and leads is undeniable. 

Your faith in content marketing has been restored, and our relationship has never been better. We are heroes!

Year 2: You Think You Don't Need It Anymore

Things are going so well at this point that you think you're content marketing strategy is "done." 

It worked! Time to stop funding it. 

However, this is a crucial (yet all too common) mistake we see property management companies make when things are just getting good. What took time, nurturing, and careful planning to build the momentum you see right now can quickly fall apart and dry up the traffic well if you stop creating, publishing, and updating old content as part of an ongoing strategy. 

Dont Stop Believing on wooden blocks, property management content conceptTo oversimplify it: when the content stops, your traffic also stops — and it can happen faster than the time it took to build a consistent flow of traffic and leads. 

Can't Stop. Don't Stop.

One of the fundamental aspects of successful content marketing strategies is that you can't stop if you want to maintain the momentum. We'll talk more about the ebbs and flows of traffic related to your content marketing plans, but during the good times (and the bad times), the content show must go on steadily. 

Don't let the time and investment into this strategy go to waste by scaling back when things are good (or when budgets are tight). Doing that will require rebuilding again later when you realize the spigot you turned off stopped the flow of the leads you need to survive and grow. 

If it feels like a burden on your resources to come up with content month after month, year after year, you don't have to do it alone! Take those new leads and spend your time doing what you do best: serving property owners and tenants. Let "those Geeks" handle your content and property management marketing strategies and execution!

Start Your Property Management Content Marketing Strategy to See Results

Implementing a content marketing strategy for your property management business may feel daunting, but remember, every great journey begins with a single step. The key to success is to start, then apply patience and consistency. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

At Geekly Media, we specialize in helping property managers build successful content marketing strategies. We know it works because we are products of the strategy, and we've seen it work for countless property management clients over the years. Our expertise can help you plant the seeds of success, cultivate your online presence, and harvest the rewards of your efforts.

To get started, connect with a Geek, and let us talk with you about your goals and how we can help.

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