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Appfolio Integrations for Property Management Growth

Appfolio, Buildium, Propertyware, Rent Manager, LeadSimple—the list of property management software that you use daily to run your business goes on and on.

We've talked before about how technology can become a tangled mess if you don't have integrated solutions working together. One-off programs that cannot communicate with other programs ultimately cause more work, double data entry, confusion, and simple mistakes that could otherwise have been avoided if your programs could talk to each other or integrate.

We that in mind, we thought it was high time to talk about Appfolio integrations you shouldn't miss! As one of the leading property management software solutions out there, Appfolio integrations are worth diving into when exploring solutions that work with your property management software.

HubSpot Through Geekly Media

Time for shameless self-promotion! Geekly Media has partnered with our friends at TruJay to build a bridge between HubSpot and Appfolio. This means that your Property Management Operating System from Geekly Media can integrate with Appfolio to help you automate move-ins, move-outs, late rent collections, evictions, and more. 

The Bridge provides fluidity to all of these automations by pulling information from Appfolio and putting it into the property management automations in HubSpot, saving you countless hours on tasks that you don't need to waste your staff on. The Bridge does things like:

  • Update past due balances
  • Keep contact information current between the two systems
  • Update leasing status.

This is helpful because before the Bridge, automating your property management business involved a great deal more manual work when it came to exporting and uploading lists. With the Bridge, Appfolio's usefulness is extended even further! This means your options are no longer as limited when choosing solutions that work with your property management software.

Data Integration on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.


BirdEye has an Appfolio Integration that makes it easy to request and manage reviews, right from inside your Appfolio software. BirdEye is a review management system similar to RealHub Reviews and is useful when you're not working with HubSpot to automate your review requests.


According to their website, "AppFolio integrates with AvidXchange to ensure that invoice details and transactions are all recorded in the accounting system of record and that payment transaction data easily passes to the AvidXchange Payment Application for ease in automated payments."

If you were already an AvidXchange user delighting in the automation of your accounts payable process, this is good news for you! When choosing solutions that work with your property management software, Appfolio and AvidXchange make a great pair!


Appfolio can integrate with some sites to allow for real-time listing updates, so you can be sure the rentals listed on your property management website are always accurate and up to date.

Sure, Appfolio offers websites, but they are nowhere near the quality of a custom-built website a media expert like Geekly Media can provide. However, the starter websites from Appfolio are an option for brand new property management businesses without the budget to take it to the next level.

Why Should You Integrate?

If everything is working well for your property management workflows, why should you be concerned with property management software integrations? The answer lies in growth: ultimately, as you grow your business, the number of processes involved with running it also continues to grow—but at a much faster rate. 

Taking the time to research your software options will help you to make the decisions that take future needs into consideration.

How Do You Integrate?

Missing puzzle piece

Most of the integrations listed above have been built into the Appfolio program for you already. Third-party integrations for Appfolio are few and far between because Appfolio offers a very limited API (Application Programming Interface). This is the language that makes it easy for different programs to speak with each other.

That is one reason why the Bridge is so valuable when choosing solutions that work with your property management software. Before the Bridge, you got what you got from Appfolio—and could only use the data in the program as-is. It isn't easy to connect the Appfolio software to much without Appfolio deciding they want to make the connection.

With the Bridge, you can bring Appfolio data into HubSpot's versatile system and create a whole new level of reporting you never had available to you via Appfolio. This level of reporting is one of the most amazing features of HubSpot, and you can build custom dashboards of your reports that allow you to group reports based on your goals and property management marketing campaigns.

Taking the Next Steps

If you want to learn more about property management software solutions, we recommend these blogs:

You can also schedule some time to talk with our team about what our Property Management Operating System with an Appfolio integration can do for your property management business.

Our initial consultations are just a 15-minute discovery call with a member of our team to determine whether we would be a good fit when choosing solutions that work with your property management software. We know how busy a day in the life of a property manager is, and we won't play games with your business. Let us get to know you and see if we can provide you with the solutions you need to grow!

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