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Targeting and Retargeting Your Paid Ads for Property Management

Ideally, your carefully-crafted paid ads campaign works the first time wonderfully when you launch it online. Every viewer who sees your ad clicks through to your offer and landing page. They provide their contact information and download your offer. You follow-up with them, and soon you have a new property owner to add to your business!

Unfortunately, even the most successful Facebook or Google ad doesn't convert 100% of the people who see the advertisement or click through to your offer. However, that doesn't mean your campaign is a failure. A tool called "retargeting" can help you revisit some of the people who didn't convert the first time they saw your ad. 

The Rule of 7 reminds us that most consumers need to see something at least seven times before they buy. Retargeting can help get your ad in front of the right people—again—and encourage them to claim your offer to become a good lead. Keep reading to learn more about targeting and retargeting paid ads for your property management marketing campaigns!choosing the correct target, targeting

What Is Targeting?

A target gives you a place to aim. In terms of the target audience for your property management marketing strategies, your target audience is your ideal customer. As you develop your marketing plan, you base your strategy on your growth goals, service offerings, and your buyer personas. Those personas help you identify the type of customer you want and serve best.

Personas also help you target your audience. When creating a Facebook or Google ad, you select the criteria that make up your ideal audience. When you aim for the right target audience, you're more likely to get qualified clicks that send you better leads who convert to new customers.

How Do You Target an Ad?

  • As you build your property management marketing campaigns with paid ads, you can select who you want to see it.
  • Remember, paid ads are pay-per-click (PPC): each time someone clicks your ad, you pay for it.
  • You spend more money (or exhaust your budget faster) when unqualified leads click your ad. 

To make the best use of your marketing budget dollars, help the right people see your ads! Choose your audience based on geographic area, income, interests, keywords, and other demographic information that best matches your buyer personas. 

What Is Retargeting?

Get ready to try and capture the leads that passed on you the first time! However, there's much more to retargeting than merely choosing the same criteria and rerunning your ad.

Retargeting a Google ad or Facebook ad helps you narrow down who sees your ad again, based on who saw it during your first ad campaign. If this sounds redundant, recall the Rule of 7: it can take up to seven times for a person in your target audience to finally take advantage of the offer you've shown them six times before. 

Retargeting is a strategic way to reduce your ad's audience to only the group of people who saw your ad the first time. A retargeted ad gives them their next chance to see and take advantage of your offer. 

How Do You Retarget an Ad?

There are two main ways you can retarget paid ads. Depending on the goals of your property management marketing campaign, one or the other (or a combination of the two strategies) might work better for you. 

Pixel-Based Retargeting

With this strategy, you reach anonymous website visitors with your offer again. Did someone click through your ad, visit your site or landing page, yet fail to complete the information for your offer?

If you've heard of website cookies, pixel-based retargeting uses the cookies picked up by your site visitors to send your offers to them again. When you set up your paid advertising campaigns, you'll set the retargeting to place your ad on other websites where your visitor surfs after leaving your site. 

List-Based Retargeting

When a visitor follows through and provides contact information to receive your offer, you can use list-based retargeting to help them see your ad again. Your retargeting platform can identify the unique visitors via advertisements and locate them through their social media platforms or email address. 

When retargeting, you'll need the website and backend programming support to drop cookies and track visitors. If your campaign goal is to generate leads or turn more visitors into customers, retargeting is an excellent way to improve the success of your paid ad campaigns. 

Remember to Retarget!

Your paid ad campaign doesn't have to be "one and done." Some of the most effective paid advertising in property management marketing utilizes a strong retargeting push to multiply a visitor's impressions of your offer.

When it's time to plan your next Google Ad or Facebook Ad campaign, let Geekly Media help you take it to the next level! Don't let your website or landing pages undo the work of an effective retargeting strategy.

If retargeting and maximizing your paid ads sounds daunting, don't miss out on these valuable property management marketing tools! Learn more about how to incorporate paid ads successfully as part of your inbound marketing with our FREE guide to paid ads!

Download Paid Ads: The Definitive Guide!

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