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Your Landing Page Should Convert Leads to Clients

You may be wondering as you read this: what is a "landing page?" A landing page is a single web page designed to convert traffic from a marketing or advertising campaign. The goal of the landing page is to lead visitors to take a single action—like buying a product or entering information—as an interested prospect. For a service business like property management, the best conversion rates come from lead generation rather than direct sales.

You can host your landing page directly on your website if you have one, or use a landing-page tool like HubSpot to create and manage your landing pages. Platforms like HubSpot have done the data research on what designs convert the best. They take out the guesswork—saving you valuable time.

What Does the "Flow" of a Landing Page Look Like?

  • The advertising campaign sends people to your landing page.
  • The landing page entices visitors to take action.
  • Once a prospect takes action, their information automatically goes to your list of leads.
  • A crafted auto-response sequence delivers your gift and starts a drip-email welcome campaign.

The beauty of the landing page is it is part of a system that generates new clients via automation; once you set up your landing page, it works automatically.

puzzle piece coming down into its place

The Elements of a Landing Page

Every landing page has certain critical elements designed to get a prospect to take action. Tools like HubSpot take the guesswork out of the design. The best landing page is clean and minimalist with just enough information to entice and spur a prospect to action as quickly and efficiently as possible. A high-converting landing page has four critical elements. 

1. The Call to Action

Tell the landing page visitor what to do. For example, "Fill in the form to get your free rental analysis!"

2. The Information Form

  • Ask for the minimum amount of information.
  • Use as few fields as possible to get the information you need to connect: first name, last name, email address.
  • Use additional fields like Phone Number only if that is how you plan to communicate.

The fewer fields you use, the easier it is for the prospect to respond.

3. Compelling, Short-Form Content

Create a brief paragraph that states the benefit of taking action. You want two or three sentences that guide the landing page visitor to take action to receive the benefits of property management.

  • Your content should solve a major problem for your prospective client.
  • Break down the reason a visitor needs to take action now.

In marketing terms, this is the "value proposition," the conditions that make your business attractive to clients.

4. Something of Value

Offer a gift for taking action that directly ties to the benefit you offer and a major pain point of your ideal audience. You might provide a free rental analysis or a one-page test like, "Are You Ready for Property Management?" Use the test to address five to seven major pain points, and show the benefits of property management for each test question. Make sure your gift is relevant to your property management business. This is the "lead magnet," a free item in exchange for information.

Geekly Media Pro Tip: Include a short video addressing objections and highlighting the benefits of property management. One minute is the optimal length. Three minutes is the absolute maximum length for this type of video. A second video option is a short client testimonial on how your business helped them achieve success. 

Business man pointing the text Add Value

Simplicity Is the Key to Conversions!

The purpose of a landing page is to convert prospects by exchanging your lead magnet for a page visitor’s information. Avoid cluttering this page with distractions or links to your website which divert the visitor from taking action. Don’t over-complicate the landing page. 

  • Use one image.
  • Highlight the benefit you provide.
  • Offer a simple form to collect data.
  • Use an uncluttered format.
  • Visual appeal and sharp but brief copy improve your conversion rate.

Marketing advisor Tim Ash states, “Do you have what I want? Why should I get it from you?” The idea is to get to the point. 

Why Use A Landing Page?

Property management marketing keeps the client pipeline flowing to grow your doors. Inbound marketing is designed to bring clients to your website and convert them into an audience. A landing page is a simple and effective automation tool to gather prospect data and introduce them to your property management systems. Because the landing page connects to your email service, it simplifies workflow automation to bring you new leads.

Creating an inbound marketing system is a crucial component of streamlining your property management workflows. Property management marketing is only one component of your business: whenever you automate a process for your business, you simplify an already busy life.

A landing page reduces the time you spend on outbound marketing—like cold-calling property owners. Your time is freed up to focus on helping your clients and growing your company.

Build Landing Pages That Convert With Geekly Media

At Geekly Media, we know how many hats you wear to provide excellent service to your clients: move-in and move-out, lease management, vendor coordination—marketing for property management is just one hat. A strong landing page that converts is just one way to work smarter—not harder.

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