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How to Build a Better Property Management Website

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How to Build a Better Property Management Website

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Considering that 80% of customers research a business online before visiting in person, it’s surprising that only 50% of small businesses have websites. That means half of the small business world is not leveraging the power of the Internet—are you? If so, how can you make sure your property management website is helping you secure more profit? Choosing the right platform and website design makes all the difference! Here are some tips to help you empower your web presence as a property manager.

Use a Property Management Marketing Company

Building a successful business is a lot like building a good home: you need to hire the right people to handle each task. Hiring a marketing company that focuses on anything but property management would be like hiring a plumber to frame your house! The result would be clumsy, take longer than expected, and likely detrimental to those depending on your business.

A marketing company that understands property management has its finger on the pulse of your audience—as well as how to profit from it. The details involved in targeting the right potential clients, making meaningful contact with them, and helping convert them into long-lasting partnerships come second nature to a property management marketing company.

For this reason, you can comfortably hand over the design and management of your property website to a marketing firm with property management experience Geekly Media, for example, is marketing crafted by property managers for property managers. We know what works because we did it successfully for years! This can be a virtual “set it and forget it” solution. However, if you want to roll up your sleeves and play a more active role, read on!

hands, the young sprout and our planet Earth

Choose a Website Platform That Will Grow with You

Business is just like the rest of life: the only constant is change. As your business evolves, you will need a website platform that grows alongside it! Keep in mind that even the best-looking website will look dated within a couple of years. Moreover, because marketing tactics develop in congruence with the dynamics of target markets, they are equally susceptible to change. You need a platform that is going to look good and perform well—regardless of how the business world turns.

platform like HubSpot can be a powerful tool to address this change; HubSpot has proven its commitment to position itself on the cutting edge of marketing. A platform that has demonstrated an investment in keeping up with the times won’t leave you stuck with an old, ineffective website a few years from now. HubSpot also gives you the tools you need to craft dynamic change on the fly.

Choose a Platform That’s Easy to Edit

Sometimes platforms can have an engaging aesthetic and offer useful tools. However, because they’re so difficult to edit, you find yourself feeling trapped. You want—and need—flexibility.

For example, you may decide to design a website campaign with a completely different layout than any you’ve previously used. If so, you want to be able to change as many details of the platform as possible. Your site data may show that people drawn to the previous campaign weren’t clicking in the right places or joining your mailing list. You need the freedom to adjust the next campaign accordingly; the platform you decide to use will be the difference-maker.

Use the Right Website Campaigns

The number of different styles of website campaigns is almost as numerous as the number of websites. Of course, not all campaigns are created equal, especially when it comes to a property management site. Here are some tips to get the most out of your website campaign:

Keep It Simple

Keep the design simple. A simple design makes it easy for the eyes of visitors to focus on what you want them to. Keep the language straightforward: concise language gets your point across. Don’t overcomplicate things!

Examine your content offerings, as well: a complex wall of content is distracting. Simplify it by eliminating excess material and prioritizing content that fuels engagement. Integrate your signup forms with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. Effective integration with a CRM system can prevent a cluttered, clogged, claustrophobia-inducing inbox.

High-Traffic Hosting

Choose high-traffic hosting. A high-traffic hosting solution will prevent your site from getting bogged down if your campaign has a spike in interest.

Rapid Loading and Easy to Share, Like, and Love!

Make sure it loads quickly; don’t keep your visitors waiting! The faster the site pops up, the more likely they are to convert to clients. How easy is your site to share on social media? Write Twitter and Facebook posts in advance; all visitors have to do is click a button to get your message to their social networks. You should also focus on prioritizing your SEO. When you hone your SEO, you make your site easier to find.

Young pretty woman holding social icon balloon

Proprietary Website Building Software Could Hurt You

The enemy of an adaptable business is rigidity. Proprietary website building software limits your options, leaving you with a stiff web solution. They are designed with the “average” business in mind. However, to crush the competition, you need to have a website that can flex and move with the same fluidity as your business.

Not only does a cookie-cutter website limit the presentation and function of your business, but it can also freeze your company in time. If the website isn’t updated on a regular basis, you could be stuck with an ineffective—or even non-functioning—website. Remember Flash websites? Pretty soon, you won’t.

We Are the Experts You Need to Build Business Websites

Websites have rapidly replaced storefronts. By hiring a property management and marketing company like Geekly Media, you can rocket your web presence into the 21st century. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride—and profits! Get in touch with us today and let us show you how #automationdomination can take your property management company to the next level.

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