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What Is Contextual Property Management Marketing?

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What Is Contextual Property Management Marketing?

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What is 'contextual marketing,' and how can it help you convert more leads as part of your property management marketing plan?

  • 'Contextual marketing' is the name used when employing marketing automation combined with client information from your property management CRM (in this case, HubSpot) to deliver customized content for your contacts based on where they are in the buyer's journey.
  • One of the most significant benefits of using HubSpot for marketing automation clients is that all of your content, lead generation efforts, and marketing automation is tied together to deliver a customized experience to your prospects.

When content is tailored to the user, engagement and satisfaction increase—and so do your conversions. Marketing automation is all about nurturing a contact through the buyer's journey.

Content that is relevant and specific helps you nurture your property management leads more effectively. However, without contextual marketing, it makes it harder for you to be sure you're serving the right content at the right time—or that the right content is even found by your user.

If you use any form of CRM, you've probably engaged in a version of contextual marketing already without knowing it. When you use a different drip for different customer categories in your CRM, that is contextual marketing. For example:

  • Targeted content for DIY property investors vs. potential clients using a competitor
  • Different content for someone you just engaged with vs. someone who has dropped out of the sales pipeline
  • Content for current clients that is different from your sales content trying to engage with new prospects.

All of these are examples of using targeted content that we almost do intuitively. By using marketing automation, you can take contextual marketing to the next level.

Double exposure of businessman working with new modern computer show social network structure and bokeh exposure

Contextual Marketing Is More Than Email

Contextual marketing is the use of property management marketing automation to serve targeted content to a user based on known characteristics such as age, location, gender, lifecycle stage, and more.

Contextual marketing can be applied to SO much more than just the inbox. When you use marketing automation tools that work as an ecosystem with your website hosting like HubSpot, you unlock even more benefits. HubSpot has a ton of smart content tools, so you can make the most of your contextual marketing campaigns.


The purpose of 'gating' content on your website is to gather information from your prospects so you can sell to them better—so why would you ask for their name and email after you already have it?

  • Our custom marketing experience campaign gradually collects more and more information from a user.
  • By the time they're ready to sign, your sales team has all the knowledge they need to succeed.


If a user has already downloaded a few content offers and is now a marketing or sales qualified lead, you should probably show them a different call to action so you make the most of important web real estate.

For example, users who are in the awareness stage should see informational content offers, while users who have already downloaded a number of content offers are probably ready to talk to sales and should see a book now call to action.

  • Don't make someone who is ready to talk to your BizDev rep work to get in touch.
  • Continuous engagement is a good sign that your content has nurtured the lead.
  • Make it easy for them to take the next step by changing what they see above the fold of your website—before they have to click anything else.

Web Page Content

Tenants are always filling out forms meant for property owners. What if, after identifying themselves as a renter, you stopped showing them content meant for property owners?

You'll cut down on false-positive leads while directing your renters to content that is meant for them, such as your renter qualification terms, their rental application—or if they are a current client, the link to their portal to submit work orders (so you stop getting them via the contact form).

designer hand working and smart phone and laptop on wooden desk in office with london city background-1

Paid Marketing Can Be Contextual, Too

'Retargeting' is one form of contextual property management marketing.

Think about it: When you show a user ads for a company they've been considering, you're providing content based on their actions and information—which is what contextual marketing is all about! Using this information in the right way brings you well-qualified leads that are more likely to convert.

Geekly Media Provides Contextual Marketing

We help new clients access the advantages of contextual marketing by building a library of proven content offers, calls to action, blogs, and more. Once you have the content to nurture a lead, we can help you build a contextual marketing campaign so your users always see the most relevant content—wherever they are in the buyer's journey.

From smart forms to targeted emails that serve up the right content at the right time, we can help you use marketing automation in ways you didn't even know were possible! Book a quick, 15-minute discovery call with our team to see if our marketing and process automation solutions can help your business.

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