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Trends Which Worked for Property Management Marketing in 2019: A Recap

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Trends Which Worked for Property Management Marketing in 2019: A Recap

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Keeping up with marketing trends can seem like a daunting enterprise—but it's crucial to any property management business. New marketing trends can change your entire property management marketing campaign if you understand them. Knowing these trends—and, better yet, keeping ahead of them—is your best bet in creating winning property management marketing campaigns. While marketing trends change constantly, understanding current marketing trends is the best way to stay ahead of the competition—and make your property management marketing campaign stand out.

digital marketing-1

A Breakdown of Top Marketing Trends in 2019

Many factors affect marketing trends and how they are implemented. Each trend should be treated as one piece of the property management marketing pie. Which trends did we see in 2019?

Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing covers the use of blogs, videos, and other resources that create content that is unique to your business. Clients typically read through some form of information on your website before making a decision on whether or not to contact you. This content should be both interesting and informative to the reader to ensure that they are left with a good idea of what your company can offer them.

Search Engine Marketing Trends

Search engines such as Google offer the consumer a wide variety of options as to whom they give their business. Key terms and questions posed on your site will register on search engines and make your website more attractive when it pops up in a search engine. Artificial intelligence is becoming a major player in marketing, and catering to such engines through the practice of SEO dominates modern marketing.

Social Media Marketing Trends

The importance of social media in marketing cannot be understated. Most consumers use some form of social media, and the marketing power of this media is at an all-time high. With the ability to post immediate content that is capable of capturing the attention of your ideal market—as well as posting pictures that give the client a visual representation of their needs—the marketing possibilities of social media are only expected to grow with time.


Blogs and Videos Bring the Consumer

Closer to You

Personalization is the key to successful marketing. The content that you share with the public brings the potential client closer to you and helps them understand the company that they are considering approaching. Your property management website should offer a wealth of information to potential clients in every form of media possible.

Blogs are a tried-and-true way to get your message across to the audience that you are marketing to, and they remained a relevant force in 2019. Personalized content such as testimonials and ideas on how your business can create growth for the client were rewarded with continued traffic. Tell the client what you can do for them, and they will come to you!

Videos are another great way to personalize content and remain popular. With the abundance of information on the internet, sometimes people want to sit back and be told what to expect from a potential partnership with your company rather than having to dig. This way, the potential client can not only take a break from reading: they can also put a face to your company. Everyone wants to know who they are dealing with, and videos are a great way for potential clients to get to know your property management business on a personal level.

thinking process

Artificial Intelligence

With voice-operated devices making their way into an increasing number of homes, artificial intelligence has begun to be a major player in the world of marketing. These devices can learn from the user and cater the experience to their tastes. These devices have pushed marketing into a whole new dimension.

Algorithms have also begun to change the way that consumers are being targeted by marketing campaigns. When a consumer searches the internet for some product or service, the algorithms of several websites (search engines, any ads that use retargeting, etc.) pick up those searches and cater to the consumer's unique tastes. This kind of marketing could be useful when marketing for property management. Simply allow the algorithm to bring clients to you!

Social media

The Social Media Powerhouse

Social media has taken over the internet and shows no signs of losing its popularity. Everything anyone does can be seen on social media—and this includes your property management business. Having a healthy and consistent social media presence is marketing in itself! While the Baby Boomer generation still dominates property ownership, a post on Facebook or Instagram sets you up for the future. It can also be used to target the tenants you fill your clients' properties with. Post about your successes and include pictures so that users can see what is going on with your business.

Very often, consumers will use social media to look into a potential business before committing to it. You want your online presence to be as welcoming and appealing as possible. Connecting with your audience—and being consistent with your online presence—is vital to maintaining a healthy social media appearance. Know your audience, and treat your social media presence as an extension of yourself when interacting with others or making posts.

While several of the tactics we've touched on were mainstays from former generations of marketing, two are rapidly evolving without signs of slowing: social media and artificial intelligence. While the relevance of social media as a marketing tool is only starting to bud concerning property management, artificial intelligence is a driving force you cannot afford to ignore with your marketing tactics.

  • Have you analyzed your current SEO practices (if you have any)?
  • How effective is your website at garnering leads?
  • Are you tailoring your property management marketing to optimize SEO?

With these questions in mind, we put together the Geekly Media "Property Manager's Guide to SEO in 2020." It's designed to help you do what you do best as a property management business: dominate the rental market.

 If you're not already aware of what's to come in marketing for the new year, you're falling behind. Let Geekly Media help you get up to speed: download our guide today and prepare your property management business for tomorrow.


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