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The Inbound Sales Methodology for Property Management

If you've been a reader of the Geekly Media blog for a while, you've absolutely heard about inbound marketing by now! This is the practice of encouraging property management leads to come to you through answering their questions and providing valuable resources. Sales in the age of inbound are similar, thus creating the need for an inbound sales methodology.

An inbound sales methodology is similar to inbound marketing in that it is meant to support the buyer through the buyer's journey.

This carries through awareness, consideration, and decision, so you can make the most of your property management marketing automation and close more leads.

What does the inbound sales methodology look like? It has four stages: identify, connect, explore, and advise. We'll cover each of these in this blog—and how they relate to property management sales specifically—so you can decide if the inbound sales methodology works for you!

If you need sales enablement—or new owner onboarding automations—let us know; we can help you take your property management sales and new owner onboarding processes to the next level!

Modern cyber man with technology eye looking

Step 1: Identify

Smart sales start with identifying the right prospects. Thankfully, HubSpot makes that easy to do! By using a CRM that is working with your website, you can easily see which contacts are engaged and interested. Start by working your inbound leads, but don't forget to use more sophisticated property management tools to help prioritize who you should contact first. 

Lead scoring and using smart lists to identify behavioral buying signals are both smart ways to bring the leads most likely to be receptive to the top of the list.

Step 2: Connect

Don't just call and give the same pitch, either! Your prospects have a common need: property management services. They also have unique pain points related to that need. They could be looking for services to help them with:

  • A difficult renter
  • Maintenance
  • Leasing
  • Increasing their ROI.

With the right CRM and content on your property management website, you should be able to get an idea about what that prospect's specific pain point is by looking at the history of content they are consuming on your website.

Find the trend, and then use that as a way to give them further assistance to begin building your relationship.

hand drawn texture globe with blank social media diagram on digital tablet computer as internet concept and bokeh exposure

Step 3: Explore

Once the dialogue is started, you'll need to identify the challenges your prospect is facing. This could be something as simple as a vacant property holding them back from their goals, trying to afford two mortgages, or taking a loss on a sale. Explain how your solution works into their timeline, that you can help them lease within the month, and then open the conversation about their budget: can they afford your services? 

You don't have to hide this process from the prospect. Let them know what you want to discuss because the goal is to help them solve their problem if your property management services are a good fit.

Step 4: Advise

Now that you know what your prospect is looking for, and you've built trust by having the right conversations and doing your homework, it is time to advise the prospect about their best options through your available offerings.

  • Build a presentation that will explain how your services can help them personally, not just the benefits of property management in general.
  • Give a recap of what you've learned about them as you're doing this, so your prospect knows they had your full attention along the way.
  • This also highlights that you are committed to finding a personalized solution that leads to their success.
Businessman looking at road with maze and solution concept-1

Selling Solutions

Inbound sales are about connecting with your prospect and helping to guide them through the buyer's journey by providing information and resources along the way at the right time. By providing the solutions and information your prospect is looking for, you position yourself as the property management expert that is there to help them—instead of leaving them to fend for themselves.

The benefit of using this sales methodology is that it will easily align with any inbound marketing efforts, as your marketing team should be producing the content that you can use in sales to answer questions and guide your prospect.

Of course, so much of this process can be automated by building buyer personas for your common pain points and building sales sequences that address those pain points. Then, you can be sure you never miss the chance to keep the conversation going—even if there are unexpected events that would normally kill your momentum!

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We specialize in process automation for property management companies, automation of their sales, marketing, service, and operations. If you find yourself needing to do more with less to stay competitive, you've come to the right place!

Book a call with our team to learn how we can help you dominate your market through property management process automation.

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