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Property Management Tools: Process Automation for Sales

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Property Management Tools: Process Automation for Sales

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A successful sales process requires the right timing, extreme attention to detail, and the ability to focus your efforts on the best new prospects if you truly want to grow. Without streamlined property management process automation as one of your property management tools, property management business owners risk losing valuable leads.

Speaking of which, how do you prioritize your follow-ups to leads? Perhaps we should ask, do you prioritize new leads?

Spending time on unqualified leads can cause your best prospects to take their business to your competitors. Using the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system helps property managers keep track of leads along the buyer's journey. However, without automation, you risk losing good leads along the way.

Adding automation to your CRM helps you get more out of one of your most critical property management tools—and it can help boost your bottom line. Here's what property managers need to know about sales automation! 

What Can Go Wrong?

Having a robust CRM is a step in the right direction. However, plenty can go wrong without the structure that automating your sales process provides.

Of course, that's not to say your sales approach couldn't be successful without automation—but what if you're losing business without realizing it? Using spreadsheets or reminders to keep track of leads and communications might have worked for you so far. Still, to grow beyond the scope of your current property management business, you need to increase your efficiency and capacity to handle more sales.

Successful businessman sailing on paper boat in financial sea-1

These Issues Can Sink Your Ship

Missing one lead might not ruin your business, but consistently losing leads can certainly sink your ship. Without automation, your business could continue suffering from a variety of issues that slowly erode any forward progress you make.

  • Forgetting to follow up on a lead can send them to another property management business that is more responsive.
  • Spending time on data entry or tracking down information wastes time better spent on closing deals.
  • Overlooking an ongoing problem in your process could be the reason why more traffic doesn't create qualified leads.
  • Playing phone or text tag with a potential client to schedule a meeting wastes time and discourages your leads.
  • The way you prioritize follow-ups might not close enough new business to fuel your ideal growth rate.

Do any of these issues sound familiar?  These are common issues that many property management business owners deal with when they haven't discovered the benefits of property management process automation when it comes to their sales.

The risk of losing business isn't the only element that makes investing in automation worthwhile for your sales process. So, what does automation do to enhance one of your most valuable property management tools? Automation helps your CRM and your sales process in more ways than you might realize!

What Should Go Right

The bottom line with sales automation is that you can expect more. 

  • More efficiency.
  • More accuracy.
  • More sales.
  • More income.

Imagine a solution that increases the productivity and efficiency of your sales teamwithout adding more sales reps. What if your business booms when your team has the time (and energy) to follow-up with more qualified leads and close more deals? That's the power of automation!

How Does It Work?

Take the manual checks-and-balances from your current system and plug them into programmed workflow automation. All of the time and energy you currently put into making sure the next step happens goes away—giving your people power more time and resources to develop relationships that generate more business. 

Streamline Conversations

An automated sales system tracks a lead from the moment they enter the sales funnel through every point of contact along the way. Automation triggers the right sales scripting conversations and helps your sales team schedule conversations with your leads.

Brainstorm against business interface with graphs and data

Track Data and Leads

Property management business owners need to know how well your property management tools support your business. With sales automation, you have real-time data to analyze your sales process, script content, and overall process effectiveness. Quickly adjust processes to improve your metrics and your bottom line. Never lose a lead!

Reduce Response Time

New business won't wait around forever: if it takes your sales team too long to follow-up with a lead, that piece of business leaves. Sales automation helps the best leads rise to the top of the follow-up priority list—and keeps your sales team engaged with timely communications. 

Maximize Your Budget

You don't need a large sales department to grow your business. Sales automation helps prioritize the best use of your employees' time while taking over the routine tasks that don't require human interaction. Use automation for scheduling, reminders, and sending emails while your team builds relationships with your leads. 

Sales Automation Builds Relationships That Boost Your Business!

Sales automation can't replace the human interaction needed to close new business—but it can help your staff build relationships that boost your business! Use automation to keep processes flowing, track leads, and give your team the time they need to nurture leads into new business.

We are big supporters of automation at Geekly Media! Don't let the idea of creating automated processes keep you from developing "more" for your business. Our team can help define and create the sales automation processes that work best for your company while incorporating the best property management tools.

Schedule some time with us to see a quick demo of how process automation can help you take back the market in the wake of COVID-19!

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