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How Often Should You Conduct a HubSpot Portal Audit?

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How Often Should You Conduct a HubSpot Portal Audit?

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HubSpot's marketing automation tools and platforms are robust! The platform enables marketers to do a wide range of tasks to grow their businesses with the right skills and knowledge. Moreover, it's not just about the features; the HubSpot Hubs gather, store, and evaluate incoming information via the use of various data points.

However, to make the most of HubSpot, it's crucial to maintain a clean platform, or your team will be quickly run over by messy data. Bad data leads to confusion, poor communication with clients and potential buyers, and lost revenue. Therefore, it's essential to conduct a HubSpot portal audit routinely — but how often?

In this article, we will tell you when and how to do a comprehensive HubSpot portal audit.  We will also tell you the best way to maintain a clean, well-organized, and effectively functioning CRM.

Understanding What a HubSpot Portal Audit Is

The objective of conducting a HubSpot Audit is to clean up your portal and verify that you are utilizing it as efficiently and successfully as possible. During your HubSpot onboarding, you learned of the platform's potential. However, it's challenging to know what you don't know about the condition of your portal without conducting an audit. 

Every business is unique and has its own goals and uses for the platform. Portal audits help maximize your investment in Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, CRM, and reporting tools. In addition, businesses change over time, including organizational strategy, personnel, and the market environment.

Due to ongoing changes, routinely conducting a HubSpot portal audit is extremely important. This process helps you determine what you're doing well, where you can improve, and what tools you lack but may need in the future.

Why You Need To Conduct A HubSpot Portal Audit Every Year

Even though conducting a yearly audit may seem to be a demanding undertaking, it is one that your company should make a commitment to. Even if you have recently completed your HubSpot onboarding or have been using the platform for a while, planning for a yearly audit is a must.

A clean, well-functioning portal doesn't only help simplify sales and marketing processes. There are plenty of benefits to conducting a HubSpot audit every year. Here are a few!

Estonia High Resolution Efficiency Concept

Ensure You're Using the Right Tools

Changes in the way you utilize technology platforms are just as important as changes in client preferences and changes in your company. 

You might have different needs from your portal today than you did when you first started. Whether your business has grown or you're ready to support future growth or different aspects of your business, conducting an audit helps you review the Hubs and tools you currently have in place. Then, with knowledge of what you do now and plans for the future, you can conclude an audit by adjusting the features you need (or no longer need) to serve your business better in the coming year.  

An audit can help you choose the right tools and HubSpot level for your expanding company and marketing plan.

Build Constructive and Efficient Teams

In addition to making the software more organized and efficient, an audit enhances your sales and marketing operations. To further empower your sales and marketing team as your business and needs evolve, it's crucial to make sure your portal evolves and grows with your company's demands. 

This leads to improved customer experience ROI, better results from your HubSpot CRM, and, ultimately, more revenue. Annual audits make it easy to correlate the outcomes of your marketing and selling initiatives. The purpose of audits is not merely to guarantee that everything is "clean and well maintained" but to confirm that your ambitions are on the path to reaching your business goals.

Set a Process For New Team Members

Although your HubSpot portal may operate well with your present users, it may not be as easy if you encounter staff turnover or perhaps an increase in the number of team members you have on board. Performing regular HubSpot portal audits will help verify that previous workers' mechanisms are still relevant and that new associates are not wasting time trying to figure out how the product works.

Funny fat man with a beard in an apron washing cleans up on a gray background

Ensure Your Portal Runs Seamlessly After a Proper Cleanup

At some point, we've all lost some crucial papers or documents right when we need them. While we spent hours searching for the papers in one spot, we eventually realized that the papers were in another spot all along. 

Heavy use of your HubSpot portal with multiple team members might result in a scenario similar to the one described above. Without yearly audits, it's easy to see how you may wind up having a list of assets and documents scattered throughout the portal and in the wrong places. Use an audit to make sure everything is in the proper place, then establish business rules about where to store documents, files, contact information, and more. 

Make the Most of Your HubSpot Audit With a Solutions Partner

A HubSpot audit is essential for any company serious about expanding its business and wanting to get the most out of its current inbound marketing efforts. However, growing your business and maximizing inbound marketing efforts will get more difficult if you put off routine (or your next) portal audits. As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, we recommend including an audit in your organization's yearly objectives. Much like routine maintenance on your car keeps it running smoothly, routine portal audits keep it running well to serve your company better! 

HubSpot Partner agencies are qualified to conduct audits for you and provide a list of suggestions when the audit is complete. Geekly Media has certified HubSpot professionals who look at all areas of your portal and offer you a comprehensive report to keep it serving you well. 

If you've never performed an audit (or you're not looking forward to doing the next one on your own), working with us can help you save time! Plus, an outside auditing team can see the system's overall picture more clearly to help you with strategic updates to help you maximize your investment in the platform. So, to learn more about we can help with your next portal audit, Speak to a Geek soon!

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