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Unleash HubSpot's Power with a HubSpot Portal Audit

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Unleash HubSpot's Power with a HubSpot Portal Audit

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HubSpot is a robust cloud-based platform for marketing, sales, and customer service used by organizations to expand their customer base and revenue rapidly. That being said, it's important to make the most of HubSpot's features if you want to see a return on your investment.

This is where a HubSpot audit can help. This audit is a thorough analysis that considers everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to conversion rates to marketing strategies.

Simply put, a portal audit is an in-depth analysis of how you're using HubSpot and how well it's performing while offering insights and ways in which you can boost the platform's effectiveness for your inbound marketing strategies and business growth. The suggestions will be prioritized according to their potential effect on your performance, and you'll be able to implement them in the order of their importance.

In this blog, we'll take you through everything you need to know about conducting a HubSpot portal audit and how it can help you improve the performance of your HubSpot subscription. 

What Is a HubSpot Portal Audit?

A HubSpot portal audit provides a clear picture of what's functioning well vs. where you can improve your results from your HubSpot Hubs. You'll learn how to enhance your top-of-the-funnel strategies for driving traffic, increase your conversion points for driving contacts, and support bottom-of-the-funnel activities, particularly sales tools, for closing more clients.

A HubSpot audit can help answer a few critical questions, such as:

  • How much traffic are you gaining through your site, and which methods of bringing in new visitors are working or failing?
  • What's the conversion rate of your site's visits to new leads (contact information)?
  • Is the pace at which you're turning leads into customers acceptable?
  • Are you making use of all of the software's capabilities, both paid and free, to their fullest potential? Are you equipped with the proper tools and knowledge in place to address these questions?

Answers to these questions are crucial to ensure you get the most out of your HubSpot investment!

Selective focus on keyboard with magnifier searching concept in dark low key night toneWhen Should You Do a HubSpot Portal Audit?

Sometimes issues within your portal are not immediately apparent. For example, suppose you aren't seeing the conversions and results that you would like to have from your inbound marketing efforts. In that case, it may be time to take a more intimate look at your marketing automation efforts and ensure that you're utilizing all the available tools in the portal. 

However, there are other good reasons to conduct a HubSpot portal audit! Here are a few. 

You Need to Prove the Valuable HubSpot

Your marketing or lead generation initiatives must provide measurable outcomes if you are in charge of them at your organization. Alternatively, you may not be obtaining any information in your marketing analytics, making it impossible for you to make well-reasoned modifications and improve your initiatives. 

Conducting a HubSpot audit is a good technique to ensure you're on the proper path and can show value to your company leaders. 

You Don't Have a Strategy for Your Content 

The content pieces you've created may be the most in-depth and exhaustive in your niche. They might also have stunning imagery and useful takeaways. 

However, if you do not have a plan to distribute content across different channels, you are losing out on the significant potential to collect and cultivate leads based on your HubSpot level.

You Need More Email Templates to Fill Communication Gaps

For promotional strategy or marketing engagement, developing brand-new email messages from scratch is vital. It helps you save a significant amount of time and maintains the clarity of your message. 

However, as part of your plan for lead nurturing, modifying templates can help you stay in touch with leads throughout the buyer's journey. If you're losing leads in the funnel, conducting a portal audit helps you review existing templates and create new ones to fill gaps in communication. 

You Need to Create (or Fine-Tune) a Sales Funnel

In the best-case scenario, your company's marketing and sales departments will have worked together to determine how this process should be carried out. 

Defining a sales strategy or funnel includes certain fundamental elements, such as ensuring that both teams utilize the same terminology for each stage of the lifecycle. It also means making use of available automation tools so that you do not have to individually evaluate each lead before passing it on to the sales department. 

Reviewing your sales funnel (or creating a new) one is a critical aspect of conducting an audit, depending on your HubSpot level.

You Don't Utilize Every Aspect of Your CRM Software

You may have gotten the hang of utilizing HubSpot to publish a blog post once a week or qualify prospects by using the lead score feature after your HubSpot onboarding. However, stopping short of everything the platform can do for you can leave you paying for features you don't use to help your business grow! 

Discovering the entire extent of what your software for marketing automation can accomplish for you, such as the program's features that you haven't been using up until this point, is a significant element of performing a HubSpot portal audit. 

Neon bolt lighting neon sign with power effect animation seamlessHow Do I Get My Portal to Work for My Business?

From HubSpot onboarding to conducting a HubSpot audit may seem intimidating; nevertheless, a routine review of the activities you are already working on is an excellent practice to get the most out of your portal. 

While you might not need to use every feature in the portal quite yet, knowing what's available and how HubSpot's Hubs can grow with your business as it grows helps you support ongoing success through the platform! 

If you're not sure how to conduct an audit (or what you might be missing from your Hubs), a HubSpot Solutions partner (like Geekly Media) can help!

Get the Best Results From a HubSpot Portal Audit With Geekly Media

Our certified HubSpot Geeks can assist you with auditing your HubSpot portal to ensure you get the most out of the platform. We will evaluate your most important KPIs and your strategy for acquiring and converting leads, plus we'll review your portal instance and document what we see. Then, we provide suggestions on improving your platform usage, data, and more to help you maximize your CRM investment. To learn more about our services, reach out and Speak to a Geek!

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