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How a HubSpot Portal Audit Can Set You Up for Success

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How a HubSpot Portal Audit Can Set You Up for Success

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If you have yet to venture into the HubSpot platform by now, it is never too late to start. HubSpot has several features that can help your business grow. However, while the many HubSpot tools and features are worth your time and investment, a jumbled portal can set you back. 

When you realize you are experiencing glitches in your HubSpot portal, it could be a wake-up call to conduct a HubSpot audit. Here's what businesses need to know about conducting a successful audit!

What Is a HubSpot Portal Audit?

If you let your HubSpot account stay messy, many tools and processes will fail to live up to their potential. 

So, what is a HubSpot Portal audit? A HubSpot audit is typically a process of scrutinizing your account to gauge the resources you have and how they benefit you. As you would declutter your house when necessary, so should you organize your HubSpot portal instance. 

What Is the Importance of Performing a Portal Audit?

Why is it important to routinely conduct portal audits? Here are a few reasons why it's crucial not to neglect regular reviews of your CRM.

business man financial inspector and secretary making report calculating balanceImprove Lead Scoring

You will attract quality leads when you implement the right inbound marketing strategies and deliver great content for your target audience. However, you might realize that some of the leads you captured are not good fits after a while. 

An audit helps you to declutter contact data and optimize your lead scoring process to focus attention on better quality leads that convert at a higher rate!  

Identify Gaps in Processes and Data

Generating a lot of traffic is only worthwhile if you have processes in place to optimize conversions. Conducting a HubSpot audit can help you identify gaps or inefficiencies in your workflows and fix them to reduce the potential of losing leads in your sales funnel. 

Optimize Data on Content Performance

Publishing content is great, but understanding how it performs is even better. When you have complete data on content performance in your platform, you will know what and how to improve to generate more traffic and improve conversions. 

Review Emails and Workflows

HubSpot Portal audit enables you to review the success of your email campaigns. You might be using a lot of effort writing email campaigns that do not improve your business. 

However, through the audit, you can optimize mail delivery and improve metrics for email campaigns. 

Easy-to-Access Reporting

Conducting a HubSpot audit helps you optimize data that leads to more accurate reporting. With good data, HubSpot delivers a wealth of customized reports to help you analyze sales and marketing metrics. 

7 Steps to a Successful HubSpot Portal Audit 

With an understanding of why it's important to conduct an audit, how should you approach it? Follow these seven steps for audit success!

Step One: Check Company and Contact Data

Regularly checking and scrutinizing the contact list and company data within your portal helps you convert more leads. In reviewing the data, you can remove duplicate data, improve segmentation, and correct data errors. 

Step Two: Review Marketing Goals

For your business to continue growing, you must frequently review and evaluate your marketing goals. Setting measurable, relevant, and achievable goals is essential for your business's success.

A portal audit is an excellent time to review your goal and ensure your portal usage supports those goals. 

Step Three: Examine the Audit Data

As you work through a thorough audit, examining the audit data is crucial! Use this step to track the source of your traffic. You can also gauge the relevance of the traffic you get and analyze how it converts into leads.

Step Four: Interpret Your Account Data

After conducting the audit and examining the data, you can re-adjust your strategies and goals accordingly to help boost your business. Prioritize your focus on the most valuable traffic source and invest sufficiently in it. 

Step Five: Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Organic traffic is essential to the growth of your business. Organic traffic is cost-effective, improves brand loyalty, and builds customer trust. Through SEO strategies, you can find ways of increasing organic traffic to your website. 

Step Six: Examine Your Data Security

Your HubSpot account carries sensitive data which must be kept secure. Weak security controls can lead to the export of contact data and fraudulent practices. Therefore, it's crucial to review your security and take keen measures to ensure sufficient data security in your portal.

Step Seven: Identify (and Fix) Problems

After going through all the procedures of the HubSpot Portal audit, the problems highlighted during this process and strategize solutions. If your marketing efforts do not translate to great sales, you must figure out where you are going wrong and generate plans to improve. 

Successful female grapic designer watching tutorial about creative ideas at laptop computer during working process in officePrioritize Routine HubSpot Audits

Performing audits for your HubSpot portal helps you gain understanding and insights into improving inbound marketing efforts for your business. Therefore, routine HubSpot audits are not an option but a necessity. 

Work With a HubSpot Diamond Partner to Perform a HubSpot Audit

Performing a HubSpot audit can be time-consuming, especially if you utilize multiple Hubs and have a lot of content. Geekly Media has the experience to perform a HubSpot Portal audit for your business and ensure that your data is reliable and set up to help your business grow. Learn more about how we can help when you reach out to Speak to a Geek!

Improve your inbound marketing strategies with the insights in our free "Inbound Marketing Starter Kit."

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