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6 Tips For Better Social Media Marketing ROI

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6 Tips For Better Social Media Marketing ROI

You've probably heard how impactful social media can be for your business — how it can bring in new leads, build a brand image, and more. However, this is only half true. 

Quality social media marketing helps drive your business. Unfortunately, poorly optimized social media posting will have your content (and business) lost amongst billions of pieces of content uploaded daily to social media channels.  

Social media should be a critical component of your inbound marketing strategy and must be optimized to its fullest for more significant ROI. 

This blog looks at six tips to help boost your ROI performance and a digital marketing specialist group ready to increase your social media ROI to new heights.

What Is Social Media ROI?

ROI stands for "return on investment," a measure most commonly used in finance and business to calculate the performance of an asset or investment. 

Social media ROI refers to the performance of your investment in social media, both the content and financial investment. Social media ROI can be most easily measured through paid advertising which shows how effective the advertising was through sales and conversions. 

However, it can also be measured through analytics such as impressions, audience growth, shares, and more. The approach you take will depend on your goals for social channels as well as your advertising budget.  

Apply the best SEO techniques to top-performing social platforms6 Elite Tips to Optimize ROI on Your Social Media Marketing

So, how can you improve your return on investment for social media efforts? Here are six of our best tips to leverage social media for better results on search engines and more leads!

1. Use a Social Media Scheduling Tool

Organizing content ahead of time with a social media scheduling tool is a great way to keep your content schedule on track and maintain a consistent posting flow. 

With a scheduling tool, you can set a sequence that releases content at optimal times to your audience, no matter where they are. In addition, many tools have inbuilt systems that identify peak times when users are most active and can even segment content to different audiences. 

What's great about a scheduling tool is that it's non-restrictive and encourages users to build batches of content when they are most productive and trigger them later. Additionally, a scheduling tool provides analytical insights and frees your team to create and prepare more content! 

If you're a HubSpot user, you'll find bulk upload and scheduling features within the platform to plan, execute, and track social posts.

2. Use Video Content

Video content is not only a mighty vessel for reaching new leads, but it's also crucial for SEO performance. 

Through video, you can share more personal and story-based content that builds your brand—all you need is a smartphone and a good idea. For example, employee advocacy through video is set to be a big trend in 2023 which means you can empower your team members to become essential brand ambassadors for your business through video content. 

Video can be used to share insights, company updates, employee profiles, comedy, and promotions; the list is endless! 

3. Creating Free High-Value Courses

Customers love freebies, and what are better freebies than courses or insights that will help them on their business journey? 

Whether it's an email course or a short introduction to a particular topic, courses are a great way to engage and connect with future leads and build authority in the space. 

Once you've created the content, add a sign-up widget to your page and start promoting on your social channels. You can also consider hosting live courses through streaming on your social platforms.  

4. Use Social Media Ads

Social media is still the battleground for new leads and prospect attention.  

Boosting your content with ads can get it in front of fresh eyes and increase overall shareability. While one way to achieve this is through the right SEO techniques, another is to pay for ads that boost your content. 

Most social media platforms allow users to set up a business account to boost content to the top of the feed. Be sure to set up a budget, determine which posts are likely to perform best, apply keyword research, use audience-targeting ad placement, and always post at the optimal time and for the suitable duration. 

5. Go Where Your Community Is

Whether taking part in Twitter chats, commenting on Instagram, or contributing to Reddit threads, going where your audience is and sharing high-quality insights is one of the best ways to get better ROI on your social media. 

Start by undertaking market research and determine where your target audience will go. Then focus on conversations and brands relevant to your business and share insights and content. Don't be too pushy early on; focus on organic growth in these spaces. 

6. Recycle Content For Greater Reach

Unfortunately, we're all restricted by time, output, concentration, and limited creativity. Luckily, content repurposing is the key to doing more with less. 

Content repurposing or recycling is the process of reworking a previously created piece of content and reworking it for reuse. 

For example, an eBook can be broken down into several blog posts, which can also be the basis of a script for a YouTube video. A blog post can also be repurposed into smaller thought pieces with search engine optimization that can be posted on social media channels. 

When reworking content, consider each platform's different SEO ranking factorsand remember to cross-post content to other channels.  

Excellent social media strategies can impact SEO ranking factors to generate more leadsBonus Tip: Start With and Focus on The Best Channels

No business will be across every single social media platform available, posting regular quality content unless they are multinational with a massive ad budget and team.

Due to this, innovative businesses must choose which platforms they use. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube lead the charge, with all three platforms garnering billions of monthly users. 

Check out some of the stats below: 

  • Instagram has over 2 billion monthly users

  • Facebook has 2.89 billion monthly active users

  • YouTube has 34 billion monthly visits

When targeted and executed effectively, these foundational platforms with massive user bases can be goldmines for outreach and social media campaigns. 

For Next-Level Social Media Marketing ROI, Turn to The Professionals

These tips are part of a much more comprehensive range of strategies to boost social media marketing ROI. However, savvy business leaders bring digital marketing experts on board for unmatched support and success. 

Speak to a Geek today to learn more about how our marketing expertise and strategies can boost your return on your investment in social!

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