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Property Management Marketing Success: Tailor Your SEO Content!

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Property Management Marketing Success: Tailor Your SEO Content!

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Published August 26, 2019
Updated June 13, 2023

When you design your property management website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you make these efforts in hopes of drawing in qualified leads.

However, as with any SEO efforts, property management content marketing will bring in more than your target demographic. As you prepare your SEO content, consider beyond your primary buyer persona. There are secondary and even tertiary audiences who might be drawn to your work and can therefore help you experience more organic traffic.

Today we'll touch on some primary and secondary audiences that might read your content. Additionally, we'll discuss how your blogs should have some positive impact on these groups—even if they aren't directly your clients. By making your blogs do "double duty," you maximize the use you can get out of your property management marketing budget allocations for content.


A property management blog is part of a successful Digital Marketing strategy.

What Are Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas (or "personas" for short) offer you the opportunity to attune your marketing to a particular profile of potential readers. However, a savvy content marketer will look at your content and say, "How will this read not only to my target persona but also to those who may accidentally find themselves reading it for other reasons?"

With property management, your content marketing will attract a variety of potential clients.

Primary Audiences (or Personas)

Who should property managers have in mind as primary audiences for inbound marketing content? Consider these two audiences.

New Landlords (Or Accidental Investors)

A key group to write for includes new landlords. After all, they are in a position where they need advice and wise counsel on how to maximize their fledgling investment property to make passive income!

To reach this demographic, you want to create resources about the earliest questions that landlords have. Some smart choices to write about might be:

  • How to find and screen tenants

  • Creating positive tenant relationships

  • Setting boundaries

  • Tax deductions

  • Listing rental properties

It can even be valuable to create blogs for people who aren't even landlords yet!

When you make resources that talk about the benefits of becoming a landlord, you affirm new (or potential) landlords that they are making an excellent decision to get started.

These are often the people you want as leads. Freshly minted landlords may be a bit overwhelmed by everything they have to remember—and do. Your voice should be clear, confident, and helpful, showcasing how much better their experience will be with some guidance from a great property manager.

Experienced Landlords (Or Intentional Investors)

As your blog fills up with valuable content, you will probably start getting more leads who are already reasonably experienced landlords. You don't have to revamp all of your content to please them, but you want them to see some resources that indicate they are also welcome.

Occasionally, addressing an issue as a landlord that involves scaling real estate portfolios to benefit from more properties or having been in the business for a few years might showcase that you work with experienced landlords as well.

You also want to make sure that all of your new-landlord content holds up: is this the kind of advice a new landlord should receive? An experienced landlord is likely to turn to you based on your advice—even as your content supports other stages of the property owner's journey.

Model of a house and key ring, property management marketing concept

Secondary Audiences

Who else could you support as a resource within the industry? If you're running out of blog topics or ideas, consider various aspects of property management and additional secondary audiences that could also benefit from well-crafted, experienced words from your property management blog.

Vendors and Contractors (Potential Partners)

A smaller group of people who may look into your blog and draw conclusions include the contractors and vendors you work with as a property management company.

Showcasing in a few key blog posts that you believe in treating vendors and contractors well and developing positive long-term relationships with them is a two-for-one piece of content. Landlords see value in your advice, and you also garner interest from the vendors in viewing you as a potential partner.

While many vendors and contractors won't read your blog, if they happen across it, you may get a new contact for a reasonably priced service without doing a ton of research yourself.

Tenants at Your Managed Properties

Because of the property management business model, the tenants at your properties may also read your blog.

Again, they don't technically count as leads: they aren't in the market to purchase your services. However, they do indirectly and positively impact sales for you.

Happy tenants generally equal pleased landlords. If you take care of and appeal to your tenants, your landlords are more likely to work with you long-term.

For example, tenants draw positive conclusions when they see a blog full of information about:

  • Respecting tenants' rights

  • Offering high-value services to tenants

  • Keeping one's word based on lease agreements

  • Routine and reliable maintenance

It's valuable to scan each post through the eyes of a tenant. Be very careful about posts that discuss problems with tenants. You can still discuss the issues that landlords may have, but whenever possible, do so in a way that doesn't cast a broad net. Don't infer that all tenants will cause problems for landlords.

Your Content Is Your Voice! Get Expert Help With Your Property Management Blog

Working with Geekly Media can help you get a multi-layered content strategy that will build your reputation, client base, and revenue.

We are the go-to force for property management marketing strategies, property management systems, and workflow automation. As a HubSpot Diamond Agency Partner, let us show you what your content has been missing to drive the organic traffic you need for success. Get in touch with a Geek today to learn more!

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