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What Is Property Management Lead Scheduling? Why Does It Matter?

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What Is Property Management Lead Scheduling? Why Does It Matter?

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Leads are the backbone of building your customer base. The challenge is converting them into prospects and customers that match your business goals. 

When you establish a process to systematize creating your leads, you create a constant flow of leads that match your business goals. You need a system! Not all leads are equal: your business success depends on finding leads that match your business goals and maximizing your sales conversions. Scheduling high-quality leads builds your business.

To build a vibrant lead scheduling system for your property management business, you need to know your criteria for turning the right leads into customers. Creating the right system involves critical decision making about your business goals—and how you achieve success.

How a Lead Management Process Impacts Your Business

A well-planned lead management process impacts business facets that work together to build your success.

  • Increase revenue while decreasing the cost of sales. This process creates more winning opportunities and allows you to retain more customers. 
  • Avoid costly mistakes, and invest in activities that generate value by aligning sales and marketing. 
  • Create control by knowing your lead conversion metrics and follow up with interested, targeted prospects that meet your business goals.

A sound process constructs systematic growth with automated workflows and sound property management systems. 

Lead Management

Steps to Successful Property Management Lead Scheduling

Take the right steps to plan and execute your property management marketing—and create targeted lead management. You’ll schedule leads that meet your business goals.

Set a Goal

First, you need to decide what makes a qualified lead for your property management business. It’s essential to identify the qualities of the clients you want for your business. Ask yourself questions that create specific targets for your marketing campaign:

  • What type of property do they own?
  • Do they own multiple properties?
  • What is the average rent per square foot? 

Examine your current financials:

  • Determine your goal for six months—then for a year.
  • How many prospects do you need to convert to reach your goals? 

Describe your ideal client; be as detailed as possible.

  • What type of property do they own?
  • How many doors? 

Your goal review helps you solidify your mission, vision, and values. 

Automate Your Tasks

Now that you have set realistic goals for the type of client you want—and the income each client produces—set up your inbound marketing to get the right prospects to become leads. Use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to keep track of your leads as they transform to prospects—and then customers. 

Marketing automation helps your property management workflows by freeing up your time. Automation helps you to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure campaigns—including online and offline. Ultimately, you will retain more clients by targeting your ideal when creating content for leads.

Property management marketing automation allows you to identify hot leads and prioritize them. When you have campaign data, you garner actionable insights to make adjustments and create judicious business decisions.

CRM allows you to keep track of your lead from the moment you make contact throughout their lifetime as a customer. All your customer information is in one place with contact history, conversations, and customer decisions. The beauty of marketing automation is the control and use of your data: you know which marketing tactics bring the most and best leads.

Steps to Successful Lead Scheduling

When you’ve done the groundwork of knowing exactly who you want as a client, it’s much easier to target your advertising to get the right leads. Once you have leads, you need to connect with them to turn them into customers. The right steps make turning leads into clients a smooth transition.

  • Prioritize your leads with the information you have. Start connecting with the best leads first. 
  • Identify who will make the first contact with the lead. 
  • Schedule a meeting by phone or in-person—or with today’s advanced technology, a video chat. 
  • Qualify their fit with your business. 
  • Educate the prospect about your property management service. Start with the strong points of your service. 
  • Document the results: if the lead doesn’t fit your profile, remove them. If they indicate interest, give them more information and invite them to become your client.
  • Add the responsive leads to your customer base. 

Qualify to Convert the Best

A successful property management marketing campaign brings you leads that are on the mark: clients you want that fit your business vision. You know precisely how these new leads found you and what works best in your marketing campaign.

Attract Leads

During the initial meeting, qualify your leads by asking questions that identify the lead as a fit for your business. Use qualifiers to determine if they are a fit for your property management business.

  • Are they in a key geographic area for your service?
  • How many doors do they have?
  • What is the number of tenants?
  • Are they currently using a competitor? Which one? 
  • Does their need align with your service? 
  • How long have they been managing their properties?
  • How well do they match your ideal client profile?
  • Have they expressed an interest in using your service? 

Know the qualities that would automatically exclude a prospect from your service. Quickly thank the lead for their interest and explain that your services and their needs do not match. Don’t waste time trying to convert a bad lead. 

Not only do you simplify your workflows, but marketing automation aligns your marketing with sales and your relationships with clients. Better leads give you better clients; build business revenue with the clients who meet your goals.

Lead Scheduling for the Win

When you know your business-building goals and have systems in place to develop, qualify, and convert leads to clients, you maximize your effort and minimize time wasted on bad leads. Inbound marketing brings leads to you: your job is to qualify and convert.

Geekly Media can help you implement the right property management systems for your property management business. When you know where your business is now, you make better decisions about future growth. 

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