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What Happens When Property Management Blog Content Grows Old?

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What Happens When Property Management Blog Content Grows Old?

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Not unlike humans, time and age aren't kind to website content. 

Information is constantly evolving, and your property management blog must stay relevant to engage effectively with its audience. However, as time passes, blog content can become outdated and lose its effectiveness. 

So, what happens when your web content grows old? Today we explore the consequences of neglecting outdated content on property management blogs and websites. We'll also emphasize the importance of regularly updating website content to maintain search engine rankings and ensure continued audience engagement.

What Can Happen? 

Immediately after publishing a blog as part of your content marketing strategy, it begins to age. While the content in a well-written, SEO-driven blog stays relevant for quite some time, it won't stay that way forever. Funny old woman doing an outdated dance move, updating website content concept

Even the best blog you've ever written grows old and becomes outdated. So, what happens when that happens? Here are a few things that can go wrong. 

1. It Doesn't Work As Well As It Once Did

Much like our bodies as they age, old blogs don't work as well the older they get. 

Over time, even the most successful blog posts lose their ability to drive traffic and generate leads. What was once a highly engaging piece of content may no longer resonate with the target audience. 

As industry trends change, readers seek fresh insights and information that address their current needs and challenges. Neglected content becomes stale, losing its appeal and failing to deliver the desired results.

2. It Says Things No One Understands Anymore

Can you think of something your parents, grandparents, or that weird uncle has said that seems to only make sense to them (and no one else in the room)? Does your dad ever tell dad jokes that fall flat? That's your old blog. 

Outdated blog content can feel disconnected from the present reality. Just like expired jokes or references to obsolete technology, old blog posts fail to engage the audience. 

Readers want up-to-date information that aligns with their current knowledge and experiences. References to outdated tools or practices can confuse or alienate readers, diminishing their interest and reducing overall engagement.

3. It Doesn't Rank As Well As It Once Did 

Google doesn't enjoy tired, old content. 

Search engines like Google prioritize fresh and relevant content as crucial aspects of SEO ranking factors. When blog content remains stagnant, search engine crawlers may not revisit the page frequently. This can lead to diminished search rankings and reduced organic traffic. 

However, by regularly updating website content, you provide search engines with a reason to crawl your site again, signaling that your blog remains a reliable and valuable source of information.

4. It Can't Keep Up With the Crowd Anymore

Old content gets tired, and it simply can't keep up with the content on your competitor's website with new, fresh content and ideas.

In the competitive landscape of property management blogs, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Neglecting to update your blog allows competitors to surpass you with fresh and engaging content. 

By failing to keep up with industry developments and evolving reader expectations, your blog risks losing relevance and falling behind. However, regularly updating your content helps you maintain a competitive edge and ensures that your blog remains a go-to resource for property management information.

Avoid Bogging Down Your Site With Old Content

Old content still holds tremendous value. It just needs some help to stay relevant! So, instead of leaving it out to pasture, updating website content can breathe new life into it and help you experience more organic traffic. 

Here are a few good reasons to shift some your time from creating "new" content to refreshing (or lengthening and strengthening) existing content for a traffic boost. 

Maximize Value

As we mentioned, existing content still holds value months (or years) after the original publish date. It can be revitalized through strategic updates. 

So, rather than discarding or ignoring existing blog posts, it is crucial to implement a content-updating process. By revisiting older content, you can identify areas for improvement in SEO (search engine optimization), incorporate the latest industry insights, update statistics and examples, and ensure accuracy. 

These updates deliver new life into old content, making it more valuable for readers and search engines.

Enhance SEO Performance

Regularly updating property management website content demonstrates to search engines that your property management blog is active and provides ongoing fresh information as a helpful resource to audiences looking for your services and expertise. 

This increased crawl frequency positively impacts search engine rankings, increasing the visibility of your blog posts on relevant search engine results pages. Updating content also allows for the integration of new keyword research and internal linking, further boosting your blog's SEO performance.

Sustain Audience Engagement

Whether it's your best blog (or the lowest-performing blog ever in the history of your content), SEO updates can sustain engagement from your audience and add value to your site. 

By regularly updating your property management blog, you demonstrate your commitment to providing current and valuable information. This helps build trust and credibility with your audience. 

Readers appreciate consistent updates that address their evolving concerns and challenges. By staying in tune with their needs, you can foster ongoing engagement and encourage repeat visits to your blog.

Make Old Property Management Blog Content Young Again

Neglecting outdated content on property management blogs can have detrimental effects on audience engagement and search engine rankings. These issues lead to less organic traffic than you need to gather the leads necessary for business growth! Happy young woman after updating old content for a property management blog

However, by recognizing the importance of regular updates, you can maintain relevance, enhance search engine visibility, and sustain audience engagement. Property management marketers must embrace the opportunity to breathe new life into old blog posts, ensuring that their business websites remain a valuable resource in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

If you need help tackling an effective website content updating process, Geekly Media can help in a couple of ways! Our "lengthen and strengthen" services mean we do everything for you, from a content audit to identify opportunities for content SEO improvements to setting a process and applying updates to your blog and website. Just reach out to our team for the details of this service. 

You can also get started on your own website with our free resource, "How to Update Website Content for Better SEO." Download it today!

How to Update Website Content for Better SEO

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