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5 Crucial Elements of the Best Property Management Websites

Published October 22, 2019. Updated September 28, 2023.

Here's a fun fact for you: 99.9% of customers read online reviews before purchasing.

That means 'literally' nearly everyone will search the internet for reviews, research, and information about something before they consider buying it.

So, if we think about that in terms of property owners, almost all property owners in your area are heading to the web to find the right property management partner to care for their investment! When review sites (like Yelp and Google) lead these property owners to your property management website, if it isn't optimized to convert leads, you could be missing out on a large portion of your customer base.

If you want to connect with more property owners, you need to boost traffic to your website and improve your lead generation strategies. Keep reading to learn the five most important elements of the best property management websites — and how to make sure that your website is performing at its peak.

"Keep It Simple" on chalkboard, best property management websites concept.

1. The Homepage

One of the most important elements of a property management website design is a simple layout. This is especially important on the homepage.

Your homepage is the first chance your website has to make an impression. For web visitors who aren't familiar with your company, it's the very first time they'll be introduced to your services.

If your homepage is over-cluttered with images, words, and headlines, your target audience won't have a chance to get to the bottom of your message. The average web visitor will spend less than a minute on your site — especially if it looks like something straight from 2002.

So, keeping visitors there means making the most of that first impression by making your message as clear as possible.

Stick to Your Brand

Your website should be the 'holy grail' of your brand to help build brand awareness for anyone who makes it there to learn more about your services.

The design of your homepage should directly reflect your business' brand, with colors, verbiage, and a tone that is easily recognizable as belonging to your company. You'll lose traffic quickly if visitors find your website distinctly different from your brand that they've seen on review sites or social media — or even from page to page or blog to blog within your site.

Brand consistency is crucial for a better user experience and to build trust with potential leads.

2. High-Conversion Landing Pages

Web visitors searching for your business will likely land on your homepage. However, if you're applying SEO (search engine optimization) tactics correctly, other queries, like searches for property management businesses, will bring visitors to your landing pages

These static pages are similar to a homepage in that they must deliver a clear message with as little distraction as possible.

However, unlike your homepage — which is focused on your brand — landing pages are more marketing-focused. They should still reflect your brand but with an aim at letting your web visitors know exactly how you can help them better manage their properties and then guide them to conversion. 

If you're losing traffic and your conversion rates are low for your landing pages, it's time to review the format, clear out some clutter, make sure the CTA (call to action) is prominent, and optimize the pages for better conversions.

Landing Page on a green arrow, better website lead generation and conversion concept.

3. Lead Conversion Strategies

To generate leads and close more deals, taking your web traffic from casual visitors to happy customers means optimizing your lead conversion strategies.

Effective lead conversion for the best property management websites means not pushing specific services onto customers. Instead, you need to focus on drawing them inward. 

From urging them to connect with your brand to offering solutions to common problems or telling stories through long-form content, you want to keep them engaged. This approach facilitates deeper learning about what your business and brand have to offer — rather than focusing on a single product or service. 

Inbound marketing strategies are a cost-effective way to achieve real results for your property management company. On average, inbound leads cost significantly less to acquire than outbound leads drawn in by marketing for a specific product or service.

Think of a social media ad marketing a single product, with the entire focus of that ad being the one product. You'll quickly see how drawing people in with your message is cost-effective!

So, to maximize the cost savings with an inbound property management marketing strategy, make sure your website incorporates effective lead conversion strategies.

4. Marketing Funnels

Lead conversion strategies turn visitors into customers — but without a marketing funnel, those lead conversion strategies won't get you very far.

What is a marketing funnel? It's a systematic, staged approach to converting prospects into customers. It maps a buyer's journey from initial awareness to final purchase, guiding property managers on when and how to communicate.

Beginning with a wide pool of potential clients at the "Awareness" stage, the funnel narrows down through subsequent stages, ultimately leading to closing a deal with a lead.

Each phase requires tailored strategies. For property managers, this might mean starting with informational content about aspects of property management, then offering specific solutions, and finally prompting lease signings or service agreements. This framework ensures efficient and targeted marketing efforts.

Content marketing funnel graphic, what is a marketing funnel concept.

Your Website Is the Entrance to the Funnel

An inbound marketing funnel places your initial message at the top — the first thing new customers will see on your website and landing pages. From there, as leads move down the funnel, you'll continue reinforcing your brand while slowly introducing your property management services.

Your funnel shows visitors how your solutions can help solve dilemmas that landlords face.

Then, working down to the bottom of the funnel, you can keep customers engaged by offering them useful free downloads or prompting them to sign up for your email list. By the end of your funnel, a visitor should be fully immersed in your brand, aware of how you can help, and finally, ready to pursue your property management services.

5. Integrated Marketing Automation

Keeping up with your property management marketing — from your landing pages to your funnels — can be a challenge. Fortunately, marketing automation can help with this!

Automating your marketing processes frees up time for you to focus on other areas of your website or business. It also helps to ensure that your funnel is properly implemented for every lead and that good leads are properly handled.

Many components of your property management marketing funnel can be automated. From cultivating an email list via addresses entered into your website to sending out newsletters or automated chat features, marketing automation keeps your funnel active around the clock so you never miss out on a potential customer!

Choose the Perfect CMS and Experts for Property Management Marketing Success

We know you want to connect with more property owners to grow your property management business, and generating leads starts with seamless website design. The best way to begin is to choose a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to use each element effectively to reach your audience.

From a modern homepage to automated marketing strategies, an effective website will help you make the most of your web presence — and attract more traffic than ever before!

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, we know that putting together the pieces of a high-conversion website and the right inbound marketing strategies can be overwhelming. This is why we make it easier than ever for our property management partners to maximize their marketing and their workflows!

If you're concerned about the health of your property management website, get in touch through the button below. We'll go over the weak points in the foundation of your website to bring it up to speed.

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