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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: What is Ad Personalization?

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising: What is Ad Personalization?

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The digitalized market has made it easier for companies to create and publish ads through digital platforms. Paid ads, or pay-per-click advertising, requires a marketer to pay for every user who clicks into the advertisement. 

In most cases, it is a worthy investment as it generates traffic that has more potential to convert to customers. However, to optimize ads (and budget dollars), property managers must find ways of making ads more relatable to users through personalization. 

So, what is ad personalization, and when should you use it for your property management company? Keep reading for our expert insights!

What Is Ad Personalization?

Have you ever, at some point, scrolled through your phone on a digital platform and come across an ad about something you have had in mind? You probably wondered if your phone listens to you. Well, not in a conventional way, but it does. 

Your phone stores a lot of data, and digital platforms and search engines use this data to tailor your algorithm through social platforms. 

Ad personalization uses data to predict who a user is to deliver a more relatable ad. There are many data points property management marketers can use to tailor an ad relevant to a specific user. Geolocation, demographics, behavioral patterns, interests, and customers' wants and needs are some of the data points most marketers use. Photo of positive excited people man and woman screaming and looking at each other while both using mobile phones isolated over yellow background-1

How Ad Personalization Can Help Your Property Management Company

According to statistics, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to engage with an offer if the marketer personalizes it to reflect their previous interactions with the brand. In addition, 88% of U.S. marketers reported seeing measurable improvements due to personalization, with more than half reporting a lift greater than 10%.

So, when using pay-per-click advertising or search ads, property managers can increase user engagement and loyalty with personalization. Ad personalization can result in higher click-through and conversion rates. When marketers tailor messaging towards individuals (instead of the masses), they have better chances of getting quality leads since the individuals are highly likely to engage with the ad. 

Through ad personalization, you can use methods like retargeting to increase the performance of your content. Once you track previous content performance and gain knowledge or data from the audience interacting with your content, you can retarget them and tailor ads to their needs. 

Personalizing your marketing strategy benefits your property management business by increasing the potential of finding new customers looking for your services. Additionally, as ad engagement scales up, your property management company will be able to achieve a lower cost for every acquisition to get more out of your PPC (pay-per-click) budget. 

When Should You Use Ad Personalization for Your Property Management Marketing?

By now, many consumers expect that companies should anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact. Therefore, if you want better user engagement for your property management business, it's time to start personalizing ads.

However, it is essential to note that you can only use ad personalization when you can support it with valid data and reporting. Therefore, your marketing team should first ensure that there is an appropriate and reliable ad platform in place. 

Having a proper tracking system on your website is also crucial, which will generate potential lead data for your PPC ad campaigns. The data you collect should also comply with the minimum audience size as the ad platform would require. In addition, the ad designs you chose should be relatable to user data, or your ad personalization efforts will be in vain. 

3 Tips on How to Target Clients with Ad Personalization

So, how can property managers start applying personalization to PPC ads? Start with these three steps. 

  1. Have a clear goal. What do you want to achieve through personalized ads? Do you want to increase your brand awareness or increase conversions? Knowing your goals will enable you to create more effective ads. 
  2. Determine the data variables you can use to make an excellent structure for your personalized ads. Customer data should enable you to create targeted ads since you will know about the product or service that your customer is interested in. Remember: the basis of personalized ads is to make use of relevance. Take time to study the data variables before creating your ads. 
  3. Test ad variables to find the ideal solutions. Testing different elements helps you optimize ad dollars and develop ads that generate the best quality leads! Measure the success of your campaigns. 

By tracking your campaign's success, you can adjust accordingly and increase leads and conversions while maximizing your ad spend. Woman looking at website traffic analytics data on computer-1

Partner with a Proven Leader in Pay-Per-Click Ad Management  

If you're ready to add more personalization to your PPC campaigns (but you're not sure where to start), Geekly Media is an expert with proven experience in pay-per-click ad management. Through data-driven pay-per-click advertising, we can help you boost your inbound marketing efforts and enable you to generate more leads for your property management company. Reach out to Speak to a Geek and learn more about how we can help with PPC marketing!

Learn more about successful paid ads campaigns with our free resource, "Paid Ads: The Definitive Guide."

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