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Sales Enablement Metrics: Using Video in Your Sales Cycle

Like any other business, real estate, SaaS, and professional services industries must optimize sales cycles when selling products or services. Of course, the process can differ from business to business, but at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to get more leads, scale up your sales and, in turn, increase your profits. 

The sales cycle process can be complex and, on other occasions, unsuccessful if it takes too long to close leads into sales. However, to shorten your sales cycle and see better conversion rates, your sales team should understand sales enablement metrics to track the success of your company's sales cycle. 

One way you can appeal to more customers is by including videos in your sales cycle. Customers may feel bothered by the number of emails in their inboxes, and not everyone reads a blog to find the CTA (call to action) and connect with your team. However, visuals like videos can help potential customers move through the sales cycle stages, grab a prospect's attention, and get them interested in purchasing your products or service. Here's what marketers need to know about incorporating videos!

How Does It Help to Incorporate Videos in Your Sales Cycle?

You already know videos are ideal for delivering engaging content and grabbing attention. So let's talk about what it does for your sales cycle.

Explain Complex Subjects Easily

A detailed video explaining a concept to a prospect can be easier to understand than a technically-written document. Many details in writing can be lost in interpretation, and the customer may fail to understand. In addition, the back-and-forth of explanation through writing can be tiresome. 

As an alternative to documents, a video may better illustrate and explain high-level concepts to help shorten your sales cycles. 

Businessman participate at virtual distant negotiations with colleagues via teleconferenceVideos Stand Out

While a series of blogs or articles can deliver the information your prospects need, they can all begin to run together at some point. However, editing important concepts into videos with graphics, short phrases, screenshots, demos, and voiceovers can stand out from reading material that isn't breaking through to your audience. 

Build Relationships

Written documents often lead to a lot of back and forth to communicate information or move prospects to the next stage in your sales cycle. However, videos can reduce the time you spend explaining things through emails or document shares and help you build better relationships faster. 

A well-executed video at the right time can show off your company's personality and connect with your audience on a more personal level. In addition, the right sales enablement strategy and software can help you time and track your video deliveries with scheduled follow-ups to touch base with prospects after they receive a video. 

In addition, platforms like HubSpot can help you track video performance which can help you gauge the interest of your customers throughout the sales cycle. 

How to Use Videos in the Sales Process

Where can you use videos in the sales process? Videos often fit almost anywhere within your sales cycle, but they must include the right content to connect with prospects in various stages. Here are a few ways you can incorporate videos into your sales process.

Introduce Your Brand and Services

Prospects will often relate well with a brand that they recognize. However, it might not be enough to write about the brand or services you provide through blogs, emails, or presentations. Instead, use videos to give a vivid description of your brand and the services or products you offer in an engaging way. 

Follow-up After Meetings

It can be a challenge sometimes to create schedules for meetings. In some cases, people leave meetings with different interpretations of what was discussed.  

Videos can be an excellent solution to reduce the number of meetings you need during the sales cycle or to follow up with attendees after a meeting or event. Recap the highlights of the meeting, talk about the next steps, and thank prospects for their time in a short video. 

Product or Service Demos

To replace or enhance written documentation about your services or products and how they work, consider creating videos to serve as virtual demos. Videos make it easy for your sales reps to explain what you do, show specific services, or give product demos that the prospect can visualize.Concept word demo on cubes on a beautiful wooden table

Post-Purchase Appreciation

Customers are the reason your business succeeds! Therefore, showing appreciation to customers (especially after the first purchase) can help increase your customer LTV (lifetime value) and build loyalty.  

What better way to appreciate your customers than using videos? A quick thank-you video can communicate sincere appreciation better than a templated email. Saying "thank you" in a personal way is one of the best ways to improve retention

Use Sales Enablement Software to Add Videos to Your Sales Cycle

Videos are a great way to optimize your website for ranking in search engines. Videos also help communicate important information and sentiments to potential customers throughout the sales cycle. With the best sales enablement software (like HubSpot), it's easy to incorporate videos into your sales messaging and content resources. For help getting started with videos during your sales process, reach out to the experts of Geekly Media! 

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