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Property Management Tools: Custom Pitch Decks

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Property Management Tools: Custom Pitch Decks

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Your sales process is the lifeblood of your property management company. To manage the inevitable churn of some properties, you have to not only replace the ones you lose, but you also need to bring in more than your churn rate if you want to grow.

Not every property management company wants to grow; some are happy to remain where they are and simply replace the business that is lost for reasons outside of your control.

Whether you're focused on growth or maintenance, the market is tougher than ever right now. Using the right property management tools can help you reduce friction in your sales process. A custom pitch deck is one of those tools. Not only is it a sales tool, but the best sales tools are often great marketing tools as wellmaking it a sound investment.

Why a pitch deck?

  • It helps you keep the conversation under control.
  • You have a guide for a process that can now become replicable.
  • We are very visual peopleso it helps add that ‘wow’ factor from a pitch deck.

Here are seven things your perfect pitch deck should have to be the ultimate property management tool for sales and marketing!

1. About You

Chances are, your prospect has done a bit of research about your company before talking to salesbut not always. This is the time to showcase why you do what you do.

Image of young businesspeople pulling graph. Chart growth concept

Of course, you're a property management companybut why? What sets you apart from the other companies in the area?

  • Were you once an investor?
  • Do you have a passion for real estate investing?
  • Did you start your career at a company and found a way to do it better?

Create that emotional connection that your prospect can relate to.

Plus, if you use this as a marketing tool, you'll help your prospects get to know you here before they get to sales.

2. About Your Prospect

Your prospect isn't on a call with you to hear about your business all day; they want to know how you can help them.

  • Shift your focus to learning about any pain points they have.
  • You need to fully understand what the needs of your prospect are so that you can tell them how you can help.
  • Be sure to include some qualifying ‘getting-to-know-you’ questions in your speaker notes along the way.
  • Take notes in your CRM (preferably in your sales playbook), so you can reference them later when following up.

3. How You'll Solve Their Problem

Because you're using the inbound sales methodology and want to solve your prospect's pain, you'll want to tell them how you're going to do just that.

  • Discuss your services and practices and how they relate to the pain point of your client.
  • This is a smart time to compare and contrast the different service packages and addons you have that relate to the pain points of your prospect.
Value Proposition on Black-Golden Watch Face with Closeup View of Watch Mechanism.

4. The Numbers

In the end, every consumer wants to talk about cost. The more transparent you are with your numbers, the better.

One reason we suggest you put pricing on your property management website is to weed out the owners who aren't a good fit before they are taking up valuable time with your BizDev team.

Even though you're (probably) putting your pricing on your website, you should include the numbers in your presentation so you can discuss their budget and identify opportunities for future upselling.

5. What 'Getting Started' Looks Like

Talk them through the process of getting started, so they are comfortable with the next steps needed to become a client.

Throw in some numbers here, too, such as average time to lease, so your prospect can see the value in signing on with your company sooner than later.

6. Opportunities for Connection

  • Be sure to leave room for your prospect to ask questions and join in the discussion. You don't want to simply talk at them through the whole presentation!
  • Give plenty of opportunities for them to give you more information. The more you have, the better equipped you are to close the deal.

7. A Timeline for Moving Forward

Be sure to let them know when you'll be sending key documents or following up and when they would need to make a decision about moving forward with your company to be able to hit their goals. By adding dates to the conversation, you build a sense of urgency and momentum that will keep things moving forward.

Geekly Media Helps Enable Your Sales Team!

We can help you build the kind of property management tools and processes that will take your business development from average to excellent! Using the HubSpot CRM and HubSpot sales tools, we'll ensure your team is set up for success.

Connect with us to help take your sales team to the next level!

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