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Property Management Leasing and Move-In Automation

Manage your tenant leads from the time they find your property online all the way through move-in day. Never miss a lead and never waste a day on-market with our Property Management Leasing and Move-In Automation Sequences.

Marketing Automation + Customer Relationship Management All in One 

HubSpot is a marketing automation software, a customer relationship management software, and a content management system—all in one. Create inbound marketing campaigns to draw in new tenant leads and continuously market your vacancies to tenants who are looking. 

Once a tenant signs a lease, stay on top of your relationship with them in one easy platform. HubSpot can manage the tenant lifecycle, creating an easier, more efficient process that both tenants and property owners love.


Ensure your makereadies are complete on time so you don’t have any delay in leasing. Our New Owner Onboarding Automation and Lease Expirations and Renewals Automation both ensure property inspections and makereadies are complete, so you don’t start your new tenant relationship with a bunch of maintenance requests.


Eliminate missed forms and ensure that expectations are set up-front by automating the leasing process. Using automations, tenants and owners are sent information specific to where they are in the leasing process:

  • Showing: Help your lease agents make a great impression by storing tenant details in one place. Never forget which tenant viewed a property and provide customer service with a wow factor. 
  • Interested: Let the property owner know you are actively marketing their property. Let the tenant know how to apply, fully automated.
  • Applying: Ensure every tenant receives the same application process through automation reducing your liability.
  • Signing: Ensure a tenant receives the lease and all accompanying information. Keep an automatic record of receipt in the tenant’s record for future verification.

Move-In Day—and Beyond

Your tenant will come fully prepared to pick up their keys without phone calls when you automate the move-in process. 

Our Property Management Operating System integrates with popular property management software to make it easier for you to lease properties and manage your portfolio. PMOS was designed to save you time and make operating your property management business easier so you can focus on growth.

If you would like to see our property management automations in action, schedule a 15-minute discovery call with our team. We’ll help you determine whether or not PMOS will work for you.

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