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Property Management Sales & New Owner Onboarding Automation

An automated approach to lead nurturing and client acquisition: automate the customer experience from initial contact to a signed contract with our Property Management Sales and New Owner Onboarding Automation Sequences.

The Geekly Media team will help you configure your HubSpot portal and link it to your property management software. Geekly Media will also set up your CRM using best practices to ensure your business development team is set up for residential property management success.

Automation Domination

Our Property Management Operating System is fully compatible with our property management marketing services. We call it “Automation Domination” when you combine the two for explosive results.

How Geekly Media improves the sales and new owner onboarding process:

Sales Automation

Use our proven sales pipeline to nurture new leads. Automated emails ensure that no lead is missed so you can continue to nurture a lead no matter what is going on with your property management business. 

Help your business development team become more effective by using the HubSpot CRM to identify owner pain points and create a custom sales pitch.

Finally, improve your sales process by measuring performance and making data-based improvements. Every client interaction is automatically recorded in the HubSpot CRM so you can monitor your business development team’s activity.

New Owner Onboarding

Custom deal stages automate communication at every point of the new owner onboarding process. Save time by reducing calls and emails to collect the required onboarding documents. PMOS will continue to contact your client until everything is received, keeping your history of client communication right in the CRM.

Property Onboarding

Dispatch your team to get the new rental property ready for leasing! Stay on top of the makeready process, and go to market—keeping your property owner client in the loop throughout the entire process. Your client will feel confident their property is in good hands from the onset of services.

After a new owner is successfully on-boarded, PMOS can be configured to send updates to your client. Transparency is the key to continuing to delight your clients.

Geekly Media is excited to make property management automation accessible to property management companies at every stage of growth. Meet with us to learn about our different Property Management Operating System packages and how they can help you provide high-quality services to your clients and tenants.

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