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Property Management Collections & Evictions Automation

Automate the sending of a ringless voicemail, personalized email, and personalized text message to every delinquent account with the push of a button. There is no need for your staff to waste time chasing late rents or processing evictions when your business is using our Property Management Collections and Evictions Automation Sequences, just one part of the Property Management Operating System.

  • Transparent Reporting
    : Know at a glance how many past due accounts are at each stage of the collections process. 
  • Time Saving Automation: Let PMOS call, text, and email past due accounts. PMOS uses custom messaging based on how delinquent the account is.
  • Improve Delinquency Rates: Tenants are more likely to pay on time when they know there are strictly enforced guidelines governing delinquency.
  • Reduce Evictions: Lower delinquency rates and other ancillary tie-in programs designed to reduce evictions; tenants are more likely to pay or move out.

Why HubSpot?

We built our automation systems using HubSpot because it is an already robust framework with an award-winning support team. Instead of trying to create yet another software for property management, we focused on taking a proven system and integrating it with the technology you already use.
It’s still property management, just better.

What are some actual results from automating the collections and evictions processes for our clients?

Grow Doors, Not Staff

By automating the parts of the collections and evictions process that don’t require a personal touch, you can give more attention to the elements that do require a professional. A majority of the rent collection process involves communicating with tenants to get them to pay rent. Most of these communications can be automated, saving your staff from manually calling and emailing asking for rent payments.

Increase Morale

Rent collections and evictions are some of the most draining conversations to have with tenants every month. By removing the need to speak with delinquent accounts directly, you protect your employees from the burnout of collections.

Reduce Errors

Automation is based on rules instead of intuition or judgment calls. By configuring your automations to work based on your guidelines, you will have fewer grey areas for your staff to operate in, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Does this seem too good to be true? You can view a demo of our collections process here. If you would like to learn more about collections and evictions automations and whether it is a fit for your property management company, schedule a 15-minute call with Geekly Media.

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