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Property Management Message Mapping

Cohesive Messaging Makes Property Management Marketing More Effective

What Is Property Management Message Mapping?

What is Message Mapping? Message Mapping is the Geekly Media process of getting to know your business, your messaging, your brand story—everything that makes up the essence of your company.

First, we start by gathering information about why your property management company exists. Your company culture and values are more than a section on your “about us” page; they are the reason that buyers ultimately connect with you. Focusing your messaging to include the “why” helps buyers to form an emotional connection with your brand.

According to The Golden Circle, messaging needs to be built from the “why” out. Your mission, vision, and values help answer the why, how, and what of the message and help create your brand story.

Property management marketing should always start with a message map and review of your brand story.

Building Your Brand Story and Campaigns

After we learn about your property management business, we are able to write your brand story and plan your campaigns. By understanding your brand story, we are able to create content that helps your prospects feel a connection with your brand—and ultimately convert.

The Message Mapping Process

The initial message mapping process is made up of three steps, defining your "why", building your brand story, and clarifying your home page messaging to ensure it tells a cohesive narrative. From there we continue to message map for you in quarterly sprints to ensure your messaging remains on target and your metrics look healthy.

  1. Messaging usually focuses on what you do, not why you do it. Letting your customers know why they should choose you is the first step to getting more property management leads. We learn your why and include it throughout our content.
  2. We build your brand story so we can focus your messaging to showcase your why. We share the brand story with you to get your feedback and build a framework to develop your custom content around.
  3. Now that you have a clearly defined why and brand story, does your property management website reflect that message? It should. We take your message map and use it to optimize your website content, so users convert, not leave confused.

Ready to Get Started?

Does message mapping sound like something your marketing efforts could benefit from? Schedule a meeting with us using the form below and we'll get in touch with you! Looking for more information? Learn all about Property Management Marketing Automation here!

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