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How to Understand Social Media Metrics: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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How to Understand Social Media Metrics: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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If you pay attention to your social media pages, you've probably noticed terms like "reach," "impressions," and "engagement." These metrics help you measure the success of your social media efforts, but what do they mean?

Let's take a look at the different metrics you'll see (and where to find them) for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. These are the primary social media networks we post to for property management social media marketing.


Of the three platforms we are covering, Facebook is the most widely used.

To access Facebook's metrics, you select the "Insights" tab when viewing your business page. Facebook defaults to the last seven days. However, at Geekly Media, we like to look at data for at least 30 days—so you get a better overall view of what is happening on your page.

facebook metrics

The metrics you can view from the Insights tab are:

  • Actions on Page: The clicks on your page contact info or CTA button (if you have one set up).
  • Page Views: The number of times someone has visited your page.
  • Page Previews: The number of hovers over your page info shows if a user was looking for your preview information.
  • Page Likes: Self-explanatory, the number of users who like your page.
  • Post Reach: The number of people who have seen a post. 
  • Story Reach: If you use the story function, this is the number of people who have viewed a story.
  • Recommendations: The number of times people have recommended your page.
  • Post Engagement. Reactions, shares, clicks, and comments on your post.
  • Responsiveness: How quickly you respond to messages. Facebook uses this to let users who open a chat with you know how long a response might take.
  • Videos: How many times your videos—paid or unpaid—were played for at least three seconds.
  • Page Followers: The number of new people who have followed your page to see your posts in their feed.
  • Orders: This is not applicable to property management social media pages (a sales function).

The most important metrics we like to watch when measuring social posting performance on Facebook are Page Likes, Post Reach, and Post Engagement. Likes, reach, and engagement are a good sign of how much audience you have—and how interesting that audience finds your content.


Twitter analytics need to be turned on to see insights for your page. To do this, select the three dots, and then "Analytics" in the menu that pops up. You will have to say yes to turn on the Analytics view, but then every time you click it after that, you will be taken to the Analytics page.

Twitter's Analytics page is an attractive page with a month-by-month breakdown of what performed well. Select "Tweets" from the Analytics top navigation to see reach and engagement metrics for Twitter.

Twitter metrics

Twitter compares impressions (views) to engagements (interactions) to give you an engagement rate as a percentage. Use this data to determine what types of posts perform best with your audience—and tailor your posting strategy to meet reader demand for the best results.


While it's not the most commonly thought of platform for advertising property management services, LinkedIn is last on our list. We post to LinkedIn because it hosts a rich community for the business-minded: this is where they gather.

As a group, they are more likely to overlap with property investors and realtors (for referrals), even if LinkedIn has a smaller reach. It is also another way to build your content presence online.

The least user-friendly of the bunch, you can access LinkedIn's metrics using the drop-down menu and select which type of metric you would like to view.

linkedin metrics

The "Visitors" page will show you page views, and the "Followers" page updates your total audience. For reach and engagement, view the "Activity" tab.

Now that you know where to find all of the metrics you should be tracking on their own portals, don't forget that with HubSpot's Marketing Professional package, you can link and track the metrics for all of your property management social media accounts on one page. HubSpot makes tracking metrics easier and more effective, as you can view them as part of your overall campaign efforts.

Why should you go through all the effort of posting to and tracking property management social media pages? Social media isn't necessarily where owners go to look for information when there are sites like The Balance Small Business. That said, most people do their research before doing business with a company—and that research usually involves checking social media. This is why a healthy page is useful for sales; it boosts consumer confidence in your company.

Apply the Best SEO Tactics to Social Media Posting

Whether you have a full property management marketing strategy or you're just getting started, Geekly Media can help you meet your property management marketing goals.

If you're looking for some information you can use to start working on your marketing and SEO, download our Property Manager's Guide to SEO in 2020 eBook! This 47-page eBook will take you step-by-step through everything you need to update the SEO of your website so you can build the traffic you need to make your marketing campaigns more effective!


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