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How to Get Started with Your HubSpot Knowledge Base

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How to Get Started with Your HubSpot Knowledge Base

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HubSpot Service Hub is focused solely on generating the best customer service possible that can help your business grow. It delivers tools like the HubSpot Chatbot to better your overall client experience. 

Another highly effective tool that helps your organization and your customers is the HubSpot Knowledge Base, which enables you to transform frequent client inquiries and difficulties into educational pieces of content.

Having a knowledge base lets you uncover patterns in your customer care issues and transform them into clear, well-structured articles on your site. It acts as a consumer self-service library where consumers may search for information on a given project, subject, or concern. It also enables your clients to look for their answers first on their own before coming to your customer support staff.

According to Aspect Software, 76% of consumers consider the customer service offered by a company as a test of its value. This blog will show you how to create an effective HubSpot Knowledge Base.


Understanding What a Knowledge Base Is

A knowledge base serves as a comprehensive resource for learning about a specific topic or product. Knowledge bases are proactive support tools that customers and potential customers may use at any point in the buyer's journey to find answers to their queries. 

The knowledge base might be a collection of papers or a discussion board where clients can pose questions and debate answers. This tool is a perfect option to streamline a section of your support services, leading to happier clients and lower overall expenditures in the long term. 

As a result, businesses need fewer resources to address low-priority technical problems or answer frequently asked customer inquiries.


How to Set Up a Knowledge Base on HubSpot

In the form of a knowledge base, HubSpot offers a brilliant solution to provide round-the-clock support to your audience. However, to make the most of it, you must know how to set it up properly.Laptop computer displaying logo of HubSpot-Jan-02-2023-07-33-32-8618-PM

Create a Structure for Your Articles

Make a standard outline or template for your wiki articles. For instance, stipulate that the following elements will appear in each of your articles:

  • Problems or subjects — Identify the problem you are trying to solve or the goal you are trying to accomplish for the client.

  • Step-by-step procedure — Clearly and concisely outline the steps to care for the problem or finish the work.

  • Outcome — What should happen next once the consumer has finished all the required actions?

  • Related Information — Include all articles, queries, and topics related to the topic.

Second, remember that the customer's processes and use cases should always come first. Most articles in your knowledge base should provide a specific procedure for the reader. Strive for maximum efficiency.

  • Put the most crucial details first — Put critical information that the user needs to know before taking action at the very top of the page, before any buttons or menus.

  • Chronological sequence — Verify that the steps follow logically and avoid conflicts with timing. If there's no specific sequence needed to complete activities, prioritize the ones with the least effort. When a user accomplishes a step, it boosts their confidence and prepares them for the more challenging ones.

  • Avoid distractions — Make sure that the directions are stated plainly, so the information is not distracting or out of touch.

Each subject page should adhere to the same principles established by the site's information architecture. Having several authors ensures that the knowledge base has consistent messaging. The end goal is crystal-clear communication throughout your whole body of knowledge.

Set Permission Levels for Your Articles

Using lists created in the HubSpot CRM, you can control access to each Knowledge Base item via the Service Hub. You may also restrict access to certain people or groups for specific items in the Knowledge Base. 

This can be highly beneficial if you want to use the knowledge base as a repository for company records. For example, you can set any particular article to "private," ensuring that only your employees can access it.

However, to avoid confusion, it's important to practice article tagging, which can help with searchability. For instance, you can add a tag like 'marketing for internal use' to host internal articles. 

Ensure Content Is Easily Searchable

The sole purpose of a knowledge base is to offer fast results to customers looking for answers. A search bar that allows visitors to look for articles using keywords or topics is one way to guarantee this. If two or more of your supporting articles address similar topics, provide research ties by linking them to each other.Green key with text Access and open padlock icon on white laptop keyboard

Keep Updating Your Articles With New Content

Most companies enhance and update their products or services over time. After an update, relevant knowledgebase articles must be updated as soon as possible.

One method to ensure this update takes place is to update it immediately, either by doing it yourself or assigning it to a team member in your project management software. 

Follow the Best SEO Practices

Knowledge bases are most useful as a customer support tool but may also be used for your inbound marketing strategy

If you ensure that articles reflect the questions and answers in your knowledge base, then your knowledge base can help with SEO-driven content marketing. In addition, this can help your material be found easily in a search engine. Here are some ways you can use to increase search engine optimization in your knowledge base:

  • Article Headlines — Titles should be concise, include a major keyword, and encourage the reader to take action.

  • Metadata — Make sure page descriptions include customer-preferred query words. 

  • Main Content — Work keywords into the text itself wherever possible. Often, the inquiry will get answered using searches for those keywords.

  • Anchor Text — When creating inbound links inside a knowledge base, use relevant keywords as the anchor text. The use of anchor text, "Click here," or anything similar is a missed opportunity.

If you can find it easily, then your employees will have no problems finding their answers either.


Find a Partner to Get the Most Out of Your HubSpot Knowledge Base

A well-designed self-service knowledge base may improve attracting, retaining, and delighting customers. Your marketing, sales, and customer service teams will benefit from using the Knowledge Base, but it is just one of many available tools within HubSpot to achieve these goals.

To make the most of your HubSpot services, work with a partner like Geekly Media! Speak to a Geek soon and learn more about our services.

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