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Why Successful Roofing Marketing Requires a Holistic Approach

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Why Successful Roofing Marketing Requires a Holistic Approach

If you run a roofing company, you have an essential question to answer to be successful: how can you ensure that your roofing company gets in front of as many people as possible? This leads to additional questions about the tactics and techniques you should use to expand your internet presence, build leads, and gain customers. 

These are highly important questions, but there are additional components to consider when developing a marketing strategy: what's your overall approach? What is your overall strategy? Which channels should you use for an effective omnichannel approach? 

Roofing marketing isn't just about tactics; it is about developing a holistic approach that suits your needs. Additionally, sometimes working with a roofing marketing agency is the best way to reach your goals. Keep reading to learn why roofing businesses need a holistic approach to marketing for the best success!

How To Prioritize Your Marketing Efforts

The best roofing marketing efforts ensure you spend your limited time and marketing dollars most efficiently and effectively as possible. As such, it's crucial to start your omnichannel planning by prioritizing your marketing efforts. 

When it comes to this prioritization, there are a few broad points to consider:

  • What sort of resources and expertise do you have available? 
  • Do you have staff on-hand to manage marketing, or will you bring outside experts to answer these questions? 
  • What are your overall goals when it comes to marketing? Are you expanding into new markets or simply looking to generate consistent monthly leads? 

With a good idea of your priorities, you'll find it easier to identify the channels and strategies best for how to market a roofing company and reach your goals. 

Use an omnichannel approach when planning how to market a roofing companyConstantly Evaluate and Improve Your Marketing Approach

Marketing strategies often change. Circumstances, platforms, goals, and customers change, often requiring an adjustment to your marketing approach. 

Therefore, understanding how to market a roofing company requires constant evaluation and adjustment. Accepting this reality means there are a series of questions your marketing strategy must be prepared to address, including:

  • Do you have access to analytics that can demonstrate the success or failure of your current marketing activities?
  • Is your current marketing working, and what analytics do you use to make that determination? 
  • If you are operating with limited dollars, what tactics work best? 
  • Do you have the right mix of digital marketing strategies and offline efforts (like attending trade shows and networking)?

From paid social media advertisements to SEO-driven content, a referral marketing strategy, or an automated email campaign, roofing contractors must track and analyze performance to optimize strategies along the way. Many roofers find that partnering with a roofing marketing agency is the best way to establish KPIs (key performance indicators), set up campaign analytics, and monitor performance leading to strategic adjustments that improve results. 

However, while it's great to have someone responsible for managing your marketing execution, you have to make sure that there are people within your roofing business that also monitor strategy. These individuals should collect data from your analytics and determine if your overall marketing plan works. If it isn't, you should have alternatives prepared that can be more useful and impactful. 

Become an Expert in What Works for You

As any marketing experts will tell you, there is no such thing as a bulletproof marketing campaign. What works fantastically for one company could be an utter disaster for another. 

Of course, this doesn't mean you should abandon all marketing when a few strategies don't work as planned. Rather, it means you must take a comprehensive, holistic approach and engage in the best combination of marketing efforts that work best for you. 

Roofer marketers must recognize there is an important difference between strategy and tactics

  • Strategy is the planning you put into achieving an overall goal.
  • Tactics are how you get there. 

For example, if you are attempting to expand a specific product or new roofing services, you may need to identify multiple marketing tactics to achieve this important customer goal. So, creating a Facebook ad about a new service to drive traffic is a tactic. However, the planning and research behind the execution of a combination of Facebook ads, video marketing, and attending events to generate more interest in your new roofing services is the strategy. 

As an additional example, the right video marketing content can be hugely beneficial when showing off what your company can do and specific products or services your roofing business can compete for customers. However, your video marketing will only be truly beneficial if it builds off existing efforts and a well-researching strategy, like keyword research, your target audience, and what you're competitors also do to promote their services. 

Build Upon Inbound Marketing

While roofing contractors benefit from offline and online strategies, any marketing strategy you engage in should operate around the basic tenants of inbound marketing for best success. In other words, your goal with every "tactic" (offline or online) is to drive new leads to your business door. 

Inbound marketing holds that you create content that will pull people in and provide them with answers to important questions or otherwise create information that a person who may be interested in your business can use. Your content should be fresh and relevant and position your business as an expert. 

What does all of this mean? Successful roofing marketing is about developing an overarching, holistic strategy, understanding what tactics (and experts) can help you achieve these goals, and mastering these tactics for maximum impact. 

A roofing marketing agency helps sales reps reach new customersThe Right Roofing Marketing Agency Builds a Holistic Strategy

The best roofing marketing agency understands your success requires an omnichannel marketing strategy! From building a successful network of complementary business contacts to blogging effectively and encouraging customer referrals, roofers need "all strategies on deck" to stand out from the competition in their marketers. 

If you're ready for expert help to develop the marketing mastery you need, Geekly Media is here! Reach out to Speak to a Geek about how we help roofing companies, real estate professionals, property managers, and other small businesses find more leads to grow their businesses. 

We've put our best marketing tips for roofers in a free guide! Download your copy of "Marketing a Roofing Company: Digital Strategies for Success."


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