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Roofing Contractor Marketing: How to Blog for Better SEO Rankings

Originally Published April 6, 2023

There is no shortage of social media and inbound marketing opportunities for any business. With the right content, your roofing company can use digital marketing to attract more customers, increase your SEO, and generate more leads.

For a successful inbound marketing strategy, blogging must be a crucial part of any effort to get more people on your website. When done right, a blog can position your brand as an expert and show off the various services you can complete for your customers. 

However, you might be wondering how to blog as part of your roofing contractor marketing plan! Today we've pulled in a few of our best tips for blogging in a way that helps Google recognize your helpful content and rank your pages higher. You'll also find our newest resource linked at the end!

The Process of Creating a Roofing Blog

These days, almost everyone has a blog. However, not all blogs help companies generate more leads — which should be the primary purpose of developing blog content. To blog successfully, you still have to do your homework when finding the process and platform that works best for you. 

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Who are you writing to? There are some key questions you must answer when it comes to identifying your target audience. 

  • Who do you want to learn more about your services? 
  • Are you looking for more leads for your commercial or residential roofing services? 
  • Does your ideal buyer have specific demographic characteristics or live in a certain area? 

These questions go beyond a blog as they tie into a larger business question: Who do you want to get your marketing information to? Then, with an idea of your audience, build content that speaks to their pain points. 

Good roofing internet marketing services can help a potential customer find your blogCreate a Content Calendar

Google looks for consistently fresh, helpful content as a significant ranking factor. Therefore, a content calendar can be key in developing a regular schedule of content. 

When done right, a content calendar can:

  • Assign responsibility for developing content
  • Incorporate offers or specials throughout the year
  • Ensure that existing content meshes well with previously developed content or other advertising campaigns

Content calendars should be robust, up-to-date, and easy to follow. Assign responsibility to the right people and plan appropriately. 

Create New Content Consistently

Posting frequency is highly important, but it pales in comparison to making sure you post consistently. No one will return to your roofing business blog if you only update it periodically, and Google won't recognize your website for higher rankings if your content goes stale. 

As such, you must create regular, consistent content. Doing so will result in people returning to your blog regularly, resulting in more leads.

Incorporate Good SEO

Like any business, roofing internet marketing services must include sound SEO practices, making it as easy as possible for people to find your content. This means that you have to maximize your blog for SEO. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) best practices for blogs include:

  • Researching keywords and using them naturally throughout your blog
  • Creating evergreen content, like knowledge-base articles, that will always be relevant
  • Filling out Titles, H1s, and other metadata with the right keywords

Good SEO helps Google recognize your content and match it to potential customers searching for roofing services in your area. 

What Should You Blog About? Roofing Blog Ideas

Content for your roofing blog is critical. Fortunately, there is no shortage of good ideas that you can apply to your roofing contractor marketing content strategy. Here are a few suggestions of what to blog about. 

News, Updates, and Upgrades

As you know, the roofing industry is constantly changing. Use your blog to discuss these changes, how these changes may impact consumers, and how your business plans to take advantage of industry change to create a better or more affordable product for your customers. 

Tips, Advice, and How-Tos for Homeowners

People regularly Google information about how to make certain repairs or care for items in their household. As such, you can use your blog to give roofing repair or maintenance tips and other advice for homeowners, thus positioning yourself as an expert in the field and giving you a chance to build trust and credibility. 

Case Studies and Happy Customers

Do you have stories you want to share or happy customers willing to discuss how great you are? Your blog can be the perfect opportunity for this. 

Case studies can be an excellent way to talk about your services in specific instances that showcase products or services and happy results.  

Use your blog to discuss new features, products, and services from a customer-centric perspective. In other words, write about new products and services from a customer's perspective, discussing how this new item will improve their lives.

Blogs that answer common questions referencing products and services can also rank highly on search engines. 

Company Updates and How Things Work

Sharing company news can be an excellent way to help potential customers get to know your brand. For example, don't hesitate to talk about new hires or news updates if they are relevant to your customers and how you deliver your services. 

In addition, behind-the-scenes content can be very interesting, as you can use this content to show how you complete certain services, like installations or inspections. 

Knowing how to end a blog post with the right CTA helps convert more leads to customersWondering How to End a Blog Post?

Finally, it is vitally important that you understand how to end a blog post. While body content is crucial for good SEO, a blog post should end with a call to action (CTA). 

The CTA should encourage readers to take a specific action that will result in them either doing business with you or exchanging marketing information so that you can connect with them later. 

Expert Roofer Internet Marketing Services Can Help You Blog

If you prefer to focus on your roofing services (but are ready to grow your business), an experienced digital marketing agency can help you develop and maintain a blog that generates new leads!

Geekly Media has the expertise necessary to help expand your roofer internet marketing services. We can help you create a blog, develop the right SEO content, and maintain a consistent content calendar that helps you attract new leads. Reach out to learn more about our content marketing services!

Ready to start blogging? Download our free resource, "How to Blog for Roofing Companies," full of tips for SEO-driven blog content!


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