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What Property Management Process Automation Can Do

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What Property Management Process Automation Can Do

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Automation is the future of the vast majority of everyday industries. It has already completely transformed manufacturing, customer service, banking, and so many more. There is no doubt that automation will continue to disrupt industries across all sectors, forcing us to level up—or get leveled by the competition.

That said, property management process automation doesn't solve all problems—and there is still a sizeable chunk of old-fashioned, hands-on work needed in the property management business.

With that in mind, we're going to cover some of what automation can and cannot do for your property management company.

Automation Doesn't...

Run your business: There are many personal touches that just can't be replaced by process automation, and people will never be replaced entirely by it, either. Like any tech, automation is built and managed by people. We build it and help you manage it until you're comfortable, but it is absolutely a team effort.

Business people team sitting around meeting table and

Automation Does...

Run processes: Anything highly repetitive that will save your staff time can be automated. We've picked some of the top property management processes that make sense to automate and built the automations on a system that could run much of the rest of your business. This lets our users cut down to fewer programs, which also increases efficiency.

Automation Doesn't...

Replace customer service: The best example of this are the popular conveyor-belt-style sushi restaurants. The guests can order whatever they want and have it come straight to them on a conveyor belt (complete with an automated thank you), so they never have to wait to grab the server's attention. There are still servers, despite this, to check on you and ensure your meal is enjoyable. The machines could refill drinks and bring food by, but nothing can fully replace the server's role at a restaurant.

Automation Does...

Enhance customer service: At these same restaurants, your drinks are never empty. Instead of having to constantly check the kitchen and run out food, servers are able to spend more time on each table, managing things they actually have control over. The automation increases their efficiency, and they are able to provide a better experience than an overworked server at Denny's can. They're probably a lot happier, too.
Japan restaurant food conveyor or belt buffet. belt sushi in japan

Automation Doesn't...

Manage employees: Implementing a Property Management Operating System (PMOS) won't cut down on the need for employee oversight. Property management process automation doesn't supplant whole jobs as it does in manufacturing—it supplements them.

Automation Does...

Provide transparency and make oversight easier: You need fewer employees to run the same departments because automation picks up the time-consuming tasks. You also get a lot more data to analyze what's working—and what isn't.

Instead of having to count on server memory or input, our hypothetical sushi house knows exactly what was ordered and when—and can predict trends based on the data from these orders. Is ikura in demand on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.? Better be sure you have enough salmon roe in stock.

Automation Doesn't...

Fix bad workflows: If your business processes are already broken, process automation will only automate those broken processes. This could lead to some trouble, making a bad process run faster and with less oversight could lead to considerable cleanup work and upset investors and renters. That is why Geekly Media built our Property Management Operating System based on best practices first!

Automation Does...

Make good workflows excellent through efficiency: If you've already taken the time to map your business processes and have found that they are sound, property management process automation can take those workflows to the next level and boost your ability to take on new business without having to hire more staff. Fewer operating costs means more profit!

Automation Doesn't...

Solve poor staffing decisions: Process automation doesn't completely replace entire jobs, so there could still be some staffing issues that remain when you implement. The good news is, usually, if someone isn't a very good employee, they'll start looking for another job when they learn the spotlight is going to be on their work like never before.

Automation Does...

Make it easier to tell where you need to hire—and where you need to fire: The transparency that comes from implementing property management process automation means you can make decisions based on data. Good employees will be excited to have a number they can hit, and proof that they are hitting it.

Be sure to work a compensation structure into this to create a team of hungry rockstars! Employees who know their work isn't up to snuff will be exposed because the numbers just won't be there. You'll be able to build a team of high-performing experts with the data to back it up via automation.

What can automation do for you? That depends on your unique pain points! We'll help you figure out whether you should learn more about our Property Management Operating System by giving you a free automation analysis. You give us some data, and we'll do the math and help you decide if automation is a good solution for your company at this time.

Ready? Get your analysis here!


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