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Are You Ready for Property Management Process Automation?

Are you ready to automate your property management company? How do you know if your company is ready for property management process automation? Is it a door count, or staff size? When will you know whether automation will save you far more than it will cost?

There are several variables we consider when we are working with a potential client to complete their automation analysis. Let's start with: 'What is an automation analysis?'

Our version of analysis is a report where we look at the number of doors you have under management, the staff you have per department, the overall staff size relative to your financial growth, your churn, and your expenses. By taking these numbers and plugging them into our model, we can determine whether automation is likely to save a client money. 

What we don't want to do is sell automation to a client that has no use for it—that will only lead to upset clients and frustrated Geekly Media employees, which is why we don't tell every company we talk to that we can help.

If you've been on the fence about automation, consider these points—and let us know how we can help.

1. You're Stuck in a Grow-Hire-Grow-Hire Cycle

  • You can't seem to add the doors you need to hit your goals without adding staff every time you get to the point where you're meeting your financial goals.
  • This cycle of growth leading to a hire that the growth just pays for isn't getting you ahead.
  • Maybe you're wondering, 'What is the point of growth if it comes prepackaged with more staff—and more HR headaches?'

Process Arrow

When you're stuck in this cycle, automation can help you break it by allowing your staff to handle more doors with less effort. You'll have happier staff and be able to grow a few hundred doors before you need to make your next hire, which also has the effect of making your bottom line happier, too.

2. You're Not Sure Who Even Needs Help—or Why

Property management process automation doesn't only make less work for your staff; it allows you to track all of the work, so you know who needs help and who needs training—or even corrective action. If your staff is complaining about the workload when logic says they should be okay, something (or someone) might be throwing a stick in the spokes that you can't identify. 

  • When you track the 'fine print' with automation and reporting, you can start to see trends in data that demystify a situation.
  • This data will even allow you to run your business proactively, tracking which departments are seeing the biggest increase in tickets so you can plan ahead for your next hire.
  • Automation—and the reporting that comes with it—takes the guesswork out of hiring, and replaces it with data you can trust.

Useful data chart of what's ACTUALLY happening at your company

3. You Want to Spend Less Time on 'Little Things'

Using a Property Management Operating System (PMOS) to run your property management business takes some work on the front end so you can put in a lot less down the road. You'll need to step in and make some big decisions about how things are running and work with our team to implement the process. After that? Dashboards and easy street, my friend.

'Is the rent coming in on time?' There's a report for that. 'Is maintenance running smoothly?' There's a report for that, too. Do you know which employees are working too hard—and which ones are hardly working? You guessed it: we've even got reports for that.

Are things taking a turn for the worse? Do you know why? The data that is tied to your property management process automations can tell you—so you can get the train back on track. Using your PMOS combines robust reporting with automation. This has the overall effect of making the big picture easier to see—so you can steer your business in the right direction.

4. You Need to Make Smarter Staffing Decisions

Our Property Management Operating System can replace the work of multiple staff members for the cost of one. To be able to grow through a downturn, sometimes you simply need fewer employees to manage the current workload. Cutting staff without a plan to replace that work will lead to bitterness among the remaining staff, increasingly poor customer service, and ultimately lead not to growth, but to the downfall of your entire company.

If you're facing 'staff bloat,' implementing a Property Management Operating System will help you get your staff cut back down to size. Generally, when enhanced reporting is brought in, the underperformers weed themselves out because they know there will no longer be anywhere to hide—solving multiple problems at once.

Let's get you off that fence: schedule a discovery call or sign up for a free automation analysis! Let us show you just how much potential PMOS might have for your property management business! We will help you crunch the numbers and show you exactly where we can help.

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