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What CRM Is Right for Your Property Management Workflow?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can often feel like an extra pair of hands when you need them most. There are many CRMs out there for property management companies to use. They will help you to automate tasks that you may not be already outsourcing to your software.

A quality property management CRM can help you to craft agile marketing campaigns, and they will save you money at the same time! Here are some of the top CRMs out there for property management companies today. What CRM Is Right for Your Property Management Workflow? Read more for some suggestions.



HubSpot offers many tiers of CRM services. You can even start using them for free! HubSpot is widely popular across many different types of markets. The services that you get will not be specifically tailored for property management, but they are the leader in the CRM industry.

That means that many other CRM softwares developed their services in response to HubSpot. If you are entirely new to using any CRM and wish to do so for a property management company, we can show you how you can use HubSpot to manage your marketing and several business processes in addition to using it as a CRM—scroll down for information on our Property Management Operating System (PMOS).


Leadsimple is a fantastic, easy to use CRM built for property management companies and has pipelines to help you organize your leads according to their customer journey stage.

Leadsimple allows you to automate emails and is relatively simple to use. It is a great CRM if you are just starting to use a CRM software; like moving from Spreadsheets to an actual suite intended for customer relationship management. You can also try Leadsimple for free for 14 days. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about our new content packages for LeadSimple users.


Probably one of the best-known names in the market, Salesforce has been around for a very long time and is an extremely robust program. It is highly customizable and data-heavy like HubSpot. Like Leadsimple, it is only a CRM and does not have the built-in marketing integration that makes HubSpot our number one choice.

We don't recommend Salesforce for a company just dipping their toes into the CRM pool—it has a complicated setup and training process. However, if you are a large organization with a lot of data—and you do not mind needing additional programs to integrate your marketing with your sales efforts—it is a solid program.


Pipedrive is another very customizable CRM that allows those who are more visual to thrive. Like the others, it gives you reminders, allows templates, and makes the sales process so much easier than managing through an inbox alone. This application also allows users to have different permission settings from one another as well, which is a perk. 

The Platinum Tier services are intended to serve medium to large teams well. Teams can look at the big picture from the leads pipeline to customizing the small details that go out to current clients (and potential customers). Pipedrive is somewhat limited because of the way it manages leads; it does not offer website tracking either.


Copper is a CRM for G-Suite power users. If your organization loves working in G-Suite and you want an attractive, simple CRM, you might want to look into this. We don't have any first-hand experience with the CRM at the time of this posting as none of our clients use it.


Zoho offers a full-service data package at the bottom pricing tier for their app. Inventory management comes at the next step up, and predictive AI at the most expensive tier. Zoho will give you all of the data that you need to produce marketing strategies that work well for the locale of your property management business. If this is all starting to sound a bit complex, then a streamlined, user-friendly software might be your best choice.

Geekly Media PMOS via HubSpot

Geekly Media has created a full-service property management platform called PMOS using the HubSpot CRM. If you are looking for a way to integrate all of your needs onto one platform, this is the one! One of the substantial advantages of the PMOS over the other systems mentioned above is that it was specifically designed with property management in mind.


PMOS will automate all communication with potential customers up to the point that they make a purchase. It will keep track of your data and allow you to communicate with customers by phone, email, or chat. Geekly Media also has a full suite of tools to take care of all of your marketing needs, if you so desire.  

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Choose the CRM That Works Best For Your Business!

Still wondering about CRMs? Check out these blogs!

As you can see, no CRM software is completely alike. Some offer a basic services suite when you need a little help getting on your feet in the sales department. Others, like PMOS, offer just about everything you can imagine to optimize your property management company. Which one fits your needs? At Geekly Media, we're always happy to discuss innovative steps that our property management partners can take to accelerate their company in the industry.

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