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The Robots Are (Not) Coming! Why You Can Automate Without Fear of the Future

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The Robots Are (Not) Coming! Why You Can Automate Without Fear of the Future

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Talking about process automation can bring up images of an army of robots taking over for—or even replacing—your property management team. With the release of the newest Terminator movie this November, imagery of shiny new "Terminators" answering tenant calls, taking potential tenants through property showings, and making coffee (for the remaining humans) in the breakroom is dancing before your eyes.

We understand change can be scary. Adapting to new technology can engender fear of replacing people with a machine that can do the job of twice as many employees without sleep or sick leave.

We want to help you (and your team) put those fears aside. Automation is critical to staying competitive in the property management industry. How do you bring in workflow automation without losing the "human" touch of what you do for tenants and owners? Let's look at what automation does (and doesn't) do to give you a competitive edge in property management.

What Automation Does

When you apply workflow automation, you create more time for income-producing tasks that humans need to do. 

Robot-free Work

Yes! You still need humans to interact with your owners and tenants. Automation can't take over every task required to run a successful property management business. However, applying a workflow process that doesn't require a person to monitor what happens next gives your staff more time to make a difference with your clients. 

Free Time for Personal Touches

Robots are not charming. You need your human staff to bring warmth and charm to your services. 

What makes your property management company different from others in your area? Your clients not only appreciate your expert property management services; they probably like you, too. Property owners and tenants can find "decent" property management services anywhere. In many cases, customers choose you because you're you. 

Whether it's your office culture or a value-add service for owners, an automated process isn't going to bring the personality to your business that encourages your clients to stay.

Freedom From Busy Work

Not every task is a money-making task. Why pay your team to do tasks an automated process can do

Excessive paperwork, manually kicking off the next step in your lead-generation funnel (or forgetting to reach out to a new lead), and sending drip campaign emails should not be where your talented staff spends their time. You need your team pursuing new doors, screening tenants, showing properties, and following up with owners.

Eliminating Human Error—and Wasted Effort

How many prospective leads have you lost because someone forgot to call them? How much money have unintentional employee mistakes cost your business this year? How many cold calls have your sales team made without producing a new client? Meanwhile, tenant and current owner calls are backing up because no one has time to return calls!

Processes don't make mistakes. With automation, you don't lose leads, and you don't waste time calling the wrong leads. New prospective doors follow a funnel that leads them through communications and helps qualify a lead before you need a human touch to pursue it further. When your team isn't chasing bad leads, they have time to respond to tenants and owners right away. 

What Automation Doesn't Do

With automated workflow and marketing, your humans are more productive for you. However, automation can't do everything—and that's good news for your business (and your team). 

Can't Think

Automated processes are just that: automated. They can't listen. They can't respond beyond what's programmed. Processes can't dream, create, or strategize. 

Automation doesn't replace the "brain trust" of your team. You hired your staff for their experience and what they bring to your clients. You and your humans have to bring the property management expertise to the table for automation to be a successful addition to your business growth.

Can't Adjust

Do you need to adjust the rental rate for an owner's property? Processes (and robots) can't do that. Automation is no substitution for personal involvement with each of your owners and tenants. A process can't replace the property management experience and personal interaction needed for many aspects of your business. 

Can't Make (Good) Coffee

You don't want a robot making coffee for your humans, anyway. The first time Johnny Number Five puts too much sugar in Karen's cup o' joe, she'll take it out on the HR robot—and that's how we all end up in The Matrix.


Automation Is the Robot-Free Future of Your Business Growth!

Workflow and marketing automation is the key to making your human staff more efficient and valuable to your property management company. When you take manual, mundane tasks off of their plates, you give your team the freedom to shine for your business, tenants, and owners. 

Plus, they're happier to come to work knowing they're making a difference for tenants and owners—instead of making more spreadsheets. 

If it's still a little tough to imagine a world with automation and humans working in harmony together, let's schedule a demo! We've got the automation tools you need to take your business to the next level with our Property Management Operating System. Our PMOS automates rent collection, lead generation, lease renewals, and more. With these tasks taken care of, you and your human staff can watch your business grow! At least, until Skynet goes online.

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