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Conversion Rate Optimization: 8 Tips to Convert More Leads

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Conversion Rate Optimization: 8 Tips to Convert More Leads

It's a common goal for companies to increase the flow of visitors. However, no matter how much traffic you get to your site, it's useless unless it results in the visitor taking some action on your website, like making a purchase, downloading an ebook, or subscribing to your newsletter.

If you're struggling with getting conversions on your website, this guide can help you apply a CRM, the right sales enablement software, and better strategies to convert more leads into paying customers.

Understanding The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) focuses on increasing the number of visitors to your website that takes the desired action. It's a process that includes user research, data processing, competitive analysis, heuristic assessment, usability testing, and split testing to find the right strategies that increase conversions.

Increasing the percentage of visitors and users who convert into paying customers is crucial since it reduces the money you'll spend on acquiring new customers. Essentially, a high conversion rate indicates that many site visitors make a purchase. So, optimizing your website and marketing strategies to help more visitors convert also helps your bottom line!

How To Convert More Leads Into Paying Customers

Improving your conversation rates requires knowing precisely what you want and who you want to be talking to. So whether you're marketing homes or washing machines, you'll need to decide your metrics for a "good" conversion rate, then track them! 

Man using a laptop with conversion rate optimization concept on the screen

How can you improve the rates at which visitors convert into buyers? The following are eight optimization strategies to help you achieve your goals.

1. Address Your Customers' Pain Points (and Start With Them in Mind)

You can't alleviate your clients' problems, meet their needs, or earn their business if you don't know what they want. The repercussions of not knowing your consumer base are just as severe. According to studies of 111 unsuccessful businesses, 35 percent cited "no market need" as a major factor in their failure. 

To better understand what consumers want, try these data-gathering strategies:

  • Use a survey to get feedback from your customers.
  • Hold a focus group with your most dedicated clients.
  • Whether the customer care engagement took place by chat, email, or phone, always follow up with a request for feedback.
  • Keep an eye on Google Trends and other industry-specific tools.
  • Check out the social media activity of your target demographic.

Once you have all the data available, you'll understand how your products and services can help address a buyer's pain points, what their needs are, and how you can help. 

2. Make Use of Effective CTAs

One of the main goals of every landing page should be to collect some action from the visitor. Whether the goal is to increase revenue, contacts, or email subscriptions, effective calls-to-action (CTAs) are crucial to achieving those goals. Well-executed CTAs are a must-have for every business website.

How successful you are at increasing conversion rates from site visitors depends largely on how well you use smart calls-to-action and where you place them.

3. Identify Processes That Work (and Duplicate Them)

Analyzing what works (and doesn't work) about your website, processes, follow-ups, and more can help you identify successful prospects and strategies to duplicate moving forward. 

To test aspects of your website (including CTAs), apply A/B testing. This method tests small changes (one at a time) for CTAs, website wording, formats, and more to identify the ideal combination of strategies that encourages the most conversions. When you find a combination (or several) that work, apply them throughout your website or processes!

4. Set High Standards For Lead Quality

Improving the quality of your leads is an absolute must for better conversions. A shift in emphasis from "volume" to "quality" of leads can make a significant impact on your conversion rates!  

Your sales and marketing teams should come together over a common understanding of lead qualifications and the buyer's journey. To identify high-quality leads:

  • Understand the difference between a "marketing" qualified and "sales" qualified lead
  • Determine what qualifies as a sales-ready leads
  • Identify who should be conducting quality assurance processes for leads

leads conceptual meter indicate maximum, isolated on white background

Since many marketers have difficulty measuring their return on investment (ROI) and growing their revenue contribution, they must establish and adhere to stricter quality standards when it comes to leads. 

5. Improve Your Website's Look and Navigation 

The design of your website (or presentation) does more than make it appear nice to look at. Your website's presentation also affects how visitors engage with the page. 

In addition, website and landing page navigation plays a significant role in improving conversions and closing deals. While it's natural to focus on the visitors that come directly to your landing page, you shouldn't ignore the rest of your potential customers. If your website's navigation is straightforward, more visitors will circle back to your landing page and take action. 

6. Consider Every Part of the Buyer's Journey

Business owners often ask themselves questions like "How can we sell more products?" or "How can we expand our consumer base?" because they are focused on the end result. However, business owners can't increase sales of products, services, or memberships until they have a firm grasp on the factors that led to customers making purchases. 

Relating the buyer's journey to different conversion points and content can help you improve your conversation rate. Think about your approach to content and actions that make the most sense for buyers in each stage, from awareness to making a buying decision, then optimize strategies to improve the experience for potential customers along the way. 

7. Build A Strong Sales Team

Businesses can fail or thrive based on the quality of their sales staff. In some cases, this can require business owners to look at the numbers and make the tough call to eliminate low-performing sales staff to ensure they have a strong sales team that understands your objectives and can meet them.

In addition to having the right players on the team, make sure they all understand the answer to "what is sales enablement" and how marketing and sales must work together to close more deals. Optimized sales enablement is a crucial aspect of better conversion rates!

8. Mine Data From Your CRM

Data mining can be quite useful with all the information accumulated in a CRM. However, it's essential to use that data to analyze performance metrics and identify areas that aren't helping you see the conversions you need to grow your business! 

A CRM platform and sales enablement software like HubSpot can be extremely beneficial as it offers various data points that can help you realize various insights and make improvements. 

The Right CRM and Sales Enablement Software Improves Conversation Rates

To see an increase in conversions, small businesses must figure out what is working for their organizations and implement it. Optimizing conversation rates is an ongoing process of analyzing data and trends, then making changes based on customer behavior and desired goals. 

To make sure you have the best tools in place for converting more leads, it's time to invest in the right CRM and sales enablement software! Geekly Media can help you work through the steps we've outlined today, then help you implement strategies to improve conversions through HubSpot. Reach out to Speak to a Geek and learn more!

Get deeper insights into your business by applying the strategies in our free "Game Plan for Business Success".

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