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Property Management Move-Out and Makeready Automation

From the notice to vacate to receiving the keys, keep your team and vendors informed with real-time notifications and self-service tenant management options available through our streamlined Property Management Move-Out Automation Sequences. 

Transparency, Visibility, and Accountability are the name of the game when it comes to turning a property. Keep your days off-market low and your owner satisfaction high with our streamlined Property Management Makeready Automation Sequences.

Generate Happy Reviews

Both property owners and tenants benefit from property management automation. By streamlining the property lifecycle, you can reduce errors and increase efficiency so your staff can focus on creating happy clients instead of putting out fires.

How do we improve the move-out and makeready process?

Automated Tenant Communication

Send the notice to vacate and automated reminders of your move-out policies and procedures at set intervals to improve tenant compliance. Plus, eliminate excuses and increase efficiency through tracked and automated communication. Using the HubSpot CRM, you can effortlessly keep a record of what email notices were opened and when so if a tenant dispute comes up, you are prepared.

Property Inspections

Increase the efficiency of property inspections by creating tickets for maintenance requests and work orders in real-time as you walk the property.

Track and easily report on the status of those tickets to ensure visibility throughout the process. Using custom dashboards, you can know at a glance what tickets are falling behind so you can proactively get the makeready process back on track.

Owner Notifications

Increase owner satisfaction by automatically keeping them informed throughout the makeready and leasing process. Decrease phone calls when owners always know the status of their rental property.

Effortless Documentation

You don’t have to remember to track and document automated processes with the Property Management Operating System. All automation processes and communications are automatically recorded for future reference.

If you are ready to take back control of the move-out and makeready process, PMOS is here to help. Our systems were built to help property management companies operate better and bring satisfaction back to property management for owners, tenants, and property managers too.

If you would like a demo of any of our PMOS systems, you can contact us using the form below, and we will reach out to schedule a time to meet with you to see if our solutions can save you time and help your property management business grow.

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