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How Does Property Management Marketing Automation Work

Message Mapping

We create buyer personas, identify opportunities to optimize your website for lead capture, document your brand story, your company culture, and learn everything we need to know about you to accurately represent your brand. Learn more about the Geekly Media message mapping process.

Foundational Campaigns

Upon launch, we ensure you have the foundational campaigns every successful property management company should have. We optimize your website to work with HubSpot’s marketing automations, set up lead scoring, a sales pipeline, and set your Business Development manager up for success. BizDev Campaigns include:

  • Realtor Referral Program
  • Free Rental Analysis
  • General Marketing Email Drips
  • Delight Emails for Customers
  • Educational Newsletter Campaign for Converting DIY Landlords
  • Investor Targeting Campaign

Drive Growth & Conversions

Curated Campaigns

After creating your foundational campaigns, we look at your market and develop campaigns aimed at advancing your business goals, launching one curated campaign per quarter. What does a campaign include?

Continuous Improvement Cycles

We monitor your metrics monthly and Message Map quarterly, using data to make ongoing improvements to the campaigns we create as well as plan for the future.

Automate & Dominate

  • HubSpot’s marketing automations mean you don’t have to do anything but make the call & close the deal when you get a new lead.
  • Behavior-based triggers mean your owners see the right content at the right time to move them through the buyer’s journey.

Not sure how much marketing budget you need to hit your goals? Reach out to our team!

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