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Property Management Lease Expiration and Renewals Automation

Never let another lease expiration fall through the cracks. Avoid the hassle of lease negotiations and stop playing phone tag with your owners and tenants. Automate the renewals process from 90-day notices through executed renewals with our Property Management Expirations and Renewals Automation Sequences built for residential property managers.

Adopting Automation

Don’t be overwhelmed: our Property Management Operating System (PMOS) comes with a training portal where your team can access our library of training materials any time they have a question. 

If your team still needs our help, our automated support pipeline will route their support ticket to the right Geekly Media team member to help them on a priority timeline.

We don’t only provide PMOS to property management companies; we put the same automation to work for Geekly Media.

Custom Reporting

Know at a glance how many properties are up for renewal each month and where they are in the renewals pipeline. Track your metrics to make data-based changes.

Confirm Renewal and Rent Price

Using our property management automation, you can get a property owner’s approval for their lease renewal and rent increase without phone calls and emails. If owners have questions about the lease renewal or their investment property, they can schedule an open time on your calendar to speak with you.

Tenant Acceptance or Denial

Benefit from a true 90-day notice. The moment an owner accepts the renewal our PMOS begins contacting the tenant for acceptance or denial. Get a response faster when you don’t have to wait on a team member to have time to coordinate this communication or give a tenant an opportunity to haggle on rent.

Signed Lease Agreement

Using integration solutions and your property management software, automate the creation and execution of the new lease, handled all through email, and without playing phone tag.

Move Out

If a tenant or owner chooses not to renew the lease, our property management operating system will move the file to the Move-Out and Makeready Pipeline, where you can stay on top of the turn without the hassle.

We built the Property Management Operating System to save you time and help you grow your property management business. If you would like to learn more about PMOS, you can schedule an introductory call with our team to see if PMOS will work for you. 

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