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3 Property Management Marketing Email Mistakes to Avoid

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3 Property Management Marketing Email Mistakes to Avoid

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Reaching out to prospects through cold email messages is hard enough without sending the wrong content. We've talked about setting up scripts to guide your team through effective email marketing strategies, but what are the things to avoid when nurturing property management leads through email?

There are plenty of mistakes to make, but we're here to help property management business owners avoid the most common errors when using email scripting. The right messaging and timing can intrigue leads just enough to keep them engaged or schedule a meeting. However, the wrong message or delivery can leave your emails unread. 

What are the top three cold email mistakes to avoid? Here's what your property management marketing team needs to know. 

Pressing delete key

Long, Monotonous Lists of Features

We know you offer a lot of expert servicesbut chances are, the prospect receiving your next email doesn't want to read through a list of everything you do. 

There's a temptation to cram a lot of information into the ideal word count for a prospecting email. Listing all of your services and the benefits of working with you certainly is one way to meet that word count.

You may hope that a lead reads through that extensive list and is either overwhelmingly impressed with all that you offer, or they see the one service they need in your long list and hire you when they email you back. 

Skip the Laundry List

If we just described your current cold email message strategy, it's not the best way to connect your services to a potential client's needs. If you're repeating your list of services from your website, let your website carry that information before you bore your property management leads so much that they choose another property manager. 

Instead of a laundry list, choose one or two of your premier services and share a success story about how you've helped another property investor. If you know anything about your prospective new client, choose a service that can connect to their pain point or need. 

Keep emails short, engaging, and focus on one or two points. You'll receive better engagement and build relationships when your leads aren't smothered by the volume of information in your cold email messages. 

Vague Attempts to Connect

While avoiding 'too much' information and long lists of services, don't spam your prospects with generic messages that offer no concrete information at all. Even when using sales scripting templates, a personalized messaging strategy helps your seemingly-out-of-nowhere emails connect with leads in a way that encourages a response. 

What do we mean by "vague?" If you're sending messages that don't say anything unique or they include questions that could be from any property manager in your market, you've entered The Vague Zone.

Here's an example: 

'Dear Friend,

I wanted to ask if you need help with your rental property? We offer excellent services that help many rental property owners. Let us know if you'd like to talk!'

This message says absolutely nothing about who you are, if you know who you're talking to, or how you 'help' property owners.

  • Do you help them cross the street at an intersection?
  • Will you pick up their groceries?

This kind of vague service offering moves your email messages from an inbox to the recycle bin right away.

Even if you don't know a specific pain point to address with your property management marketing, you do know some common issues rental owners face in your market. Reference a specific problem that your company solves, share briefly how you do it, and mention the success that your clients experience as a result of your help could also benefit the potential client. 

Forgetting to Follow Up

You didn't get a response to your first (or second) cold email attempt. Have you followed up with another message? 

We don't mean sending the same message again. Even if the conversation is one-sided for a while, try to keep it going with regularly scheduled follow-up emails and new content. 

To carry on a one-sided email conversation that can improve the potential of getting a positive response:

  • Use a platform like HubSpot to schedule follow-up emails at ideal times during the day
  • Apply personalization to template content to help your lead remember who you are and that you've reached out before
  • Focus on a different need and solution in each email.

Be careful not to overwhelm a prospect with too many emails too quickly, but don't delay too many weeks before reaching out again. You're not desperate for attention, so don't convey that through your messaging!

Smiling man with laptop outdoor reading good news email

Convert More Leads With Better Cold Emails

'Cold' prospecting emails don't have to lack warmth or become a wasted effort. Applying the right messaging strategy and avoiding common mistakes can help more property management leads read your messages and respond to learn more about your services.

We're here to help 'warm up' your cold email strategy! If you're struggling to find the right words for your emails, let Geekly Media help with templates and messaging strategies. Contact us to learn how we can help! 

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