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How Does Property Management Operating System Work

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How Does Property Management Operating System Work

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Transform Your Property Management Company with Geekly Media’s Property Management Operating System [PMOS]

In the competitive world of property management, efficiency and automation are key to staying ahead. At Geekly Media, we provide a comprehensive Property Management Operating System (PMOS) designed to streamline your operations and elevate your business. Our solution integrates seamlessly with HubSpot and the property management accounting system of your choice (Appfolio, Propertyware, Buildium, Rent Manager, and Yardi), automating processes that save time, reduce errors, and improve overall performance.

Getting Started: The Setup Phase

Meet with Geekly Media

Our journey begins with a detailed kickoff meeting. We walk you through the implementation process, introduce you to our dedicated team, and outline the project timeline. This ensures everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.

Migrate Your Website to HubSpot

For those looking to integrate marketing with their property management operations, we offer optional website migration to HubSpot. This integration ties your marketing efforts directly into your automated processes, enabling full 'Automation Domination.'

HubSpot Portal & Pipeline Launch

We move your process automation tools into your HubSpot portal and ensure your team is thoroughly trained. Our comprehensive video training series allows your team to revisit any topic whenever questions arise.

Create Property Management Software Bridge

To maintain data consistency, we link your existing property management software—whether it’s Appfolio, Propertyware, Buildium, Rent Manager, or Yardi—to HubSpot. This ensures your data is always accurate across both systems.

Implementation: Rolling Out the PMOS

We launch and automate your operational processes step-by-step, providing support and ensuring your team adjusts naturally. This phased approach helps your team become comfortable with new operations without overwhelming them.

Property Management Automation

Collections Automation

Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of chasing late rents. Our Collections Automation sequence allows you to send ringless voicemails, personalized emails, and text messages to delinquent accounts with a single click. Track the status of past-due accounts at a glance, reduce evictions, and improve delinquency rates.

Leasing, Expirations & Renewals Automation

Avoid missed lease expirations and the hassle of lease negotiations. Our automation sequence handles the renewals process from 90-day notices through executed renewals, ensuring no lease expiration falls through the cracks.

Move-Out Automation

Streamline the move-out process with real-time notifications and self-service tenant management options. Our Move-Out Automation sequence keeps your team and vendors informed, reducing days off-market and increasing owner satisfaction.

Property Management Sales and New Owner Onboarding Automation

Automate lead nurturing and client acquisition from initial contact to signed contracts. Our Sales and New Owner Onboarding Automation sequence enhances the customer experience and ensures a smooth onboarding process.

Wishlist Automation

After implementing PMOS, work with our team to create custom automations tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's make-readies or maintenance, if you can dream it, we can automate it.

Elevate Your Property Management Business

Implementing Geekly Media’s Property Management Operating System transforms how you manage your properties. By automating repetitive tasks, enhancing communication, and ensuring data accuracy, PMOS helps you focus on what matters most—growing your business and improving client satisfaction. Partner with Geekly Media today and take the first step towards a more efficient, automated, and successful property management operation. 

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