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How Does Property Management Operating System Work


Meet with Geekly Media

We meet with you and teach you how rollout works. We give you our schedule, introduce our team, and ensure everyone knows what to expect from the implementation process.

Migrate Your Website to HubSpot

If you want marketing to tie into your process automation (PMOS) for full Automation Domination, we can optionally migrate your website to HubSpot.

HubSpot Portal & Pipeline Launch

We move the process automation tools into your HubSpot portal and ensure your team is trained and ready to go. Our training video series allows you to revisit training at any time your team has a question.

Create Property Management Software Bridge

We link your property management software like Appfolio, Propertyware, Buildium, or Rent Manager to HubSpot so your data is always right on both systems.



One by one, we launch and automate your operational processes providing support along the way for your team. This allows you to get comfortable with each new step as it is rolled out so your team can adjust naturally to your new operations.

Property Management Automation

Collections Automation

Automate the sending of a ringless voicemail, personalized email, and personalized text message to every delinquent account with the push of a button. There is no need for your staff to waste time chasing late rents or processing evictions when your business is using our Property Management Collections and Evictions Automation Sequences. Know at a glance how many past due accounts are at each stage of the collections process. Reduce evictions and improve delinquency rates when tenants know there is no wiggle room in the process.

Leasing, Expirations & Renewals Automation

Never let another lease expiration fall through the cracks. Avoid the hassle of lease negotiations and stop playing phone tag with your owners and tenants. Automate the renewals process from 90-day notices through executed renewals with our Property Management Expirations and Renewals Automation Sequences.

Move-Out Automation

From the notice to vacate to receiving the keys, keep your team and vendors informed with real-time notifications and self-service tenant management options available through our streamlined Property Management Move-Out Automation Sequences. Transparency, Visibility, and Accountability are the name of the game when it comes to turning a property. Keep your days off-market low and your owner satisfaction high with our streamlined Property Management Makeready Automation Sequences.

Property Management Sales and New Owner Onboarding Automation

An automated approach to lead nurturing and client acquisition. Automate the customer experience from initial contact to a signed contract with our Property Management Sales and New Owner Onboarding Automation Sequences.

Wishlist Automation

Make-Readies? Maintenance? What would YOU automate if you had the chance? After implementing PMOS, you can choose to work with our team to build custom automations for your business.

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