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Advanced Marketing Automations, Endless Possibilities

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Advanced Marketing Automations, Endless Possibilities

In our last blog, we went through a very high-level overview of the marketing lifecycle. In this blog, we want to dive a little deeper into the customizable and very cool things a marketer can do in HubSpot.

We've long talked about how HubSpot is the right solution for process automation (property management process automation, especially) because of how well everything is integrated within this system. When you can run your marketing, operations, and even website hosting all in one login, you can do some powerful things.

Here are some of the gems of what you can do with HubSpot that are guaranteed to blow away the competition's marketing efforts.

Young businessman sitting behind crumpled paper with lightbulbs above his head

Smart Lists

HubSpot lets you create smart lists (also referred to as "active lists") that are always up to date based on the criteria you set, and they can be pretty specific. Do you only want to email duplex owners who have looked at your pricing page in the last 30 days? No problem. Do you want to email tenants that looked at a specific set of properties but didn't lease? Easy!

Anything you can track, you can segment, making it very easy to set very specific criteria for outreach.

Smart Content

Only want to show a content offer to users who have met certain criteria? Continuously showing new content to users is a great way to keep them clicking and engaged, but it takes time to create great content.

Showing users one offer at a time can help solve that problem—and keep your property management website fresh. How? Smart content. Use HubSpot to set the criteria that a content offer can only be shown to a property owner lead after they've downloaded a different offer! The next time they come back, there is something new waiting for them to download.

Segmentation and Targeting

This one is my favorite of the bunch. With careful planning, you can document the themes of your content, such as blog posts, emails, and content offers. Categorize this content around maintenance, leasing, or tenant screening, and then start to measure the trends in contact browsing. 

Do you have a property owner lead that is primarily reading blogs about tenant screening? Time to talk screening on the sales call. Do you have an owner who is looking into maintenance blogs a lot? Send them a targeted drip about maintenance.

You can get very specific when targeting content to users who are interested in similar themes. Ensuring they have the exact resources they are looking for in their hands at exactly the right time helps you convert property management leads into clients.

Lose Fewer Leads

When it comes down to it, no one wants to be one of the hundreds being targeted with wide-net sales emails that show little to no knowledge of the person receiving them. What would you rather receive: something that shows the sender wants to help you or something that could be given to anyone?

When you use the data available to you to be more helpful to your leads, you are (you guessed it) providing them with value—the heart of inbound marketing. When you don't offer helpful solutions to your leads—and you treat them like just another number—you risk sending them looking for someone who will meet their needs.

Using inbound marketing to provide useful information at the right time makes it easier to close a deal with a new client, and to keep them delighted with your service.

Speaking of delight, how can property management marketing automation delight existing clients?

Woman working on her computer while she is phoning at home


  • Delight existing clients by automating a check-in drip to keep in contact with them.
  • Don't only talk to them when there is something wrong; check-in when things are going right as well.
  • Remind them that things have been quiet because you've been handling it—and that their property is in good hands.

Use automations to send review requests and Net Promoter Score surveys after client interactions to ensure that your customer service stays top-notch. NPS surveys use the same workflow automations as marketing does, so it is easy to set criteria based on specific events, such as a lease renewal (is you are using our operations automations) to reach out and ask your client how you're doing. Keeping an eye on your NPS score will alert you to problems before they become unmanageable—and allow you to incentivize great service from your staff.

If you have a creative idea for automation, get in touch with us! We rarely tell our clients no when it comes to requests; rather, we tell them we will figure it out.

HubSpot is an incredibly powerful tool that can accomplish pretty much all of your marketing dreams when in the right hands. It also happens to be an asset in a time when many of us are still keeping up with business remotely. Before you dive into the benefits of HubSpot, it's worth optimizing your sales process to handle long-distance selling. You can have a great system in place for nurturing future clients, but if you can't convert, you're losing traction.

Get started with our free Business Development Handbook for Selling During Social Distancing. You don't have to be our client to take advantage of these tips. We wrote this for everyone—whether they are a HubSpot user or not! Remote sales are no longer going to be a trend: we expect they'll become a norm in the wake of COVID-19. Preparing yourself for that scenario now means you'll be more competitive moving into the future.

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