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HubSpot Certifications: A Property Management Marketing Win

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HubSpot Certifications: A Property Management Marketing Win

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HubSpot's powerful property management marketing resources have revolutionized the approach to digital marketing for many companies who want to use online software to modernize their business.

What you might not know is that they also offer free, comprehensive certifications to help your team make the best use of your HubSpot marketing tools. Read on to learn about what HubSpot Certifications are, and why encouraging, incentivizing, or enforcing team certification is a valuable plan.


HubSpot Certifications: What Are They?

  • HubSpot offers a variety of hybrid self-guided learning programs.
  • These 'classes' include mini-modules explaining each key concept.
  • There are both quizzes and a final certification test at the end of the program.
  • The production quality is high—making the videos attractive and easy to understand.
  • For visual learners, graphics are provided to help reinforce and clarify key concepts.

The certifications cover a variety of marketing topics: from Inbound and Inbound Marketing to Content Marketing and Email Marketing. Other course offerings include Growth-Driven Design, Frictionless Sales, and Social Media. The courses are free, and some directly apply to the use of HubSpot CRM tools.

When your team completes a certification with the necessary passing grade, they are awarded a badge that can be used to show your expertise in an email signature or on your property management website. 

Why Get Team Members Certified?

Your whole team probably won't directly benefit from every single certification, but at least three kinds of team members will.

  • The team members who are most involved in your communication are good candidates for certifications.
  • Employees who are your property management marketing experts can benefit from marketing certifications when trying to attract more clients.
  • Any team member who shows a lot of promise at an entry-level position and is looking for ways to continue growing and moving up.

If you can't move them into a promotion immediately, offering professional development can be a job perk! Consider these free certifications as a way to help your employees that use HubSpot become even more well-rounded.

  • When your team takes one or more certification courses that help them grow, consider adding another component that helps drive home the application of their training to your HubSpot CRM.
  • Have a quick presentation at a staff meeting where they talk about the three takeaways that could be applied to lead generation, customer service, or another aspect of marketing and sales at your business.
  • This will help your team see the certifications as deeply relevant and be a source of new inspiration for great ideas among your team.

Knowing more about how inbound marketing and sales strategy work can help you take advantage of everything being a HubSpot-savvy business can offer you. The possibilities for creating efficient workflows and excellent customer support without having to hire many new people can give you room to scale when those new leads start pouring in. Your business saves money and becomes a more effective team when at least a couple of people understand how to expertly navigate HubSpot.

Excellence in Marketing Starts With Education

If you want to have the highest quality staff, then your staff must also be the most informed as well. If your team sometimes struggles with too much turnover, giving high achievers or even those who are somewhat disengaged access to new information can enliven their attitudes and help them contribute, especially if you incentivize learning as a company. You'll also not know what aspects of your property management marketing could use polishing until you have someone investigating these concepts in-depth. 

Finally, the same kinds of marketing advice that you've learned and then applied to attract new clients can also be applied to their investments. You'll be using similar techniques when it comes to advertising and marketing their rental properties to attract the right renters.

Why Every Tool Matters More Than Ever

Knowing more about marketing and sales doesn't just have to be part of your new-client recruitment! Your ability to market and 'make the sale' is incredibly important to them since it keeps their vacancy rate low and improves their revenue stream. Your team members who work most with advertising to tenants can definitely benefit from these certifications as well. Have this section of your staff pick one or two certifications that you feel will aid with securing long-term tenants, and be sure to take advantage of the rewards that come with it!

As a HubSpot Diamond Partner, we know that HubSpot certifications are just one component of a successful sales strategy—which is exactly why we are offering our sales and marketing insight to you for free. Download your copy of our Business Development Handbook for Selling During Social Distancing! You'll learn how to develop remote-sales techniques that will help keep you competitive in an environment that is now dominated by virtual sales!

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