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4 Myths (vs. the Realities) of AI In Digital Marketing

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4 Myths (vs. the Realities) of AI In Digital Marketing

AI-powered tools have made their way into the content creation and marketing process, promising efficiency, scalability, and time-saving benefits. One such tool that has gained significant attention is ChatGPT. 

However, there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding AI-generated content. So, what's the reality? Today we bust a few myths and shed light on the true potential and limitations of artificial intelligence or AI in digital marketing.

Myth #1: ChatGPT Can Write All of My Content

Maybe . . . 

However, one common misconception about AI-generated content is that tools like ChatGPT can completely replace human writers when creating digital content

While AI can indeed generate a lot of content (and perhaps all of the content you need), it is crucial to understand that AI is a tool, not a substitute for human expertise. AI-powered tools like ChatGPT are designed to assist human writers, not replace them entirely.

Reality: You Still Need Humans For Successful Content Marketing

AI-generated content can help generate ideas, create drafts, and even produce initial versions of content. However, whether using an AI social media content generator or ChatGPT to write blogs, the role of human writers remains essential in strategizing the content, providing guidance to the AI tools, and verifying the accuracy and coherence of the generated content. 

Human writers possess the creativity, critical thinking, and nuanced understanding necessary to create compelling, engaging content that resonates with the target audience.

dart hit target 100% accuracy concept, what can ChatGPT be used for conceptMyth #2: AI Can Replace My Marketing Team (or Inbound Marketing Agency)

Another myth surrounding AI-generated content is that it can replace an entire marketing team. This misconception arises from the belief that AI tools can automate every aspect of content creation and distribution.

Reality: AI Can Enhance, But Not Replace Marketing Experts

What can ChatGPT be used for? Apply it to plenty of content-related uses, but it can't replace your marketing team. 

True, the right combination of AI tools can streamline marketing efforts, but they cannot replace the expertise and necessary human elements needed for digital marketing success. 

AI can certainly augment the efforts of a marketing team by automating repetitive tasks, analyzing data, and providing valuable insights. However, the human element of marketing, such as strategic planning, understanding customer behavior, and building relationships, cannot be replicated by AI alone. 

A marketing team or agency brings invaluable human feedback, knowledge, experience, and creativity to the table, which are crucial for developing effective marketing campaigns.

Myth #3: Google Won't Rank AI Content

This could be one of the most widely-debated aspects of using AI content-generating tools for web content. However, there is plenty of evidence that it's a misconception that AI-generated content is not favored by search engines like Google and will not rank well in search results.

Reality: Quality, Relevant AI-generated Content Can Rank

Search engines, including Google, prioritize relevant, informative, and valuable content to users. While the source of content creation is not a direct ranking factor, search engines focus on delivering high-quality content to their users. 

So, if AI-generated content meets the quality standards and relevance criteria set by search engines, there is no reason why it cannot rank well in search results. However, the trick is relying too heavily on AI tools to provide that level of content without human interaction. 

If you're asking the question, "What is ChatGPT," the answer is not "your website content creator" if you want to rank based on Google's top SEO ranking factors

Myth #4: AI-Generated Content Is Accurate

Can you trust AI tools? While AI-generated content tools can pull in a lot of data, take your input, and create mostly accurate content, they are also prone to pulling in irrelevant facts and misinformation. 

Reality: You Need to Fact-Check Your AI-generated Content 

If you've ever read a "fact" generated by ChatGPT that seems completely believable (and believed it without question), you might want to fact-check it just to be sure it's a real "fact."

AI technology like ChatGPT relies on large datasets and algorithms to generate content. While they can produce coherent and contextually relevant content, they may not always guarantee complete accuracy. 

These tools are prone to incorporating irrelevant or incorrect information into the generated content. Human verification is crucial to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the content before it is published.

If you can't easily Google and find a "fact" in your content from an AI content creation tool, it's probably not true. 

Creative business team putting hands together at the officeDon't Fall for the Myths of AI in Digital Marketing

AI-generated content has its benefits, but it is important to dispel the myths surrounding its capabilities. While ChatGPT and similar tools can assist in content creation, they cannot replace the expertise and strategic thinking of human writers and marketers.

If you're using AI tools but not finding the success you need for your inbound marketing strategies (i.e., not generating enough traffic or leads), don't neglect the strategic aspect of the plan! Geekly Media is here to help you build a successful content marketing strategy to generate more traffic and leads. We specialize in property management marketing and the housing industry to help companies grow! 

Reach out to Speak to a Geek! 

If you're also looking for tips to apply ChatGPT to your content marketing efforts or learning "how does ChatGPT work," get a free copy of our guide, "Top 10 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Content Marketing."

Top 10 Ways to Use ChatGPT for Content Marketing

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